A Vietnam Podcast: Stories of Vietnam
A Vietnam Podcast: Stories of Vietnam
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PodSwap | Vietnam Is Awesome - Hanoi is on the cusp of being the legendary Paris of the 1930, says filmmaker Oscar Wright
42 minutes Posted Mar 9, 2023 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

Welcome to the Vietnam Is Awesome podcast. We’ll help you discover the real Vietnam with Awesome experiences. 

In this episode my guest, Oscar Wright, has studied various religions in India and Istanbul… practices and teaches hatha yoga and meditation and tai chi... and facilitates Zen Tango workshops that turn tango dance into meditation.

He is a film maker originally from El Paso, Texas, but after spending the last 22 years in Italy he is now making a film series in Hanoi where he has been since September 2022 and believes it is on the cusp of being the legendary Paris of the 1930s.

He was recently recognised as the top posted on the Vietnam Is Awesome page for sharing so many amazing insights into Hanoi.

We talk about;

  • Why he is so enthusiastic about Hanoi
  • Stereotypes of Vietnam and Vietnamese people and if they are true
  • And what his film series is about

And like every guest, he shares;

  • What is a good 24 hour itinerary in Hanoi 
  • What life is like for locals?
  • Is it a good place to live? And why?
  • Where should travellers go next in Vietnam after Hanoi?

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