Show Me The Meaning! – A Wisecrack Movie Podcast
Show Me The Meaning! – A Wisecrack Movie Podcast
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Best movie review podcast in the game!
Love the chemistry of these guys sharing the floor with each other to bask in the love of film analysis enjoying cinema as art.
If you love movies you’ll love this
Refer to title
Ryan got so dressed down on the snow piercer episode. He’s embarrassing. How do you guys let him continue to do this. Raymond was so nice to him when he knew how dumb he was being.
Exactly the type of content that is needed
I recently discovered this podcast and have been churning through episodes. I’ve also watched things (Ex: Ad Astra) with the motivation of being able to watch the Show Me the Meaning Podcast after I finish the movie. This podcast is great because there is actual respectful discussion between panel members who are intelligent and informed about cinema. I also appreciate the moderation of discussion that keeps conversation on the movie.
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Discovered the podcast during the pandemic
I have been a fan if wisecrack videos for a long time, but never really got into podcasts before 2021. This podcast is way more interesting that one can imagine. I love the ideas presented and the points of view. Specially enjoy Austin's perspective. Makes you see at movies in a different light.
I like most of the discussion on the movies on here with one exception,,,. They have to remind us that they are horrible white guys that are full of guilt over god knows what??
marked for life
Great podcast!
Specifically, this is my favorite podcast to date. I love hearing all the different analyses and what everyone took away from each movie. Hearing what other people thought or experienced on the same thing is always an enjoyable thing to listen along. They are congenial with the wide range of genres of movies they cover. Thank you for making such a great podcast!
Nicole Rousculp
Shining or 237?
This podcast was not an analysis of the Shining, but a critique of Room 237. (Yeah, i haven’t seen your faces either and don’t know your day jobs.) Not a very sophisticated analysis.
Great gem of a Pod
These casters possess the knack so many others lack: they can have an entertaining and engrossing conversation WITHOUT stepping on each other and derailing the discussion with irritating competitive quips to see who can be the most clever and quirky. Even when they disagree they allow each other to convey an opinion without deteriorating into the noisy banter of a morning talk show. Their passion and exuberance is a pleasure for my aging boomer mind. And, in response to their query as to whether the movie going audience in 1980 might have been more open to The Fog’s meandering mood? My answer would be a resounding “No!” It was a drag and a downer then, as well. Perhaps they can consider a recent discovery: “Born a Champion,” all the corn, wit, and glory of Rocky. Or 1966’s The Sand Pebbles, so ahead of it’s time, and, I fear, unknown to modern moviegoers.
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Mark from Rhinebeck
Really enjoy it!
I just found this podcast because I was looking for one that talked about movies, their meanings, themes, filming techniques and more and I found it! I find film super interesting and I enjoy listening to what the members of this podcast have to say about films.
Digging Deeper
SMtM is a great show that goes beyond the topic of conversation. It goes beyond the typical "reaction" podcast. The crew delivers excellent philosophical nuggets that truly make you think on a deeper level. I miss hearing Jared's voice, but Austin has done an amazing job at hosting in his stead. I should have written this review long ago, but when I cried while listening to them talk about Soul, I had to take action. Thank you, guys.
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Joel H.
Without Jared, this show isn’t the same
The old crew of Ryan, Austin, and Jared had a report with each other and a truly interesting dynamic that just worked. Now that Jared is gone, that whole style and flow that I loved so much about the podcast is gone. It’s still a much better deep below the surface look into popular films, but it, much like all of wisecrack is suffering without Jared’s presence.
The MetalMilitia
Every writer interested in film should listen to this, but beware spoilers.
(whats going on?)
Love this !
The screen play writing class I never took. I love this podcast !
Generally good
I like the discussion most of the time, until Ryan opens his mouth and I feel like I’m losing brain cells by the second.
Amazing except one person
I love wisecrack and it’s associated programs and podcasts but my god never have Amanda voice anything. If I had a nickel for every “like” with upward inflection she says I wound be Scrooge Mcduck diving into a pool. Holy wow she is awful, what is interesting is her insight and notes are quite intriguing it’s just her voice and tone are soul crushing. She would be a great writer but not with that voice. Keep doing amazing work otherwise.
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I use Spotify to listen to their podcast, but I love it so much I downloaded Apple podcasts just to give it a good rating.
Willio The Movie Lover
One of the better film podcasts
Episodes are hit or miss, with more hits than misses, and the best ones are excellent. Also, I love the core group of guys, but the episodes with a female co-host are typically better.
Great podcast!
Long time viewer of their Youtube series, really getting into their podcast channels. Great work!
D.M. Wright
Fun Analysis From The Wisecrack Gang
I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with takes from the hosts, which is why I really enjoy this podcast. The variance of perspectives from each of the hosts make it fun and engaging. They all have a reverence for cinema and film, but it doesn’t go full snob. I’m motoring through the back catalog with a fervor.
Brian Hahn
Best Film Podcast
This is my favorite podcast of all time! I’ve been listening for about two years and I haven’t found another film podcast I like as much as this one. The Wisecrack guys are engaging, interesting, funny, and philosophical, taking every movie they discuss seriously whether it’s Inception or The Incredibles. They do so much research and put serious thought into what they discuss, but it’s still not too heavy. Love this podcast!
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So meta
Absolutely love this podcast and it's a bummer it took me so long to discover it! Love hearing the different thoughts about so many of my favorite movies. It's the type of great discussion we used to have in film class at college that I miss so much.
Worst commercial breaks
Totally random ads come in at a loud volume. I’ll change my review when they take this out
Awesome, thought provoking podcast.
I can’t say enough about how much I’ve come to enjoy this podcast. I started with merely enjoying the videos on the Wisecrack YouTube channel, then quickly went through multiple videos and heard them plug their podcast and thought I would try it out. I’ve gone through about 20 episodes thus far and I thoroughly enjoy listening their discussions on meaning, symbolism, technique and in general- just hearing their banter. Great podcast with great content.
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Taybear 201518
this show expands my mind with interesting discussions. loving listening to the crew. insightful and delightful.
Engaging and Friendly Movie Talk
This has quickly become a favorite podcast to listen to while I work. And clean. And cook. And walk. And shop. Everyone is respectful, friendly, smart, and funny. This is one of the best movie criticism podcasts out there, save only for Half In The Bag.
Great podcast. I love everything about it except you guys should be releasing new episodes every week instead of only 1 or 2 per month:(
Show Me the Meaning means a lot to me
What can I say? Jared, Alec, Austin, Ryan, Michael, Helen and the entire Wisecrack crew are absolutely fantastic! I really enjoy listening to you all discuss film, philosophy, and pop culture. You‘re all incredibly knowledgeable and always make me think a bit deeper on life and cinema. It’s truly a joy listening to each of your perspectives, and I appreciate how you point out key details a pleb like me would miss otherwise. Your podcasts give me a greater appreciation and understanding of film and philosophy, so I feel especially grateful to you for that. My only suggestion is to maybe fix the audio. Sometimes I have a hard time hearing those who speak on the softer side. And I’ve seen it mentioned before, but the commercials are a bit on the intrusive side. They usually pop up right in the middle of whoever is speaking and at double the volume of the show. Idk how much control you have over the placement of the ads but I think many would appreciate them at a lower volume. Anyway, you guys are awesome and I hope you’re all proud of what you do! Keep up the excellent work!
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Random commercials
You guys need to either stop doing random commercials or at least level out the volume for them, almost blew my ears off with some dude talking about the surface pro.
Please consider reverting to old format
I’m not sure if this podcast changed management, but the most recent episode (The Lighthouse) I had to turn off half way through. The commercial interruptions are incredibly disruptive not only to the flow of the show but also to whatever it is I’m doing while listening (usually in the shop at work). I’m not opposed to you guys getting paid for your hard work and I really loved the podcast up until this point. I really hope you’re able to revert to the old style of advertising sponsorship by reading the copy they give you, versus these new incredibly abrupt interruptions. If the next episode is this way, I will sadly start looking for other film review podcasts to subscribe to...
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Audio Nearly Blew Out My Eardrums
Great podcast, but your producers need to balance out your audio. I don’t mind the ads since they keep the lights on for you guys, but it’s painful to go from listening to you guys talking conversationally to a loud as hell ad out of nowhere. It ruined the last show you did (the Lighthouse discussion).
Love this Podcast but...
Great content and discussions, please keep them coming! Very entertaining and insightful, love it! The only criticism I have is you guys need to work better on the audio editing and/or mixing. One of you is talking and I can barely hear so I turn up the volume and then someone else starts commenting and it almost bursts my eardrum. It a constant thing and it’s really disheartening since sometimes it makes me think twice if I want to hear the episode.
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Love them
One of the funniest and creative podcasts on movies I have ever heard. Would highly recommend.
Rakdos is life
Fun way to engage with movie analysis
I love thinking about and analyzing movies, so this podcast is a fun way to engage with a variety of movies in new ways. The cast is thoughtful and the dialogue is interesting. Only critique is that I wish episodes were longer.
Good beginners guide to exploring films
This does a good job of trying to dissect popular movies
Very insightful
I love Wisecrack’s YouTube channel, but I think this podcast is even better. They have very good taste in the movies they review (reviews of bad movies tend to be boring af), and often have a fresh perspective, even on movies I’ve watched a bunch of times.
Spectacular podcast, enjoyable and introspective to the brim.
Listening to the podcast from the beginning but delayed doing the review for the longest but, the Irishman has overwhelm at So many levels the funny and film related Ryan’s comments, the analytical dissecting mind of Austin and the the perfect host who doesn’t do many “buts” as Jared letting the ideas flows. I write this review while listening to their “Irishman” episode and can’t but be impressed they didn’t mention the ending scene compare to the ending of the original Godfather and the closing of that door while al Pacino(michale/Hoffa) gazing the viewer while here De Niro de loose cannon of Mean Street(lennie from the Of Mice and Men type character representing naive inadequacy of a child mined adult) lefts the door half open. Just the amount of times I compared this movie to Coppola’s crime trilogy in regards to morality, regret, and death.
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Marcelo Enrique Garcia
Pretty Good But Very Dude-centric
I am a big fan of the YouTube channel but I’ve found Jared and the hosts of the podcasts tend to have opinions and ideas that discount or ignore readings of media that take gendered or non-white philosophy into consideration. I can only listen to one episode of their many shows before the guys either talking over the female hosts or just leaning hard into discounting other readings of the text gets grating.
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Tell one of your hosts to stop saying the f word so much. It takes away from the discourse.
Indicative of a larger trend in Wisecrack content
every podcast as the making of fantastic entertainment, but they always throw in someone to comment that I dislike and decides to overtake the entire show. Austin on show me the meaning and Amanda/Lux on South park podcast. It’s so close to perfection, but it bothers me so much
I found this after watching some of Wisecrack's videos on YouTube. I easily go into the suspension of disbelief and don't really think about what I am watching, I take it for what it is showing me, or at least I am playing along. I like this podcast because it shows me a different way of thinking about movies that I have already seen. I don't agree with some of their takes about what the movie was trying to do, but that is why I listen to it. What's fun is that I am thinking more about movies that I have already seen, looking at it from a different perspective. It is increasing my enjoyment of movies after the fact!
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Big Interesting
I’ve always watched the YouTube videos Then the big homies had the podcast now I can’t stop listening Good stuff 10/10 would recommend
Excellent pod
I stumbled on this podcast looking for matrix reviews. Wow! This podcast is great. The hosts are extremely smart, funny and overall entertaining. Kudos.
Big Ray Lay
In the Mood for MORE!
Love the podcast! Show Me The MIIKE!
Dom F.
If you’re a movie lover or a regular movie goer you’ll love this one!
This pod is great! Lots of good content. They stretch out movies’ topics, meanings, purpose, and talk about it in a way you didn’t know you needed. Jared, Ryan and Austin are all great in it and they have great chemistry, even they’re disagreements are fun. The show guests, from the more regular to the once in a while appearances, are all great as well. Except Lux, I hate when he’s in the show. His “know it all” personality bogs the show down and you can tell everyone is trying to pick the show up from dragging when he’s in it. His disagreements are awkward and rude, unlike everyone else’s in the pod. I feel bad for Jared. Non the less, I give the show five stars because I think it deserves it. It’s fun, informative, and it gives you a reason to revisit some movies you either may have forgotten or haven’t seen in a while. I strongly recommend it!
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Just what I wanted
I love this podcast!! I miss film analysis since I’m not in university anymore, and most refreshingly, this group often disagree and debate but with love, humor, and an expansive vocabulary. I adore this! Hope to hear the team’s thoughts on “The Words” which felt like “A Farewell to Arms” and I’m not sure how to feel. Anyhoo, I’m definitely a subscriber and if I ever get rid of my student debt I will see you all on Patreon.
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Good podcast!
This is a great podcast to listen to for all types for movies, from the new to the old. Jared and Ryan have great chemistry, but I can't help but feel Austin is a bit out of place. Sometimes, his thoughts on aspects of the movie can be excessively philosophical and bring the free-flowing discussion to a grinding halt. However, when the discussion is bouncing around between the three regulars, seeing their different perspectives is funny, insightful and refreshing. Also, they go into the technical aspects of a movie too which is really appreciated. Keep up the good work!
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Love love love smart funny philosophy
Treat yourself
Happy Katie :)
Good commentary, with one weak link
I enjoy this podcast for the most part. The host, Jared, is insightful, witty, and keeps new topics flowing. I enjoy the movies they select for discussion, as they aren’t all recently-released blockbusters. However, there is one clear weak link in this podcast, and it’s co-host/resident guest Austin. What usually starts off as insightful and thought-provoking commentary, quickly devolves into dense philosophical pandering when Austin takes the helm. If these were off-handed comments here and there it wouldn’t bother me, but Austin commandeers nearly every discussion he is involved in, and brings the momentum of the show to a glorious halt. Not only are these pontifications long (he dominates the air time), they go in-depth into philosophical areas that no layman listener would have any working knowledge about, citing thousand year old philosopher’s names and diving into lengthy monologues about their teachings. I don’t want to get Austin-syndrome so I will keep this brief. I greatly enjoy the show and most of the hosts, but please, I beg you, put a timer on Austin. Not all of us enjoy the sound of his voice and pseudo-intellectualism as much as he clearly does.
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Excellent discussion & so fun to listen to!
I love listening to wisecrack analyses of movies and stuff on youtube, and their movie podcast is just as enlightening and entertaining.
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