Shadows and Shamblers An American Gods Podcast
Shadows and Shamblers An American Gods Podcast
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1 hour 19 minutes Posted Jul 1, 2019 at 3:08 am.
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Show notes

Sarah pulled a stool up at The Gem to talk Deadwood with Alan. HBO released a movie to wrap-up Deadwood, and that gave us an excuse to fan-out about the whole show. We talk about Sarah’s ships, Alan’s politics, and the vulgar poetry that is Deadwood’s dialogue.

Justified is the spiritual successor to Deadwood.

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Alan and Sarah talked about Kings which was not made by David Green (whoever that is) but Michael Green.

Check out the History Spoilers for Deadwood.

Why shouldn’t racist language be changed in Huck Finn?

The Dark Tower franchise is one of Alan’s favorite stories- and can be found in movies, comics, and- of course- novels.

Anarchism as a political framework.

According to W. Earl Brown (aka Dan the bartender) there are deleted scenes and hopefully we get to see them on a Blu-Ray release.

We spotted Garret Dillahunt, but did you catch any of the other returning actors with dead characters?

Titus Welliver couldn’t join the movie because he is the star of Amazon’s Bosch.

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Our Theme song is "Unstoppable Force" by FortyTwoMusic with other musical contributions by the Deadwood Movie Soundtrack- used without permission or asking.

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