Shadows and Shamblers An American Gods Podcast
Shadows and Shamblers An American Gods Podcast
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Intelligent and chock full of insight
Started looking for a podcast worthy of Gaiman’s work - these folks do a great job weaving the psychological, historical and metaphysical together in their American God’s analysis. (Still holding out hope for the TV show!)
Insightful and heartwarming
These hosts are intelligent, well spoken, and heartwarmingly kind to one another. If you want to listen to a podcast with two people who know a lot about mythos, current social hot topics, and know how to have a debate without getting cranky? This is the podcast for you (you should also prob like American Gods, but I won't judge either way).
Kait Gilleran
Love these guys!
Thoughtful analysis with enthusiasm.
The Must-Listen Podcast on American Gods
Anya and Alan provide the best analysis of this amazing show. Their research and knowledge of the book and mythology is helpful to both the book reader and viewers. This is the only American Gods podcast for me!
Excellent Analysis!
I've never read the book, but I'm enjoying the show and I really enjoy SL and Allan's breakdowns of the episodes. The beginning stringers are one of my favorite parts of any breakdown, reading from the different books from the different gods. Very clever detail! You should definitely subscribe to this podcast and include it in your American Gods experience!
Lovely chat with friends
Anya & Alan bring a critical but approachable perspective to this fantastic television show. Their discussion of character and story always sends me back to watch the episode for a third time becuase they've always seen something I missed!
Literally Chipper
I will stand for the next reading.... What a great opening! The music sets the tone for the show. You feed the audience little tidbits throughout. I enjoy your perspective. It's very entertaining, I especially like the back and forth between Alan and Anya. The out takes were pretty funny. For the sister that sleeps... I'm with you both I can't say her name either. Was that truth or did you take Shadow's lead and build on that? Either way it made me laugh out loud while driving. Anxiously awaiting the next show! If you are a fan of American Gods this is a MUST listen.
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Monday Morning Go To
This podcast has become my "must listen" for Monday mornings. Alan and Anya are so insightful and point out many things from the show that I may have missed or interpreted differently. I also love how they bring in information from other sources that help emphasize a point, or even offer a differing perspective. If you like American Gods and are following along with the STARZ adaptation, this podcast is a MUST.
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