She's Marked
She's Marked
E004 - Laying Foundations Pt III - Understanding who We Are
14 minutes Posted Feb 28, 2020 at 1:19 pm.
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Show notes
We’re back today with part III of the series, “Laying foundations” - Understanding who We are.
We live in an era that is entangled in self-worship. We invest a ton of time, effort and money in our minds, our bodies, our looks, our well being, everything. We are so wrapped in us. What makes us happy, what makes us comfortable, what makes us powerful, what makes us better than the next.
One of the most profound things I have learned and am still learning about my identity in Christ, is that I am nothing. Realizing this allows us to surrender and "lay down" so that God can be in the lead.
We will never experience healing and deliverance or be open to it, until we realize that we are spiritually bankrupt because of sin. Pride is what keeps us self-sufficient and blind.
Once we understand our position and need, then we can begin rebuilding our broken identities by accepting who God says we are in His word: We are chosen, called, given grace fully and freely, we are loved, we are forgiven and redeemed, we have been given authority, we are children of God.
Scripture References:
Ephesians 1
2 Corinthians