Shat the Movies: 80's & 90's Best Film Review
Shat the Movies: 80's & 90's Best Film Review
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Almost perfect
I have listened to every episode, I can handle when they don’t like a movie I love but when they bring their personal politics into how it’s not ok to do something in a movie 30 years ago. I also have never forgotten ash’s pro communism comments.
0 wipe podcast and 5 star content
What happened to Ash?
Kryptonian Orphan
Very Enjoyable
I completely disagree with Ashley on the Father of the Bride Episode. I lost a lot of respect for them for their score on Defending Your Life. That movie is amazing.
Started off hot and is losing steam
Feel like the podcast is a victim of its own success. The hosts will sometimes expertly dissect a movie, only for the next week to make pretentious, pearl clutching, takes to be provocative, but it just comes across as just trying to be pretentious
Ash is fine
But I think you are running out of films to review. It doesn’t seem like you are in to super obscure stuff which makes sense from a podcast performance perspective soooo it might be time for 2000-2009. Can i commission Freddy Got Fingered? 😂
Pointless banter
If you’re looking for a podcast that will ruin any movie you liked from the 80’s or 90’s then this will work for you. The host are pretentious & love how deep they think they are. I have no idea why Ash is even a host since she seems to hate movies. They complain about the length of almost all the movies while they go off topic, again, and make each episode drone on forever. Hard pass
Pretentious garbage now
EDIT: dropped a star because I just listened to an episode where Ash said that the only reason people don’t like her is because she’s a woman who talks candidly about her sex life. That is the LAZIEST form of thinking. You’re just not funny!!!!!! Also, many of these reviews that give you one star also throw in they did like Keri! Also, I just listened to the “office space” episode where she ripped into gene for admitting he (like Ron Livingston’s character) would be insecure if his girlfriend slept with someone he finds absolutely horrible who was basically his nemesis before they were together. Even tho gene admitted he knew the problem would be him in situation. As a wife I would think you would understand that part of relationships is being honest about insecurities and you can’t just make them go away you have to be honest about them and admit that they are there and if you ever hope to deal with them. I really wanted to try and tolerate her even tho like I said in my original post she is not funny but getting self righteous when her colleague is just being honest about an insecurity he would have in a relationship is huge turn off. That and like I said just going to the old “well people don’t like me cause I’m a woman” is just so lazy. End EDIT: First of I know Ash has a lot of people that don’t like her but I prefer her to Kerri. I think the problem with ash is that she’s just not funny, and it feels like they felt like they had to put a female on here regularly when roger left. Ash has some wonderful insights and she’s the type of person I would love to sit down and have real discussions with about characters, plots, film to book adaptations, etc. Which is interesting because I disagree with her on pretty much everything (like her and Genes social justice warrior stuff) but she helps me see things from different angles. But for me personally maybe it’s cause I’m a first time mom and dealing with a lot of new stresses and anxieties I got addicted to this podcast initially because they were so funny and took my mind off things and ash just isn’t funny. And that’s ok, but for me it just makes the podcast less enjoyable.
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Love it
Best it’s been. Period.
Ash killed the show
Call it a wrap. When the original crew, with an occasional guest spot from King or Keri, was the regular offering, the dynamic was solid. New “classics” thru an unbiased lens from today. Now it seems to have become a show where a self important college professor wants to steer every show into pontificating on BDE and SDE, and her constant obsession with just the D in general. Now, I’m sure if she were to actually read this, she would comb over and point out any and all misspelling’s or mistakes in grammar. She would be right… and would likely not take much more than that from it. She IS a college professor, you know? Also, she didn’t see , like, %75 of the movies she’s reviewed with a “modern eye”. Sooo she has no nostalgic value of them… What was the concept of this show, again?
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Im out!
Used to be a huge fan! I am a retired teacher, who does UBER to make some extra cash. During the Thing You Do Podcast, Gene made a disparaging remark towards UBER drivers. He was talking about how he does not like to be bothered while shopping or out in public. He said, "Uber drivers don't talk to me"! Followed my Ash saying ewwwwww gross! If I am disgusting, than I guess I won't listen to your podcast.
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The chunky hole is killing the show
jJohn Sunsatran
Huge fan!
Hello fellow shatters! Im such a fan of urs i listen to u guys all the time, multiple times a day. As someone who grew up in the 90’s born in the 80’s alot of movies still hit home for me. Id love for u guys to do a movie that holds dear to my heart even to this day The Nightmare Before Christmas. It does have a beautiful story underneath it all. The story telling and craft of music and stop motion action is just ah chefs kiss! Thanks so much for all u do and to answer the question yes its both a halloween and a christmas movie.
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I’ve Tried So Hard to Stay With Them…
I found this podcast about 3 years ago, binged the old episodes, loved the chemistry of the hosts, and especially loved it when Kerri would guest on an episode. As much as I enjoyed Roger, it did become clear that there was overwhelming tension between him and Gene, and it was also clear that Roger wasn’t preparing for episodes. Movies that he wasn’t interested in were either barely registering a comment or he got major plot points wrong. So, I get why they had to let him go, and I was OK with that. I have tried so hard to like Ash, I really have. As a woman, I wanted to like her and was predisposed to do so. I thought a regular female perspective was an excellent vibe to bring to the mix. And when she stood up for Grease 2, I said to myself “Ok, she may be an insufferable “play the woman card” snob, but she gets why Grease 2 is a great movie, so you HAVE to like her.” But…I just can’t. Try as I may. And after listening to the recent “Great Expectations” episode, she’s officially lost me. Big D can’t have an opinion on what a self-entitled dilettante we all know Gwyneth Paltrow to be because he doesn’t have a vagina? Ash, come on! I also don’t love what she brings out in Gene, which often feels like they’re ganging up on Big D as a pair of “too cool” snobs, and I don’t like how politics leak in now from time to time. It’s still a good listen overall, but now that the only shows are ones people have paid for, it’s lost something, and I will go for weeks not listening because the film choices are so obscure, because they’re ones that they’re only doing because they’re obligated financially to do so. Furthermore, since the schedule is booked out nearly 2 years because of the pay for play set-up, one has to ask if they’re boxing themselves into a corner on content. Why would I pay $150 to have them review my favorite movie if they aren’t going to get to it until Fall of 2025? What if they aren’t even on the air then or there’s another host shake-up and the host you wanted to hear talk about your film isn’t there anymore? At the least, they need to implement some type of lottery or pick from a hat type of system. It just doesn’t have the fun, humor, and fresh feel it did before.
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that's your rating system for a putting would be a generous statement
First I really enjoy this show and the hosts. Really fun (and funny) banter about movies. But really... the rating system they use was for a movie is really off putting: 1 wipe, 2 wipes. Actually disgusting. Full stop. Please come up with something better then this. I stop the podcast before it hits this point in the show. You can do better. 5 stars without the rating system!!
manayunk wall
Outside Providence Episode
I did miss Gene, but wanted to say great episode to Ash and Big D!
Rich F 🇺🇸in🇧🇪
I love this show. ( And Ash is my spirit animal)
I have listened to every single episode this group has ever done. Movies and shows. Its always entertaining. And they really care about each other. My only complaint is Ash wasn't on the im gonna get you sucka review and it hurt the score. Love you guys
Glad I Stumbled Up This Podcast
I have only been listening for a few months as the show showed up in my Spotify recommendations, and I am so glad it did. Y'all have a great dynamic and I love the way you go through the whole movie and add your critiscisms in. Keep up the amazing work! You make the my dog walks quite entertaining!
This show is very well done. Very organized. Very insightful. It’s also fun and funny most of the time, and it strikes a nice balance between actual film critique and just entertainment. It has gone through a few lineup changes over the years, but I think that it has always retained what works for it. The current lineup (Big D, Gene, and Ashley) is my favorite so far. Nice balance of likable people. My only criticism would be some of the explicit sex talk, especially when it delves into the personal experiences of the hosts. It’s always off-putting to me, and it seems out of place in a movie review conversation. Thanks to the hosts for helping me get through a job change, a big move, and of course, a pandemic. I always look forward to a newly-dropped episode.
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You guys have been at this for so long, how is it that you don’t have any sponsors? Is it maybe the wipe scores? Speaking of the scores, you all could move away from the quarter scoring habit you’ve all fallen into. Maybe throw in a 1.35 or a .85 now and then? Otherwise when you get up into the 500s your going to have at least 10 films tied at every slot. Then again the leaderboard really doesn’t matter because all it does is make you realize how bad your scores can be at times. Keep up the great work! PS: Flash Gordon rules
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Jason H48
Ash is awesome!
Love this podcast. I’ve been listening since the beginning. I know people love to hate on Ash but I think she’s great. Roger was terrible.
Great content
Very insightful. Love the perspective all 3 bring. Helps me appreciate movie making much more.
I think the obese blonde hole is making fake accounts to say that she is good no one in the world wants to listen to this hole
omg clay aiken
Love the Podcast! Love Ash!!
I recently discovered this podcast, and have become hooked! As a pop culture enthusiast and cinephile, who’s childhood was the entire 80’s, and who came of age in the 90’s, this podcast was tailored made for me. I did not know the show had been on for so long, and had previous hosts. Quite honestly, I prefer Ash episodes. She’s insightful, witty, opinionated and can hold her own. I like her banter with the guys and the stories she tells about herself. Plus she’s a Houstonian by way of New Orleans, so, much love there! She’s the type of gal who would definitely be cool to hang out with amongst my buddies. I also enjoy the female perspective that she brings to the show. Gene, Big D, and Ash make me laugh, smile, nostalgic, and thoughtful about all the old movies that I grew up watching. I’ve liked the podcast so much, I’ve even commissioned a movie review. Keep Shatting!
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Love Ash
Y’all need to stop hating on Ash. She brings balance and insight that compliments the podcast.
Consistently great
I have been listening to this podcast since almost the beginning. I enjoy the banter between Ash, Gene, and Big D. This is a fun podcast and not a serious movie review one but they still put the energy and effort into making it as legit as they can. The only thing I don’t like is when one of the hosts is missing on an episode but I think that just shows how good the three are when together. I also understand that they have lives and careers and this is not their main job so it does’t add a wipe to their score. Give the show a listen and you will be happy. Even if you don’t agree with a score you will still enjoy the episodes. If new to the podcast, start with a movie you are familiar with. Now that I have been such a longtime listener I try to watch most of the movies they review that I have not seen, or haven’t seen in a while before I listen to the podcast. But even if I don’t have the time for that and have never seen the movie, the podcast episode is still great and has me laughing. -Eric C.
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Eric C..
Not good
The chunky blonde cohost is horrible i get that the bigger girls do more in the bedroom but this is a podcast and she doesn’t bring anything to the show
Give homeboy a refund.
You guys should refund the hundo some dude gave you for doing the Last Boy Scout. What a crap effort. Seems like one guy didn’t even watch the movie. Not sure how you guys do on other flicks, but I definitely won’t be listening.
2nd to last boy scout
Xmas story
This movie is way better than reviewed. Podcast made me angry. Very pretentious. Get over yourselves
Once was great
The hole who married the crackhead needs to be replaced
Rudolph Hotdawgbuger
Good but needs less Ashley banter
Got into this podcast a couple years too late but you know what they say, better late than never however, the later episodes not so good. The host each have their opinions based on their age and whatnot but Ashley is a little too much. Talks about the same thing every time, New Orleans, New Orleans, I’m younger than “y’all” and I can keep going but why ? Stick to the movie topics and quit going on your personal tangents no one cares.
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Miguel Scar
I love Ash
I love the premise. When I got to the Clueless episode I realized Ash makes all the difference. You really needed her.
Wonderful Podcast
Really enjoy the podcast. Everybody has a very unique perspective. The unique perspective, is based on their backgrounds, their education, occupation, family and so forth. And there is legitimate disagreement on things but it’s respectful. I really enjoy it and I look forward to it every week. Especially working from home it’s nice to hear an intelligent conversation, with people who have a great rapport and a good sense of humor.
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jo Baltimore
Need a new third
Do you ever find yourself asking “ why don’t they make pod casts like they used to?” Once was my favorite now I don’t finish most episodes. Please bring back one of the other hosts. Preferably Rog.
Not as good
Overall not as fun with Ash. I literally roll my eyes every time she speaks. You can tell Gene and Big D do too. The show went from a zero wipe to a three wipe since Rodger left. This is a pretty universal opinion… we know you read the reviews! Can we replace ash with king bee or Keri? Or just bring back Rog!
boobie smith
Excellent podcast except…..
“I wrote my master’s thesis, not my doctoral dissertation, but my master’s thesis…” I never miss an episode but Ashley…get the f over yourself. Incredibly condescending . Insufferable Like Gene and Love Big D. Smart insightful criticism. No room for Ashley to let us all know what we couldn’t possibly understand
Danny Deck
Once Great
When I found this podcast five years ago it was tremendous. The hosts were finding their way and it was genuinely funny. They added Kerri as a host and the show became a must listen. Then she left the show and they surely missed her. Then Rog , one of the original hosts left cause “the show changed when we started charging $150 an episode”. That’s right instead of having the fans vote on episodes and be involved They started charging $150 an ep. I went away for awhile and recently returned to a new host Ash. It’s become genuinely unfunny and phony led by her. And nuff said. Bye y’all.
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Also you though Ving Rhames was dead? Your a movie podcast, do some research. Assuming you were thinking of Michael Clark Duncan…
Fill the hole
The hole is horrible so bad she had to marry a crackhead
Trg lover
She needs to go
The experiment is over. Time to drop the girl and find another third. Her over-sexualization of every movie is quite ridiculous. Imagine a guy trashily telling you every star he’d like to bone, so cringe. Lose her and it’s back to being a 5 star show. Thanks for listening to your audience!
Just found this
Love this podcast but i think i like the earlier episodes better. I don’t hear Roger on the newer episodes so i guess he’s gone. Ash is cool but the earlier episodes pulled me in and when i don’t hear Roger I’m just caught missing the old days still 5 stars but being Roger back
The Realest Lewser
Lots of potential
Pretty good show, terrible intro song, fun listening generally.
Used to be my favorite
I loved it for a long time.... and then Rog left and Ashley became a regular. She doesn’t have the fun Rog had, and it’s become too politically correct. I get it, a lot of these movies have issues that couldn’t be made today, but there’s little mention of the time when the movies were made. Plus, Ashley seems to only notice “strong female characters” and picks movies she likes based on personal experiences instead of anything objective (case in point: Grease 2) EDIT: it just keeps getting worse.... the show is a shell of what it once was. Try listening to “Hey Do You Remember...” instead. Same general concept, but better chemistry with the hosts (been the same three people for seven years, so less drama). Plus they can laugh about the movie plots and jokes instead of trying to become socially conscious and woke; in fact, they make a point not to be that way. We get it: these movies were made in a different time, they certainly couldn’t get away with some of the humor today, but so what? Acknowledge that and laugh about it and move on. Plus, I’m starting to think Gene and Ashley hate anyone who falls on a different side politically from them. The podcast never used to be about that, but it’s just got that vibe now. Big D is the only one trying to keep it fun
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Enjoying this trip down memory lane
Discovered this podcast several months ago and have really been enjoying this trip down memory lane. Working my way through all the episodes and only have 30 left. Can’t describe how much this podcast has meant to me. Bringing back a lot of great memories. Keep up the good work.
Erik Dean
Great podcast
Digging this podcast! Just found it.
Great show but…
This show is fantastic. I love the concept. The hosts are great analysts of film and such. However, the hosts seem like they are shallow, cold humans. I know this is a total jerk thing to say, but I feel I have to be honest. The hosts a very immature. There was an episode where the one guy started explaining what “type of goth” he was and it was the most excruciating three minutes of my day. Also, they seem to bring up sex on every episode and they talk about it like frat boys at a gym.
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Ichablog Crane
Once a great podcast
Bringing in the hole was a bad idea brings nothing to the shoe except a horrible vocal fry and If we need a female perspective we already have Gene
me too baby
Negative Reviews of Classic Films
Started off with the first podcast about “Big”. Thought this was going to be a fun to listen to podcast about one of my all time favorite movies. Yes, it is an 80s film and so much of it is ridiculous and unbelievable, but can we just get over that and enjoy the movie for what it is? Apparently not as every scene is criticized to the max. Not fun to listen to at all.
My 1st ep, “Casino”
Let me 1st state this is my fav Scorsese movie, so maybe I’m a lil defensive. DL’d this ep on my way home from Vegas after 7.4.22 trip and like always, being fascinated w/ the place and unable to stop thinking about it for days after leaving, I watched the movie as soon as I returned home (Scottsdale) and listened to this while driving home. The host is great. He’s objective, he’s funny, he’s not smug or pretentious (like many film critics), and he drives the show at a steady pace. That’s where my compliments end. The other guy…. Where to begin, how about criticizing the movie bc of Ace’s (Robert De Niro) unwillingness to hear Ginger’s (Sharon Stone) direct warning that she’s not going to be a good housewife?! This happens all the time guy. Secondly, it’s a movie! Not a tutorial on how to select the right life partner. But this guy’s 1st degree offense, “Goodfellows”?!? I immediately rewound 1st time he said it, then he immediately repeated it! Thankfully the host called him on it, otherwise I was so triggered I would’ve bowed out right there. Smug guy said nothing when host pointed this out too. 🤮 Finally, the chigg. Couldn’t be bothered w/ the “3 hr movie”. Repeatedly complaining about the length of the movie (that I wish were 300 hrs btw), complaining while making an hr long podcast about it! Honey, u don’t HAVE TO be here. In fact, why don’t ya leave 👋. Of course the only time Ms. Sunshine perked up was when talking about Ginger’s dresses and jewels. #basicbetch Host, great idea for a podcast. Find a couple more positive/interesting/enthusiastic film fans to team up w/ and I’ll subscribe. ✌️
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Noting hill
Straight up chick flick
Gold content.
Just came across this about 2 weeks ago and as a podcaster myself this is gold. Would love to support and be a guest one day. Or invite you gentlemen as guest on my podcast. - Vis Swoops
Grind Season TV
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