Setter Talk
Setter Talk
Kyle Warren
Discussing all things setters— hunting across North America, training, breeding, health, bloodlines.
Episode #17: Jay Dowd, long time setter man and upland artist.
A good ole chat with a fellow setter man. Kyle sits down with Jay Dowd to talk family, setters and grouse. --- Send in a voice message:
May 27
59 min
Episode 16: Heather Shaw: wildlife biologist, upland bird hunter and setter owner
Kyle sits down with guest, Heather Shaw, wildlife biologist, to have a blast talking all things grouse! Give it a listen! --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 13
1 hr 11 min
Episode 15: Travis Powers, rescue setters, giving bird dogs a second chance
Rescuing setters with an open mind and heart, Travis Powers has led an inspiring and honorable life with his rescue bird dogs. Putting the word out that rescue dogs can equal bird dogs. --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 1
41 min
Episode 14: Dr. Adam Boyko of Embark Vet
Kyle sits down with Dr. Adam Boyko, one of the founders of Embark Vet Genetic Testing company. This episode gets technical but we are talking DNA after all. We discuss the use of their test kits, COI, COR, how they get their data and how to use it. --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 27
57 min
Episode 13: Sally Downer, life long Michigander woodcock bander.
Kyle sits down with Sally Downer to discuss her life with setters and 50+ years of woodcock banding experience. --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 18
48 min
Episode 12: Dr. Tim, is a veterinarian & the creator of Dr. Tim’s dog food formulas.
Kyle sits down with Dr. Tim to discuss canine nutrition for our setters and bird dogs alike. Dr. Tim is a season sled dog handler and trainer. He’s a full time veterinarian and creator of Dr. Tim’s dog food. A wealth of knowledge to be gained here for our canine athletes. --- Send in a voice message:
Mar 13
39 min
Episode 11: Tom Keer, well known and respected Upland writer and a passionate setter man.
In this episode Kyle talks to Tom Keer about his writing career over the decades and time with setters since his youth. --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 26
44 min
Episode 10: Homing Pigeons Part 2
In this show Kyle explains how to handle a pigeon while giving it a physical exam from beak to tail and what findings you may have, what to do about it, and how to prevent anything bad. Kyle throws in a few other pigeons tips in this episode of Setter Talk as wel. --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 21
52 min
Episode 9: Homing Pigeons Part 1, with Kyle Warren
Kyle has been racing birds his entire life as a fourth generation pigeon racer. He uses his pigeons extensively in his first year setter development and pre season training for his Llewellins in general. Kyle gives a detailed outline of the set up for a larger scale pigeon operation. He outlines coop set up, a twelve month pigeon calendar for planning and caring. --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 13
56 min
Episode 8: Nick Larson, Project Upland Podcast host and first time setterman
Nick sits down with Kyle to discuss his journey of being a lifetime grouse hunter and in recent years a bird dog handler/owner of his first bird dog, a setter named Hartley. Nick offers great perspective on being a first time setter owner now five years into setter ownership and knee deep in the bird dog world. Given his desire for knowledge and his extensive experience with fantastic guests in 90 Project Upland podcast episodes along with countless other podcast show knowledge. Hartley’s upbringing and Nick’s experiences along the way are discussed. Nick also gives listeners a little more info on #PublicGrouse that just featured in several cities around the US this week. --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 9
55 min
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