Sharpen: The podcast for young professionals
Sharpen: The podcast for young professionals
Kirby Green
Episode 75: Prepare, Pivots, and Proceed with Aaron Seabron
33 minutes Posted Mar 8, 2021 at 1:28 pm.
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Show notes

Curiosity can lead us to learn about things that we may not have even thought we needed before, but can lead us to new opportunities.  In this episode I sit down with Aaron Seabron and we discuss how much he learned by staying curious in jobs that were not his dream jobs.  He shares with us how by recognizing the areas he was weak in he was able to hone his skills so that he could better step into his dream job later on in life.

We also dive into the importance of hard skills that are transferable in just about every job and how due diligence is so important. As young professionals we are often seated at a table with many people who have far more years of experience than us, so how do we approach that?  We talk about humbleness and the importance of being willing to learn and be gracious regardless of whether good or bad happens.  

Finally we talk about preparing.  We come back to the due diligence aspect and how to make sure we are ready as much as possible to face challenges that come up and try to surprise us.  This not only helps us stay accountable but it keeps us sharp so that we can keep up with those who have more experience.

Questions asked:

Were you always naturally curious?

How did you build your hard skills set?

How can you influence those who have more experience than you?

Topics covered:

The importance of curiosity

Making sure to do your due diligence

Building relationships in the workplace

How to build your skill set in jobs that are not the dream job

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