Sex With Timaree (The Podcast)
Sex With Timaree (The Podcast)
Sexy Conversations, Sound Advice & Saucy Rants from Dr. Timaree Schmit PhD
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A friend recommended Sex with T. and I'm so glad she did! This is a smart, informative podcast, deomstrates how easy it is to talk about sex with maturity and from a place of education and communication. Timaree comes across as a strong, smart woman and I appreiate her approach with her guests.
Great episodes for educating oneself and normalizing talk about sex. So approachable, definitely going to be listening to each new episode!!!
One of my all time favorite podcasts! Insightful, informative and fun. I never miss an episode.
Excellent podcast
excellent real life information and great insight. Keep it up
Depends on which individual podcast.. hear. Like another reviewer stated, some topics she covers objectively and is very informative. Other times though, her p.c. oriented questions and politicized rants come across as close-minded & childish as the people (groups) she is complaining about. I'm sure some will disagree (mainly because she is reaffirming their own viewpoint). Personally, I like a sexual educator to educate more and sound less like a cable news network.
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Love this!
Love the podcast and love Tim! Keep being amazing!
Kate Hinchey
Still fresh, still timely, still relevant
I find Timaree to be comfortable with talking to her guests about anything and everything sexual, which is exactly what our world needs. Listen, laugh, learn, and enjoy. Keep on doing what you're doing, Timaree!
Great stuff
I discovered Sex with Timaree when she appeared on the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast. Between these two, these are the best sex podcasts since the first couple of years of Sex is Fun. She is insightful, realizes that Sex is definitely fun and seems to be enjoying her ride.
Has potential
Sex with Timaree has all the makings of being the podcast the positiver reviews have described above me. I do not disagree with their points. I will qualify them by saying that so long as the topic is positive or emotionally neutral to Timaree she does well. When the topic pushes her buttons in a negative way, she can lose her sense of objectivity and come off as an evangelist and almost blends information with misinformation under the pressure of that bias. I don’t mean to suggest that Timaree needs to censor guests or anything of that nature, but I find myself repelled by these episodes and wish that a more professional footing had been maintained. This being said, only two of the many episodes fall into this category for me, so will stick with her for the moment. The good parts of the good episodes fat outweigh the bad parts of the bad. So far!
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Love this! So approachable and yet highly intellectual…the definition of sexy. Sex positive and fun!
Insightful and Fun
Every time I open my iTunes account the first thing I look forward to is a new podcast from Dr. Timaree. She is poignant, funny and talks about real topics that are applicable to anyone and everyone. She brings information and laughter to each one of her shows. Everyone should be listening to her!
lezbehonest ladies
My new favorite sex podcast, among legion
Found the podcast a few weeks ago, when I finally realized I was bored with my usual stable of sex podcasts. I'm VERY glad that I found Sex with Timaree. It's smarter and less ranty than Savage Love (which I still enjoy); smarter and more politicized than Sex Is Fun; and tighter & better production values than Polyamory Weekly and Sexxx Talk Radio. I love the politicized, intellectual breadth, stimulation and the sex positivity!
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Eric in Shoreline
Super Informative
Everything you wish you knew about sex back in HS. Interviews with super interesting people all over the LGBTQ spectrum. A great resource for general sex positivity! :)
Super informative!
All the bits you should have learned in high school sex ed!
Fun sex talk
Great cast, topics are new and fresh. Keep it up. Hung in WA
Big Dickman
Your show is great!
I really like the show. It is fun and informative without being judemental. I like the fact that you speak to people on all 'levels' while still being entertaining for those who those specific topics do not directly apply. Plus, you have a sexy voice. Cheers! Chris from Milwaukee
Chris from Milwaukee