Self Service with Jerico Mandybur
Self Service with Jerico Mandybur
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Love the podcast- hoping for more episodes
I love the podcast with Jerico Mandybur. Detailed and high quality content, amazing guests and a space for women to get in touch with the mind, body and spirit. I was a committed weekly listener and I was sad when it all ended last year. I hope they will bring it back and add their weekly astrology. Beautiful podcast, please bring it back💗
lovely podcast
really enjoying each episode and crossing my fingers for more!
Alissa D
Missing this so much. Such a lovely podcast!
Jericho 💕
Jericho come baaaaack
Nikita Honolulu
The “In Progress” series...
is very inspirational and I needed to hear a lot of what was being said by these female entrepreneurs. Helpful tips and good advice on allowing your self authenticity work towards your goals rather than against them. Listening to “Jumpstart” now !
I’ve been wishing for something like this!
I’m so late to hearing this podcast but oh my gosh I’m so excited I found it!! It has everything I need in life and plus these ladies voices are soothing as can Be💕🧠✨🔮
Great Pick Me Up
Whether it be in the morning, on my way to work, or at night, this podcast has had positive and motivating effects on my mind and life.
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Perfect podcast for a self care Sunday
My favorite thing to do on Sundays is meditate, practice self care and listen to this podcast. Jericho’s voice is just so soothing and I love hearing the tarot and astrology readings for the week. Can’t wait for the next season!
My Sunday Routine
I have discovered this podcast just the past month and I made a point to listen to it during my Sunday evening wind-down to prepare for the coming week. I love to listen while I am doing some type of self care like taking a bath or washing my hair (which may seem trivial but both are sacred to me). I’m sad that the season is over but now I can go back and listen to older episodes while I wait for season 2. I love getting the tarot card for the week and the weekly astrology report. I also love the topics of self care coming from a spiritual and energetic stand point instead of just physical. Love, love, love this podcast! Helps me connect with my higher self and inner goddess.
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Life changing’
Learn to balance your emotions, and how to manifest things ✨
Love 💕 the podcast 👏🏼✨❤️🌙🔮
I love this podcast and the spectrum of topics you cover. One thing that would be great for you to cover is eating disorders and the trauma that can cause for folks have with their bodies and spirits as a result. It kind of touches on your body movement episode, which I loved. I also loved he manifesting one. Keep up the great work!
This podcast is a great way to start my week. Radical self care is now a phrase that remains in my wheelhouse. Love this show!
Not much substance
Too many ads, interviewees are not asked thoughtful questions, the tarot card info is not accurate. It feels more like a sponsored cosmopolitan column about what’s on trend now rather than on actual accurate, engaged content. Wanted to like but could not.
Love love love 💖
This is my absolute favorite podcast. I love how the different topics are handled with care and intention. The astrology at the end is a life-saver. Keep on keepin’ on and I will keep on listening! 💗✨
Fantastically Fresh!!
Love it! And not just because of her awesome accent!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Please keep the show going!
I’ve been listening to Self Service since your first episode. It’s definitely my Sunday me time. As a mom and entrepreneur it is how I choose to start my week off with a positive and informative vibe. I hope you gals don’t stop sharing! #dayones :)
Rita Vee
Self Care Sundays!
This podcast is the perfect Sunday listen to set my intention for the week! I love the way the episodes are structured, so consistent, everyone could use a little consistency, right?
I really wanted to like this podcast. The intro is soo long. Way too many ads for the length of the podcasts. The last couple episodes the audio quality w the guests is terrible. I find the conversations so basic and superficial. Not a fan.
Halfway there
I like that this is a short podcast and I enjoy the content, but the audio quality of some of the interviews makes it impossible to listen to. I’ve had to turn off episodes I was really interested in because it’s impossible to hear the guests speak.
Tried to like this, but way too much time is dedicated to ads, the interviews with people over the phone are poor quality- the only good part is the weekly astrology with Jessica. Wish I could like this but it feels incredibly forced surrounding the topics and reality of what self care actually is.
Such a short & sweet podcast
Love to listen to this podcast when I’m doing something that isn’t going to take a lot of time to do. I hate starting up an hour and thirty minute podcast when I know I won’t be finishing it in the same sitting! The fact that these episodes are only 30 minutes are perfect for killing time! I love the information & the guests brought on! Including a few of my already favorites like Gala Darling & Bri from TheHoodWitch! What a yummy treat! Thank youuuuu!
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Sunday treat
I’ve been excited and playing along since the beginning. Love listening to Jerico & Jessica and all the other witchy wonders! 💙🌹🔮🔮🔮🌹💙
A podcast I can relate too! I look forward to this every week! My favorite ever.
Making Sunday Magical
Love seeing this pop up in my feed every Sunday. The perfect way to reset and inspire my mind on the weekend. Keep up the great work, Jerico!
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Lacks depth
I love the concept and topics of this podcast but they are unfortunately not well executed. Every time I see a topic I get excited but when I listen I get let down because of the lack of depth in the possibility of some really important and lovely discussions. Often times I feel like Jericho explains what “self care” or “gas lighting” is but there is a lack of insight into topics. The topics are well chosen, but I want to LEARN something and be inspired and this podcast hasn’t done that for me. I hope you can improve!!
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So many of my favorite topics combined into one podcast, with a generous helping new things to learn all about. Plus, Jericho is a love muffin and she always puts a smile on my face!
Self Service is an integral part of Self-care Sunday
Always amazing! Please yes, to the tarot lessons !
All of my fav topics!
I am so happy i stumbled upon this podcast. tarot, astrology, wellness, all of my favorite things! i feel like this was made for me! i listen every week and love it however as i read other reviews i do understand where some of them are coming from, the intro and commercials are a bit too long for such a short podcast, but these problems are nothing that time can’t fix! it’s a new podcast so people need to be more patient and understand that all of the details haven’t been figured out yet! as far as jerico hosting, she is just lovely and time will help her fall into the roll of a host even more!
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Self Care
I like the idea of a self-care podcast, but I really couldn’t get into the astrology and tarot cards
Love it!
The only thing that could make this podcast better is if it were daily instead of weekly!
The intro is too long. Too many commercials. Something off about how much time is spent on commercials for a wellness podcast. I have a hard time with the interviews, it doesn’t seem like Jericho is actually listening and reacting to what the people say... almost as if it’s scripted. I wish it were more of a conversation, not just “question, mm, question, mm, thank you for being here, goodbye”. That said, I love Jessica Lanyadoo and wish there was more time allotted for her section. She is absolute gold and I live for her updates and voice. Maybe she should have her own podcast..... I would die of happiness.
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Hard to listen to speakers with “mm-hmm” “mmm-hmmm” “mmmmm” in the background.
I love this podcast
I love the guests, the idea behind it all, meditations, horoscope predictions etc Two things: Intro is long, there a lot of commercials for how short the podcast is, I wish this podcast was a little longer :) this is something that I can relate with and I selfishly was to hear more from boss women
Honest feedback
It’s an honest try since this is the first season. I think the intro is too long, don’t slap an ad at the start, work on your interview skills - try to have a conversation instead of just saying one word after someone’s response, it doesn’t feel like the questions are thought out. The tarot reading feels a bit out of place. The best part of the podcast has to be Jessica’s forecast at the end, I love her enthusiasm and honest advice. I love Jerico Mandybur as well, she just needs more practice with interviewing.
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Too many ads
I fell in love with this podcast the first time I listened to it! However, as the episodes have gone on they have added too many commercials, I feel like I have to scrub through half of the podcast just to get to the content.
Ugh, this podcast is so good. Honest, funny, and straightforward - I love listening every week and wait (not so patiently) for the next episode every Sunday. Jerico (and all of her guests) are wonderful. Can’t recommend it enough!!
Love, love, love SelfService
I look forward to your podcast every Sunday! Thank you for sharing your energy with us.
best way to start the week
I have to listen to this podcast every Monday morning! like is almost a ritual! love it!
Puerto Rican Lady Lovin'
So calming
I listen to this as I fall asleep and I just love it. It makes me feel good about myself and have a positive outlook on life. Jerico sees the good in everything.
Love all the hard work
The Queen Of The U.K. is highly moved and impressed let’s talk contact me on all social media
Sheena Renee Johnson Zion
So thankful to have self service in my life
This is my favorite podcast. I always leave the show feeling uplifted and proactive about existing in the world. Self service reminds me that there is always magic, always more to learn.
Mado Mehrle
A perfect way to prepare for the week ahead.
Such a great podcast! I only recently found it but I am in love. I am catching up on past episodes as well as tuning in Sunday’s to get the latest 411 on astrology plus some amazing self care tips. This podcast is helping me to feel more present day to day.
CC Crouse
The best way to start the week
this podcast helps kickstart my self-care Sunday. Jericho is amazing and has insightful guests that allow me to reevaluate aspects of my life for the better and reminds me to practice self-love and self-patience
Great podcast, getting too long
I like the podcast especially the enthusiastic Jessica Lanyadoo and astrology. However, the podcast is starting to get too long. It used to be twenty five minutes or less. Maybe give Dr. Lauren her own podcast. The podcast felt good as a short jumpstart to the day.
Bittersweet Milk
Ughhh good idea bad implementation
Good areas of topic but there’s no depth. Literally 25% is advertisement and fueling capitalistic
Great listen!
I love this podcast! Keep ‘em comin’! I love the Hood witch episode and can’t wait for more interviews and astrology.
I look forward to new episodes every week!
I love this podcast. It is everything I needed right now. It always shines light on things that I might be having a hard time with spiritually, emotionally, or otherwise in the present moment. Highly recommend for anyone who could use a little weekly insightful pick me up.
Love everything about this! Listen and subscribe ASAP!
Just Right !
I love how short and to the point it is, lots of great energy and info. Just right Astro spiritual info
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