Show Me Your Mic
Show Me Your Mic
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Show Me *Your* Mic!
I love the premise of Show Me Your Mic -- podcasters talking about their setups. If you're a beginning podcaster, this show is for you so you can learn what gear and setups are out there. And if you're an existing podcaster, it's always good to hear what other podcasters are using. A win-win!
Maurice Cherry
Personable, interesting interviews
Chris has a knack for mixing information, humor, and an easy going style into podcasts I really enjoy. Not only do I enjoy his relaxed discussions, I've learned a lot about not only why people make podcasts, but how to go about doing so.
Awesome show, especially when Aaron L. M. Goodwin guests
Great interviews about podcasting. If you haven’t heard the episode featuring Aaron L. M. Goodwin you’re missing out on a sublime experience. Some say it’s better than summiting Mt. Everest.
Outstanding interviews & insights
There’s no shortage these days of people on iTunes yammering about podcasting. What sets this podcast apart is the host, who is curious, engaged, and genuine without any the fake enthusiasm or listen-to-me bombast that infects so many other shows. “Show Me Your Mic” is always informative, entertaining & easy listening. … Keep up the great work, Chris!
Paul David Peterson
Should be as well known as the other podcasts about podcasting.
Excellent interviews, really get to know the diversity of podcasters out there. Only quibble: please project more, Chris! Sometimes you're a little hard to hear. I want to hear you!
C. Jaffe
Nice job. Great information.
I found this podcast while listening to the Cafe Racer Podcast. Now I am a subscriber. Chris has great guests on who are a wealth of knowlege when it comes to podcasting equipment and techniques. Keep up the good work!
Keep up the good work
Thanks for creating this podcast.
Really get to know other broadcasters
As a podcaster myself I’ve been looking for a show where I can hear other podcasters talk about their craft. Laid-back and interesting conversations, thanks Chris, keep em coming!
Dan Feld/Prologue Profiles
Great show to not only learn how-to podcast but to discover niche shows.
I discovered SMYM a little less than a year ago. As someone who also has a podcast, it has become my go-to resource for learning about what other niche shows do, the challenges they face and passion they have for demographics. I highly recommend this show if you are interested in podcasting, or the spoken word in general.
Great content
This is a great example of why content is king. So much good information is put out in such a relaxed atmosphere. You can always gleen a valuble nuget of information from each person he talks to. Now, granted it would at times look like he is trying to get on to the 5 by 5 network but this has been explained as his bucket list of guys he wants to talk to. Now the big problem I have with the show is the varying volumes Chris will sometimes get very faint as he talks. I would recomend running your sound through some type of compressor or even Normalize with Levelator. This would help greatly.
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Enjoyable podcast
Introduction is a bit extreme for the pace of the show, but the content of the show is well paced and enjoyable for anyone interested in hearing about podcasting workflows or even how people view their work.
Goes way beyond the typical podcast about podcasting
Show My Your Mic takes podcasts about podcasting to the next level. It's not a show that repeats over and over the same beginner advice for setting up a podcast. Instead, he feaures experienced podcasters who talk about the issues they face, the goals they have for their show, the work fows they have set up and (of course!) they gear they have and want to have. Highly recommended. It's both informative and entertaining, just like a podcast should be.
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Calvin Powers
Candid and Insanely Informative
As a perpetual starter (and consequently someone who doesn't follow through on many ideas), this show inspired me to finally put a podcast together. As much as I enjoy the gear-talk and apps they use, I mostly appreciate Chris's fluid guidance of the conversion and the stories and insights the guests bring from their own experiences.
Kyle Roderick
Much more than a list of gear
This show goes well beyond having podcasters simply list the hardware and software they use. Even if you have no interest in starting a podcast of your own it's well worth listening to. I love the behind the scenes discussions with people who create podcast content that I enjoy.
A must for any podcaster.
Chris is a great host and perfect for this type of show. It is very informative to hear from a variety of podcasters all talking about what they have in common, Podcasting! As a first time podcaster I look forward to the tips, tricks, and honest shop talk about this occupation.
Dr. Sci-Fi