Sharpen: The podcast for young professionals
Sharpen: The podcast for young professionals
Kirby Green
Episode 68: Ownership and Your Authentic Self with Lisa Granadino
34 minutes Posted Aug 5, 2020 at 3:32 pm.
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Show notes

When it comes to taking ownership over our lives what does that look like? Both on a personal and work level. How do we step up and say the hard things both at home and at work without pushing people away? How do we step into our calling, and feel confident in the work we are producing and the way in which we own ourselves?

In this episode Lisa Granadino sits down with us and discusses how not only is it necessary to own the situation for our own personal growth and mental health, but how it opens up opportunities with those around us to forge better relationships, stronger work partnerships, and how it causes us to effectively get more work done. This comes through actionable steps which Lisa lays out for us, as well as staying open to the growth mindset which we also dive into. So if you feel like you sometimes take a backseat to problems or to who you are as an individual, then this episode is for you!

Questions asked:

What is ownership?

How do you grow the muscle of courage?

Topics covered:

How to take ownership.

Breaking things down.

How to stand up for yourself.

Shifting your thinking from this is happening to me, to this is happening for me.

Resources Mentioned:

Extreme Ownership Jocko Willink and Lief Babin:

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