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Shadows and Shamblers An American Gods Podcast
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The Ways of the Dead
1 hour 13 minutes Posted Apr 8, 2019 at 5:12 am.
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Show notes

Anya and Alan talk about Racism, Voodoo, and how Tolkien ripped off Thor in this week’s episode “The Ways of the Dead”. We take a deep dive on Alan’s opinions on Religious Theory, and Anya’s take on how this episode successfully marries historical violence to modern day problems. And the sex was weird!

Gargoyles was a Disney cartoon in the mid 1990s.

Kara Brown wrote “I’m so Damn Tired of Slave Movies” for Jezebel

A 1966 Gallup Pole asserted that 2/3 of American did not like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the time. Find out more in this Newsweek article by Beatrice Dupuy.

Hurricane Katrina pushed many people from New Orleans to Houston.

Black Liberation Theology helped to start heal slavery and the colonialism of Western Christianity.

The Book of Thoth is an important artifact in occultism.

More information about Voodoo as a religion.

Baron Samedi is married to Maman Brigitte and they rule over the Gede Loa.

Brigid was an Irish goddess.

The Shadow Man is the villain of The Princess and the Frog.

Alviss wanted to be Thor’s son-in-law but ended up getting stoned.

Memento Mori were works of art that remind the audience of their own mortality so that they remember to live with intention, gratitude, and vivacity.

Gender Reveal Ep 45 Features Jack Malstrom who discusses the concept of “Two Spirit” with Molly Woodstock.

But Why Tho interviewed The Jinn and Salim at South-By-Southwest and Kate Sanchez also hosts Oh My Wednesday an American Gods podcast.

Dr. Paul Moffett is offering classes about monsters! Check out his free analysis of the 1931 film adaptation of Frankenstein.

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