Sharpen: The podcast for young professionals
Sharpen: The podcast for young professionals
Kirby Green
Episode 77: Productivity, Purpose, and Peace with Mitadru Dey
29 minutes Posted Jun 7, 2021 at 12:05 pm.
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Show notes

Productivity, purpose, and peace.  Do you find that you are lacking in all or any of these things? In this episode, I sit down with Mitadru Dey as we discuss how these three “P’s” are the mantra he lives by and why they are so important. He also shares with us how he came to understand these traits and how it has helped him to grow in his own career.

Mitadru shares with us his struggle with feeling that he could not properly communicate with his clients due to English being his second language and how he overcame that and worked through it, and now helps others to do the same.  He has a heart for helping young professionals in India to rise up and be leaders in the businesses and companies they work for.

We also discuss how we can learn so much about productivity from children and why they are the masters of productivity.  I am so honored to welcome our guest, and I know you will love the content we dive into.

Topics covered:

Staying productive.

Dealing with nervousness in communication.

Getting more comfortable speaking in front of others.

Building soft skills for the entrepreneur.

The power of networking.

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