Sharpen: The podcast for young professionals
Sharpen: The podcast for young professionals
Kirby Green
Episode 72: Career Pivots with Travis Martin
25 minutes Posted Dec 7, 2020 at 12:01 pm.
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Show notes

Strategy among companies is constantly shifting.  Jobs that we didn’t even know about now exist, and on the other hand jobs that used to be prevalent are no longer a thing.  So how do we stay current in this ever-shifting work environment?  In today’s episode I sit down with Travis Martin and he talks about his own personal journey from working with large companies to shifting into a more entrepreneurial standpoint and working with startups. 

We talk about the importance of self-awareness of our roles in a company and if we are tapping into our own abilities and giftings or if we are missing out on putting them to their best use.  We also dive into knowing when you are ready to move on or if you need to put in the work to get through whatever difficult time you are experiencing in the workplace, and how both of these times are crucial to both our personal development and career development.

Questions asked:

Was changing career paths something you always thought would happen?

How do you pay attention to nudges you feel to alter your career path?

How do you make a career transition?

How do we plan our future with the ever-changing work environment?


Topics covered:

Recognizing when it’s time to switch careers.

Knowing how to move into another career.

The importance of mentors.

How to pay attention to the inner “nudges”.

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