She Bangs She Bangs: Marriage, Adultery, Texas & Jesus
She Bangs She Bangs: Marriage, Adultery, Texas & Jesus
Jennifer Bangs
For almost ten years a woman fought for her marriage as her husband cheated on her, abused her, and eventually left her. Believing in marriage and miracles, she stayed and prayed and won her husband home. Years later she had an affair with a married man. Having watched marriage from both sides – first as the waiting wife and then as the mistress - she shares what she's found through story and song. Funny, irreverent, and hopeful.
The Epilogue!
WATCH (see below) or listen to the final episode of She Bangs She Bangs: Marriage, Adultery, Texas & Jesus.  Did things really end with Robert or did we get back together? And what do I think about everything, now that years have passed?You can watch this episode on:YouTube Vimeo SOME LOVE! Any donation helps immensely PAYPAL: WEBSITE: NEW PODCAST! She Bangs She Bangs: For God & Country Listen on any podcast platform or Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE: (Hit the notification bell so you'll know when new videos land!) Connect with me at: (watch my BANNED video Ep 7)
Oct 31, 2021
26 min
10-Part 2 Amen
A New York ending to a Texas tale.  Do James and I reconcile ? Do Robert and I forge a new path for us? Find out in the finale. Don't miss the epilogue, however - it's just as clutch.
Jul 31, 2021
42 min
10-Part 1 The Fat Lady Sings
My first year in New York as a wife and mistress. A recap of all the episodes thus far as we countdown to the final moments of my marriage or the final moments of my affair, or both. Or neither. Time will tell! Part 1 of 2
Mar 30, 2021
41 min
9-Start Spreadin' the News
Start spreadin' the news, I'm leaving today. Leaving Texas for a move to New York City, where Broadway dreams lingered and where Robert lived. 
Nov 21, 2020
52 min
This is where everything falls apart. Messy. Dirty. Raw. Ugly. And Wonderful.
Aug 3, 2020
39 min
7-From Wife to Mistress
Up to this point, my husband had been the only one who'd cheated. Things change.
Jun 14, 2020
35 min
6-To Russia with Love
James and I expand our family in new and exciting ways. And this is the last episode my hands are clean.
May 4, 2020
38 min
5-My Husband Comes Home, Maybe
Apr 2, 2020
32 min
4-Plan B
With new revelations of James's philandering, my graciousness and patience have run out. Time for Plan B.
Apr 1, 2020
34 min
3-How to Fight Alone
James has left but the marriage isn't over yet. Meet the characters of IGTS - the group that inspired this story and join the hellish and at times comical fight for a marriage. Alone.
Feb 28, 2020
59 min
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