Sharpen: The podcast for young professionals
Sharpen: The podcast for young professionals
Kirby Green
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Relevant and practical
I love the style of this podcast. Kirby’s production and hosting is so refreshing and easy to listen to. Her speakers are so knowledgeable and have a great perspective on the world of faith and vocation.
Judi from Q
A Must for Young Professionals
How to choose my career? What skills do I need to be successful at work? Where is the best resource to build those skills? How do I network with professionals? These are common questions asked by any young professionals. The Sharpen Podcast is the one-stop-shop to answer these questions. Kirby Green in her inimitable style asks insightful questions to guests from various walks of career trajectories. Highly recommended.
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Mitadru Dey
Amazing content, super insightful, and awesome host and guests!definitely recommend!
Keep up the great work!
Tim @ AgGrad
Irene Little Podcast is Great
Very well done
Sailor Boy in New York
Great Resource!
Thankful that this resource exists to place in the hands of young and old alike!
Annie Mahrt
The Sharpen podcast is a great resource that every young professional (or old professional) should have in their tool belt! Encouraging, insightful, relatable, and relevant!
THE Podcast for Young Professionals!
Excellent subject matter from interesting and informative guests covering a wide variety of topics make Sharpen the go-to podcast for anyone looking to learn more about how to better succeed in work and life. Kirby does a great job finding guests that have valuable insights and real life experiences, and then probing those guests for meaningful advice and answers any young professional can benefit from and use. This separates Sharpen from all the other career advice podcasts flooding the airwaves, making it a must subscribe for the young professional community.
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Brian T. King
Engaging, excited and insightful!
Always love listening to Sharpen! Kirby is AMAZING at giving us an experience to learn more, broaden our perspective and improve our lives through her conversations with phenomenal individuals.
Gracie Furnish
Highly Recommend!
Kirby thoughtfully and intentionally connects today’s young professionals with experienced and rising leaders to equip them with the tools necessary to grow in their careers. I love the storytelling approach Kirby takes and my morning commute has now changed for the better when I can listen to a Sharpen podcast.
Great Podcast for Old People too!
Kirby is the real deal; her sparkling personality and conversational style welcomes all listeners young and old alike into deeper insights across a wide variety of interesting themes - Make Your Day!
Great listen - you’ll learn a lot!
Love this podcast! Kirby’s a great host, and gets to the heart of the matter on a wide variety of subjects. If you’re interested in learning and improving, you will find something of interest here.
Filling the gap...
There hasn’t been a true resource to bring the valuable insights and experience in such an authentic way that this podcast does. Thank you Kirby for taking the initiative and helping so many folks! Looking forward to what more you continue to bring to us!
Dipal Chaudhari
Tangible advice that can be applied right away
Kirby has a way of making her guests feel at ease to open up and get straight to real talk. Would recommend for anyone looking to advance their career.
The podcast you’re looking for!
Kirby, thank you for creating a podcast everyone was wishing for! If you’re a young professional looking for development, helpful tips, and meaningful advice, look no further! You’ll find all of that and more in Sharpen.
This podcast is great for young professionals or anyone looking to up their game! She has a really wide range of guests from different industries and points in their career, but the conversation always dials into interesting nuggets of wisdom. Oh, and its fun to listen to!
Janette JB
Mark Muselman
Kirby Green gets it. She gets young folks who care on her Sharpen podcast and provides real-life application (persoanl, professional, spitrual, etc...). This podcast is a must and critical for young professionals today.
Mark Muselman
Love this podcast!
This podcast notices you to go out and take on the world as your best self.
Great Advice for Young Professionals
Kirby and her guests share advice for those, like myself, starting their careers that would take a long time to pick up alone. This podcast is very helpful and unique!
George Bittel
Excellent Addition to Professional Podcast World
Kirby, thank you for taking the time to put podcasts for the benefit of others on key topics to sharpen skills of young professionals. It's particularly helpful to hear on topics I am familiar with yet with perspectives outside of my organization. Some constructive feedback: 1) It seems like there are two introductions: intro to podcast and intro to guest. It seems like those could be combined into one to tighten up the flow. 2) Guests all seem to be public speaker/consultant/manager types, which are not the only career paths YPs have nor the only way YPs influence an organization. May be helpful from time to time to integrate more support/analyst types who influence in different ways. Thanks!
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The missing podcast from my life!
I have searched for podcasts, conventions, mentors, and programs for something with this contact. It hardly exists for young professionals! The content and speakers are honest, real, and relate to the advice I seem to need right at that moment. The host is amazingly gracious to everyone and always ties their advice back to a main point. So thankful to my friend that shared this!
Great Podcast for Young Professionals
Authentic and enlighten podcast for young professionals. Thank you, Kirby, for bringing the SMEs to your listeners to shape our development.
Liz Schaffer
Sharpen does a great job with presenting topics that is relevant to young professionals. I've really enjoyed the guests and the platforms they have talked about!
Caleb Smithson
Excellent source professional growth
Several months ago I was searching for a podcast that would help grow me professionally as a young person, and I could not find a show to fit the bill. I am happy to say that The Sharpen Podcast has come to the rescue! Kirby does a great job at focusing on specific topics with subject matter experts to hone the listeners' skills.
Ashley Koehler
Great Podcast for Young Profs
Kirby does a great job highlighting relevant topics for today's professional.
So inspiring and informative!
This podcast really gets me thinking outside of classroom, job, or daily mojo. Kirby is such an uplifting soul and chooses great guests that educate, inform, and entertain their listeners!
Maggie Parsons
Excited for more!
Kirby is fun to listen to, authentic, and motivating. I can't wait to hear more episodes!
Sheldon McKinnry
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