Sewing For The Weekend
Sewing For The Weekend
Beth & Nina Firulli
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Educational and Entertaining
Nina and Beth and very knowledgeable about garment sewing and share generously. Also their rapport is delightful!
Disgusting personal behavior
We were asked by every credible health expert in the country to NOT travel over the holidays. Yet in their recent episode they describe getting together (multiple households, one of which traveled from Los Angeles) for their Christmas celebration. Selfish and irresponsible are the most polite description I have. If I could leave negative stars I would. Unsubscribed.
Sewing for the Weekend
I really enjoy this podcast. It’s all about sewing...the good and the bad. The mother daughter team, Beth and Nina, are honest, humorous and cheerful. The rapport between them is lovely. I always learn a lot and laugh when I listen to them talk about the trials, tribulations and joys of sewing. Thank you, Nina and Beth!
New Girl Gang.
I love the banter, the information and the, "You can do it too", attitude! I just want to have grilled cheese and tomato soup with them while chatting about sewing.
Becoming one of my sewing favorites!
I especially loved the episodes on online fabric shopping and sewing magazines. Great resource from two lovely hosts!
Sewing Magazines
Thank you for mentioning all of these resources. Threads is my favorite, although not published often enough to keep me challenged, even with their Insider subscription. I prefer Burda Style magazine. Tracing out the patterns teaches you about shaping flat pieces into 3-D items and fitting your body. It’s the first step to drafting your own patterns. Since our shapes change, you don’t feel guilty about losing or throwing away the tissue pieces, and if you keep a sewing journal, you can develop on past ideas.
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What a great podcast!!
The online fabric shopping series is an essential listen. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate those episodes!!
Work escape
I love listening to Beth and Nina while I’m at my day job! It’s a little escape into my favorite hobby everyday (because I listen to episodes over and over lol) keep up the good work!!!!☺️
Great info
I enjoy this podcast very much. Always great info and well researched. Love the honesty.
NH walker
Always enjoyable
Lots of honest conversations about sewing projects. Very nice!
Congratulations! One year and more to come!!
Always enjoy these two! It’s like I’m one of their friends and along for the ride. Fun podcast that provides lots of sewing info on Indie patterns especially. Always learning!
the beulah b
Fun sewing inspos
This mother daughter duo podcast talks about their fun sewing adventures. Beth and Nina have inspired me to go into a wormhole of reading all about new sewing patterns and techniques. I love listening to them weekly! Keep up the great job, ladies! You are a gem in the sewing community. (Hufflepuff here 😆)
Good sewing talk
Yes, another podcast with straight garment sewing discussion is welcomed. Nice job ladies!
the plugger #2
Enjoyable and informative sewing podcast
Fantastic addition to the world of sewing podcasts. I love the focus on garment sewing and their approach to discussing patterns and alterations. Like having fun friends to chat about sewing with.
Lara TX
Like hanging out with sewing friends
So happy to have another sewing podcast to listen to. Great for anyone interested in garment sewing.
Great new podcast
Great podcast, these ladies tell us all about their sewing adventures. Not just the good experience but also things that didn’t go so well. I am new to garment sewing but not new to sewing. Thanks ladies!