Shades of Crime
Shades of Crime
Will Ingram
Bringing those lesser known cases out of the shade. From strings of disappearances to serial killers in our midst, this podcast will leave you baffled by the crime going on right under your nose. Every Monday, Shades of Crime host, Will, covers a unique and fascinating case that you will likely not know about. Get ready, because things are about to get... shady.
The Disappearances of Daniel Pickett and Trevor Hamlin
Daniel Pickett and Trevor Hamlin were two young men from Newfoundland Canada who both disappeared under very mysterious circumstances, leaving behind a few pieces of puzzling evidence and even more questions. This week's episode looks into the 2006 disappearance of 25 year old Daniel Pickett and the 2018 disappearance of 33 year old Trevor Hamlin.
Mar 9
25 min
Three Disappearances from Prince Edward Island
The province of PEI is known for its low crime rates and strong sense of community, so while the province only has three active missing persons cases, each has profoundly impacted the people of PEI. This episode covers the disappearances of Steven O'Brien, Stacey McKinnon-Smith and Theresa Ann Gregory.
Feb 9
21 min
The Ideal Maternity Home Scandal
Between 1928 and 1947, the Ideal Maternity Home was operating out of Chester Nova Scotia, a maternity home which boasted highly confidential maternity care for unwed mothers. The home was operated by Lila and William Young, a couple who went from being held in the highest regard to some of the most despised people in Canada. This week's episode looks into the actions of Lila and William Young and the long-lasting impacts their actions have left on people across Canada and the United States.
Jan 23
23 min
Did Mindy Tran's Killer Get Away?
Eight year old Mindy Tran lived in Kelowna British Columbia when she went missing back in August of 1994. A man was captured and charged with Mindy's murder, but he was famously exonerated on the charges. The case leading up to this verdict seemed rock solid, which leaves many wondering if Mindy's killer got away.
Nov 28, 2020
27 min
The Disappearance of Kimberley Lockyer and Dale Worthman
Kimberley Lockyer and Dale Worthman were a couple living outside of St. John's Newfoundland who vanished without a trace back in the summer of 1993. Their basement apartment looked as though they had never left and was just one of the many confounding pieces of evidence in this case.
Nov 14, 2020
21 min
The Murders of Douglas Edgett and Cheryl Pyne
Douglas Edgett and Cheryl Pyne both lived in Moncton New Brunswick, their lives didn't have much cross-over, but their deaths have permanently linked them together because of the actions of one sick man. This week's episode covers the murders of Douglas Edgett and Cheryl Pyne and how even with a known perpetrator, the two cases lack complete resolve.
Nov 1, 2020
14 min
The Halifax Glove Man
The city of Halifax has had something strange happen for many years, a guy cruises the downtown area between 2 and 3a.m looking for a lone man in need of a drive, he picks them and they head home. What happens during these car rides can vary, but there is one thing for sure, you should never accept a ride from the Halifax glove man. This episode includes a story that is based off of multiple true accounts merged in a cohesive fashion for narration purposes.
Oct 19, 2020
15 min
The Tragic Deaths of Andrea King, Shelley Connors and Kathleen MacVicar
Andrea King, Shelley Connors and Kathleen MacVicar all vanished without a trace and were later located murdered under confounding circumstances. Each murder had little to go off of, but could the travels of the once esteemed military man Russell Williams give us an idea of who killed these women or are there other people involved? This week's episode looks into the murders of these women and the suspects involved in their deaths.
Oct 4, 2020
24 min
Who Killed Glenda Morriseau?
Glenda Morriseau was an indigenous woman living in Winnipeg Manitoba who may have fallen victim to a serial killer, but what happened to lead up to that? Listen to this episode to find out what happened to Glenda back in 1991.
Sep 27, 2020
17 min
The Murder of Kimber Lucas
24 year old Kimber Leanne Lucas was murdered in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1994. She was seven months pregnant when her stabbed and mutilated body was found in the back alley of a North street building. This week I look at who could have killed Kimber Lucas.
Sep 19, 2020
16 min
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