Shat the Movies: 80's & 90's Best Film Review
Shat the Movies: 80's & 90's Best Film Review
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A must if you love 80’s/90’s movies!
Found this pod during the Game of Thrones craze and been hooked since. Took them along with me as great companions walking/running dropping pounds. Even commissioned a movie myself. Would/will again if not such a back log, which is great! Just love the scene by scene dissection of our favorite movies from our youths! Great show! Better people.
Love this podcast!
I am not joking when I say I’ve been searching for years for a podcast I can listen on the reg..I have finally found the one:) as a 40 yr old horribly nostalgic woman-I feel like I’m hanging out with people who talk about movies from my youth the way I do! Love Big D, Gene and Ash❤️
Trivia loverz
Ash killed the show-edit
Call it a wrap. When the original crew, with an occasional guest spot from King or Keri, was the regular offering, the dynamic was solid. New “classics” thru an unbiased lens from today. Now it seems to have become a show where a self important college professor wants to steer every show into pontificating on BDE and SDE, and her constant obsession with just the D in general(not big D). Now, I’m sure if she were to actually read this, she would comb over and point out any and all misspelling’s or mistakes in grammar. She would be right… and would likely not take much more than that from it. She IS a college professor, you know? Also, she’s never seen , like, %75 of the movies she’s reviewed with a “modern eye”. Sooo she has no nostalgic value of them… What was the concept of this show, again? Added 2 stars with the removal of Ash. Still need a good 3rd host. I understand that can be tricky, but that doesn’t change the audience’s feeling the need for one. Update: back to the Gene and Ash vs Big D Show. You guys clearly enjoy it, and that’s good. I’m officially out
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Ash is a moron
Favorite podcast, by far
First off, the hosts are perfect. Their chemistry is the best in podcasting and it’s not even close. My only complaint is that I only get to spend about an hour a week listening to them. I don’t always agree with Ash, D, or Gene. So what? I’m not listening to have every one of my opinions validated. I love how unpredictable their takes are. Even more, I love how they have no problems dumping on a consensus acclaimed film. Their perspectives are so refreshing. Anyone complaining about any of the hosts should just move on. I used to think I had a favorite (which was Ash) but it changes week to week because all three of them are fantastic at what they’re doing. So relatable, informative, and thoughtful. The care and love and effort that goes into this podcast is top level. In a perfect world, all three of them would be making very comfortable livings doing this full time. I’ve been a regular podcast listener for over a decade. Long live the greatest podcast I’ve found so far! Thank you Ash, Big D, and Gene.
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Almost perfect
Love the show except for one thing - Ash! She is the worst movie reviewer, and no, not because I don’t agree with her takes, she’s just awful at reviewing the films; I just fast-forward her parts. Other than that I love this podcast!
Was Good.
The Well Dried up.
Always fun~!
The hosts are genuine. I really look forward to hearing their opinions each week, and it’s always great to hear their personal connections to the films. Definite sweet spot with Gene, Ash, and Big D as hosts. Y’all are great!
Oui Vey...
Can't stand Ash and some of the reviews of amusing films but brainless (Nuns on the Run, Mr. Mom, Liar Liar) ... stick to Drama
Go Big D!
I liked Keri a lot. Bring her back!
Horrible podcast
The host are trying to really be funny but are really not. It makes me feel like I’m watching the Blair witch Project and the Director try to make it into a comedy. I feel like they could’ve done a lot better with their idea. It was hard to get through the first podcast and even harder on the second one.
Not about the movie, but themselves
I listened to the show on office space expecting them to talk about the movie, and they talked much more about themselves. Not what I was looking for.
Do you hate your listeners
You must hate us all to keep the chunky hole on the show
omg clay aiken
Wow, two of these hosts in the episode about do the right thing. Think you can’t be racist against white people. what garbage
Jordan Tewari
All cops means all cops.
Love Ash!!!
Y’all need to stop hating on Ash. She brings balance and insight that compliments the podcast.
It’s like if Yelp reviews were a podcast
A little sexist, a little crude, and 100% unresearched slop
Fun show
Just discovers this show, it’s interesting, would love to see you do Alien 3, it gets a bad wrap, but I really liked it.
I love the show
I’m happy ash is back
Five stars all day.
These guys are the bros. Always the best conversations when there is a disagreement. Always leads to a good joke at some point. Much love from Fort Worth.
Fully Enjoy
It is really awesome listening to reviews of movies I grew up through the views of people that grew up in the same era. Big D, Gene and Ash all bring a different perspective and always keep me entertained. I do not always agree with their scores, but the many fun facts they give and the several laughs make this a must listen to for me.
Life is good!!
Ashley is back!! All now feels right with the world.
I don’t understand why
What possible reason did you decide to bring back the fat blonde hole the show had gotten so much better now it’s back to horrible again
Soto Mizer
Why in the world would you bring back the crackheads wife! Are you just wanting bad reviews?
Rudolph Hotdawgbuger
I used to love this pod, to bad they brought Ash back, she is a constant drain on the fun .
marked for life
Come for the movies, stay for the politics
Five stars up yours to the brain dead cultists downvoting on behalf of their glorious idiot God king
What happened to Blockbuster?
The popcorn 🍿 to take home, next is a date to see a sequel or theater movie you could not get to at the theater! (Venitta and the Simpsons)?! “How was your day?”…even after work!
Champs Columbia.
Good analysis
I like their Analysis on the movies lighting, costumes, Music score, casting and much more. Their left lean on things are “nails on a blackboard” but that doesn’t stop them from being head and shoulders over the rest of the morning Zoos types I’ve heard.
Citizen Okane
Small brains
I could only listen to a portion of defending your life episode where they belabor basic plot points that they get dead wrong. It’s not depicting heaven guys. that is established very clearly and reiterated the entire movie. Y’all didn’t get it at all. If you couldn’t get this simple movie I don’t what movie you could get or how you ended up with a platform.
Best movie podcast I've listened to
Rightfully respect Aliens and Blade Runner is a snoozefest
Shorting the viewers
Realized by listening recently that the episodes have gotten significantly shorter. Guess taking the $$ through patreon they don’t care as much. Went from an hour and 1/2 to if you are lucky any hour episode. Podcast going downhill….hoping they turn it around.
Any explanation on Ash leaving?
Have the guys said anything at any point on any of the pods as to why Ash is gone? Whatever your opinion on her, no matter the reason she is gone, I think long time listeners should at least be filled in when a host is leaving. If you can’t go into detail, that’s obviously fine. A simple recognition of the change doesn’t seem like too much to ask. Been listening for a long time, always good for a laugh and/or a trip down memory lane. Appreciate all of the work that goes into it.
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all human fan
Very entertaining
Love the hosts. Fun topic.
Merkin johnsdick
gene is a duechebag giving airplane that many wipes pathetic
Come back like I did, it’s just Gene and Big D now
Sometimes you check in on those podcasts you used you really enjoy and find out it went back to being great again. Thank you
I’ve Tried So Hard to Stay With Them…
I found this podcast about 3 years ago, binged the old episodes, loved the chemistry of the hosts, and especially loved it when Kerri would guest on an episode. As much as I enjoyed Roger, it did become clear that there was overwhelming tension between him and Gene, and it was also clear that Roger wasn’t preparing for episodes. Movies that he wasn’t interested in were either barely registered a comment or he got major plot points wrong. So, I get why they had to let him go, and I was OK with that. I have tried so hard to like Ash, I really have. As a woman, I wanted to like her and was predisposed to do so. I thought a regular female perspective was an excellent vibe to bring to the mix. And when she stood up for Grease 2, I said to myself “Ok, she may be an insufferable “play the woman card” snob, but she gets why Grease 2 is a great movie, so you HAVE to like her.” But…I just can’t. Try as I may. And after listening to the recent “Great Expectations” and “The Craft” episodes, she’s officially lost me. Big D can’t have an opinion on what a self-entitled dilettante we all know Gwyneth Paltrow to be because he doesn’t have a vagina? Ash, come on! And like Ash and Gene, The Craft is a massive favorite of mine; I was as goth in my heart as these two were back in the 90’s. But it’s a highly flawed film and Big D was CRUSHING Ash’s assertions and she started to have a fit “I’m getting sooooo mad!” Why? Because his points about how The Craft shows teen girls at their worst and how it isn’t a female friendship film were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT from a rational, realistic standpoint? I also don’t love what she brings out in Gene, which often feels like they’re ganging up on Big D as a pair of “too cool” snobs, and I don’t like how politics leak in now from time to time. It’s still a good listen overall, but now that the only shows are ones people have paid for, it’s lost something, and I will go for weeks not listening because the film choices are so obscure, because they’re ones that they’re only doing because they’re obligated financially to do so. Furthermore, since the schedule is booked out nearly 2 years because of the pay for play set-up, one has to ask if they’re boxing themselves into a corner on content. Why would I pay $150 to have them review my favorite movie if they aren’t going to get to it until Fall of 2025? What if they aren’t even on the air then or there’s another host shake-up and the host you wanted to hear talk about your film isn’t there anymore? At the least, they need to implement some type of lottery or pick from a hat type of system. It just doesn’t have the fun, humor, and fresh feel it did before.
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They are better off without Roger. He hated women and himself.
Be Kind abd Rewind
Can we get Rog back?
They said they won’t let Roger back, but if we start a go fund me and raise a bunch of cash you know they’ll cave.
Great podcast if you like nitpicky contrarians who are desperately trying to be edgy.
Almost perfect
I have listened to every episode, I can handle when they don’t like a movie I love but when they bring their personal politics into how it’s not ok to do something in a movie 30 years ago. I also have never forgotten ash’s pro communism comments.
0 wipe podcast and 5 star content
What happened to Ash?
Kryptonian Orphan
Very Enjoyable
I completely disagree with Ashley on the Father of the Bride Episode. I lost a lot of respect for them for their score on Defending Your Life. That movie is amazing.
Started off hot and is losing steam
Feel like the podcast is a victim of its own success. The hosts will sometimes expertly dissect a movie, only for the next week to make pretentious, pearl clutching, takes to be provocative, but it just comes across as just trying to be pretentious
Ash is fine
But I think you are running out of films to review. It doesn’t seem like you are in to super obscure stuff which makes sense from a podcast performance perspective soooo it might be time for 2000-2009. Can i commission Freddy Got Fingered? 😂
Pointless banter
If you’re looking for a podcast that will ruin any movie you liked from the 80’s or 90’s then this will work for you. The host are pretentious & love how deep they think they are. I have no idea why Ash is even a host since she seems to hate movies. They complain about the length of almost all the movies while they go off topic, again, and make each episode drone on forever. Hard pass
Pretentious garbage now
EDIT: dropped a star because I just listened to an episode where Ash said that the only reason people don’t like her is because she’s a woman who talks candidly about her sex life. That is the LAZIEST form of thinking. You’re just not funny!!!!!! Also, many of these reviews that give you one star also throw in they did like Keri! Also, I just listened to the “office space” episode where she ripped into gene for admitting he (like Ron Livingston’s character) would be insecure if his girlfriend slept with someone he finds absolutely horrible who was basically his nemesis before they were together. Even tho gene admitted he knew the problem would be him in situation. As a wife I would think you would understand that part of relationships is being honest about insecurities and you can’t just make them go away you have to be honest about them and admit that they are there and if you ever hope to deal with them. I really wanted to try and tolerate her even tho like I said in my original post she is not funny but getting self righteous when her colleague is just being honest about an insecurity he would have in a relationship is huge turn off. That and like I said just going to the old “well people don’t like me cause I’m a woman” is just so lazy. End EDIT: First of I know Ash has a lot of people that don’t like her but I prefer her to Kerri. I think the problem with ash is that she’s just not funny, and it feels like they felt like they had to put a female on here regularly when roger left. Ash has some wonderful insights and she’s the type of person I would love to sit down and have real discussions with about characters, plots, film to book adaptations, etc. Which is interesting because I disagree with her on pretty much everything (like her and Genes social justice warrior stuff) but she helps me see things from different angles. But for me personally maybe it’s cause I’m a first time mom and dealing with a lot of new stresses and anxieties I got addicted to this podcast initially because they were so funny and took my mind off things and ash just isn’t funny. And that’s ok, but for me it just makes the podcast less enjoyable.
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Im out!
Used to be a huge fan! I am a retired teacher, who does UBER to make some extra cash. During the Thing You Do Podcast, Gene made a disparaging remark towards UBER drivers. He was talking about how he does not like to be bothered while shopping or out in public. He said, "Uber drivers don't talk to me"! Followed my Ash saying ewwwwww gross! If I am disgusting, than I guess I won't listen to your podcast.
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The chunky hole is killing the show
jJohn Sunsatran
Huge fan!
Hello fellow shatters! Im such a fan of urs i listen to u guys all the time, multiple times a day. As someone who grew up in the 90’s born in the 80’s alot of movies still hit home for me. Id love for u guys to do a movie that holds dear to my heart even to this day The Nightmare Before Christmas. It does have a beautiful story underneath it all. The story telling and craft of music and stop motion action is just ah chefs kiss! Thanks so much for all u do and to answer the question yes its both a halloween and a christmas movie.
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that's your rating system for a putting would be a generous statement
First I really enjoy this show and the hosts. Really fun (and funny) banter about movies. But really... the rating system they use was for a movie is really off putting: 1 wipe, 2 wipes. Actually disgusting. Full stop. Please come up with something better then this. I stop the podcast before it hits this point in the show. You can do better. 5 stars without the rating system!!
manayunk wall
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