403: Serverless Architecture at Begin with Brian Leroux
1 hour 10 minutes Posted Mar 16, 2020 at 11:23 am.
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Brian Leroux chats with us about building modern web apps using Begin and other cloud services like it including a deep dive on AWS Lambda.

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Brian LeRoux

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Cofounder @begin, Hacking on, AWS serverless heros.




Cloudways - a managed cloud hosting platform that takes care of all hosting complexities to let you focus on building great websites and business.

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AWS Amplify is a suite of tools that enables you to build full stack serverless and cloud-based web and mobile apps using your framework or technology of choice on the front end. Using Amplify you can quickly get up and running with things like hosting, authentication, GraphQL, serverless functions, APIs, machine learning, & file storage.

Amplify is built especially in a way to enable traditionally front-end developers to be successful because they can use their existing skillset to build real-world full stack apps that in the past would require deep knowledge around back end, dev ops, and scalable infrastructure.