Self Publishing School : How To Write A Book That Grows Your Impact, Income, And Business
Self Publishing School : How To Write A Book That Grows Your Impact, Income, And Business
Chandler Bolt, Founder of Self Publishing School
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Learn how to write a book that grows your business. Every week, I interview your favorite authors - the most successful authors on the planet - to see how they write & launch their books and to learn how they use books to grow their business. I’m your host, Chandler Bolt - CEO of Self Publishing School / and the host of the 7 Figure Principles Podcast. New episode every Wednesday.
SPS 076: 0 to 450k Subscribers In 3 Years - Using YouTube To Grow Your Business & Sell More Books with Gillian Perkins
Today, I’m joined by Gillian Perkins, an online market strategist for entrepreneurs and author of the book Sorted. Gillian is the CEO of four successful companies in four different verticals. Her YouTube channel, Gillian Perkins, has close to 500,000 subscribers and focuses on digital marketing. When forced to become a minimalist, Gillian says, “I created a life that I enjoyed living more and was less focused on managing stuff and more focused on enjoying the things that I had and enjoying the people in my life.” From her experience, she decided to write a book, which she completed in one month.  Reflecting on her book, Gillian looks back at the toughest part of the process. “One was losing momentum when I got towards the end of the book. But probably even tougher than that was the editing. I found it tough to find the right editor.” She recommends starting out growing your social media first, then writing your book. “If you can tie them together, you’re going to build more momentum.” Listen in to find out how Gillian was able to write her entire book in one month, how she wrote her book while being a mom, and how she built a following of over 400,000 YouTube subscribers in three years. Find out how she sold over 10,000 books, how Gillian gained traction early on, and how you can increase your YouTube SEO. Show Notes [02:30] Why Gillian decided to write her first book.  [05:27] Gillian meets Chandler at a business conference after writing her book. [06:22] How she was able to get her book done in one month. [08:15] Advice for moms trying to write their book. [10:36] The toughest part of the writing process. [13:39] Steps to her successful book marketing plan.  [16:26] Starting her YouTube channel from zero subscribers. [19:30] How she gained traction for her channel early on. [21:25] YouTube SEO that works and understands the YouTube algorithm. [25:39] Watch time versus watch duration for YouTube metrics. [27:00] Getting ideas for your YouTube video content. [29:38] Not all views are created equal. [35:23] How to monetize your YouTube channel. [40:44] Gillian’s critique of SPS channel.   [45:11] What she would have done differently with her book and her channel. Links and Resources Visit Self Publishing School Online SPS Free Training Course Gillian on YouTube Gillian Perkins on the Web
Oct 21
49 min
SPS 075: Using Publicity & Influencer Marketing To Sell NEEDTOBREATHE Albums And Grow A Treehouse Business with Seth & Tori Bolt
Today, joining me is Seth and Tori Bolt. Seth is a book author, Grammy-Nominated artist, and the bass player and founding member of Need to Breathe. Tori has created Bolt Farm Treehouse and has a background in television. The first record deal Need to Breathe signed was in 2005, which took years to achieve for his band. “Typically, the longer you build something and the slower it grows, the stronger it is and the longer it lasts.” Seth’s advice is to think of growing your business for the long term.   Seth has taken advertising to the next level. His record label set him up with late-night show performances, even in the pandemic. Need to Breathe had PR opportunities through the music scene, popular magazines, and podcasts. Tory says that her entrepreneurship aligned with her bigger goal. “For me, Bolt Farm Treehouse and being an entrepreneur allowed me to align with my bigger vision goals because it was about having purpose and hearing other people’s stories and doing something with impact.” Both pieces of advice to make something amazing, and your project will attract people when they know you really care. Of course, marketing and PR is a big part of getting out the word about your business. Make sure to tell the world about your company! Listen in to find out what to expect at Bolt Farm Treehouse, how to find local press opportunities, and how to target niche markets to advertise your product or company. Show Notes [04:05] How Seth received his first record deal. [07:12] His seventh video album release and the PR he created for his album. [10:27] Seth’s appearances on late night shows. [13:44] Tory talks about starting Bolt Farms Treehouse. [17:31] How Tory aligned her goals within her business. [18:24] Checking off boxes with your entrepreneurship.  [21:11] What to expect at Bolt Farm Treehouse. [23:14] Why Bolt House Tree Farm is unique. [26:23] Tips for landing local press. [29:14] Targeting niche markets to advertise. [32:47] The promise Tory and Seth are providing with the treehouse. [38:45] Affiliates and ambassadors who bring the right customers. [42:32] How Tory grew her Instagram account so quickly. [44:44] Their exposure on Good Morning America. [48:22] Pivoting their business when COVID hit. [51:18] Working on their next treehouse location. Links and Resources Visit Self Publishing School Online SPS Free Training Course Bolt Farm Treehouse Need to Breathe 
Oct 14
55 min
SPS 074: This One Quiz Funnel Will Sell More Books & Turn Readers Into Paying Customers (Better Than A Free + Shipping Funnel) with Ryan Levesque
Today, joining me is Ryan Levesque, the Inc. 500 CEO of the Ask Method Company and author of the best-selling book Ask. Ask is the #1 marketing book of the year on Inc.’s book list. Ask helps readers avoid the single biggest mistake when starting a business and guides readers to answer the important question of what type of business they should start. Ryan believes everyone should write a book. “If you can convince someone to read a book, they are investing hours of their life. You can convey your beliefs and ideas.” Books are one of the few ways you can personally relay your message and advertise in one medium. “You own physical shelf space with a book, which is the best advertising medium in the world.” Looking to get people from Amazon or Barnes and Noble to your email list? Ryan recommends using a quiz funnel. By creating a short quiz related to the content in your book, your potential client can use the quiz results and outcome as a path to purchasing your upsell that is offered. “I see this as a universal strategy that any non-fiction writer can incorporate into your book.” Two main funnels attract different types of buyers: people who are aware of your brand and the potential customers unfamiliar with your brand. Find out how to advertise to these two distinct markets. Listen in to find out how you can use pixel segmentation in your book marketing, how to become an expert in your space by using quiz funnels, and how Ryan’s new software company fits into his brand. Show Notes [02:55] Why Ryan decided to write his book and how they work with his business model. [05:20] Which book marketing ideas worked out well for Ryan’s book. [07:45] Marketing differences in his second book.  [10:23] Which marketing factors outperform when offering a book with free shipping. [10:25] CPA - cost per acquisition and AOV - average order value.  [13:28] Attracting potential clients with a quiz funnel. [16:05] Using assessment and quizzes to buy your book or service. [19:26] Ryan’s publishing strategy with his trilogy. [20:52] Two main funnels that attract different types of buyers. [23:08] How you can use pixel segmentation in your book marketing. [30:25] Ryan’s new software company and how that fits into his brand. [33:12] Transferring your expertise into a piece of technology.  Links and Resources Visit Self Publishing School Online SPS Free Training Course Visit Ryan on the Web Ryan’s book Choose  
Oct 7
38 min
SPS 073: Build Your Personal Brand (And Double Your Business) Using A Book with Chris Ducker
Today, joining me is Chris Ducker, who is a keynote speaker and author of two books. His first book, Virtual Freedom, he had traditionally published, his second book, the Rise of the Youpreneur, is self-published. He is known as a Virtual CEO and regarded as an authority on virtual staffing and personal outsourcing. Chris is here to talk about using a book to build your personal brand and your business. “For me, I believe that a book is one of the easiest and most important expert positioning strategies for anyone who wants to build a business based around their experience and expertise should act on - plain and simple.” This is the first action item he works on with coaching clients is to create and publish a book. He knew that authoring his book would bring him more business. The trick was to put all the information he had in his mind into one definitive guide. Currently, his book has over 1000 five-star reviews on Amazon and continues to create monthly sales every quarter. “We don’t give Virtual Freedom away, but we do pitch it as a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn how to work with virtual staff, and to learn how to hire support and run their business with a virtual team.” Chris considers his book a “tripwire product” to get the easy, low-dollar item out of someone to get them warmed up to his business. “I totally agree with qualifying a prospective customer.” Chris recommends not to work on your weaknesses when building your personal brand, but to delegate them to others to get the job done. “Delegate your weakness and work with your strengths. Do the stuff that you’re good at but do it in a way that is uniquely your own path.” Completing this process with the right amount of transparency will build a community of people around you that will consume your content. Listen in to find out why Chris put his face on the cover of his second book, why he self-published his second book, and his mistakes when publishing his first book. Show Notes [02:03] Why Chris writes his books and how he intentionally fits them into his business ecosystem. [05:39] Chris’ experience with traditional publishing.  [07:27] Virtual Freedom launch party details. [08:27] How Chris strategically used his book in lead funnels and sales. [10:25] Using your book to prospect for future clients. [13:21] Why Chris’ book is the $20 business card for his company. [14:42] Why Rise of theYouPreneur is more of an aspirational book. [19:20] Should you put your face on the cover of your book? [23:48] Traditional versus self-publishing experience for Chris. [27:38] Chris wanted to be an example of how to self-publish your book to his students. [30:28] Have your foundations down before you build a personal brand. [34:40] Building a personal brand around you as a digital marketing strategy. [37:08] Advice for new authors. Links and Resources Visit Self Publishing School Online SPS Free Training Course Circle of Profit Get Chris Ducker’s Book Coaching with Chris Ducker
Sep 30
41 min
SPS 072: Writing Great Fiction Using Beta Readers...And How To Build An Author Platform On YouTube That Sells Books with Jenna Moreci
Today, joining me is Jenna Moreci, who is known as a YouTube star with a subscriber base of over 200,000 watchers. She is the author of two books. Jenna has authored The Savior Series with Save Your Sister edition debuting in September. While she writes full-time, she is also a full-time caregiver. Jenna isn't able to fully devote her day to writing. If you are writing fiction, a good goal is to release one book per year. "For me, focusing on the quality of the story really matters. One way I make sure that quality is focused on is that I have a lot of people read the book before it's out. I have critique partners, which are solo writers, who critique everything from the story to the grammar. I have beta readers who like reading." She enlists 20 beta readers from very diverse sexual, ethnic, and demographic backgrounds. From this list of people, she collects market data, looks for trends within her betas, trends that they like and dislike. Jenna doesn't sit around and wait for her beta readers to finish. While busy critiquing her work, she is busy working on her author platform, looking for cover artists and editors. Her time efficiency doesn't elongate her publication date as these tasks are being done simultaneously with her beta testers. She gives advice on which type of criticism is constructive "If someone gives you feedback that doesn't stick right, sounds funny or doesn't make sense, you have to discern that this may not be the best feedback to listen to." In addition to her writing, Jenna also has a YouTube channel. "In terms of reserving the creative energy, for me, that's what I'm passionate about. That's me being myself. It's me expressing my personality." Jenna explains how she manages scriptwriting for her videos without intruding on her book writing time. Listen in to find out how Jenna uses the Rule of Three with her beta reading group, how she manages her beta reading group when someone reading her book is late, and why it's essential to write what you're passionate about. Show Notes [02:59] Quality and quantity balance of writing for a living. [04:27] How to focus on the quality of your book.  [05:25] Make sure to implement feedback given on your book. [06:27] Streamlining and discerning the beta reader feedback. [09:00] How Jenna uses the Rule of Three when writing a book. [11:38] Recruiting people to read your book grassroots style.  [12:20] Joining reading and writing groups are great places to find beta readers. [15:08] Creating videos for her YouTube channel and balancing writing.  [16:50] Differences in the creative process of videos and writing. [22:39] What you should do when you get a 1 star review. [24:18] Jenna gives tips on what works best when marketing your book. [26:50] Advertising dollars that work for your book. [30:33] How Jenna gets hundreds of reviews on her books with ARC readers. [34:28] Pros and cons of building a platform on YouTube for book authors. [40:33] The importance of paying attention to writing analytics and data. [44:00] Pre-orders and giveaways and how they work for Jenna. [45:47] Video creation dos and don’ts on YouTube. [47:47] Reading your metrics on YouTube and what they mean. [51:33] Advice Jenna would have given herself when she wrote her first book. Links and Resources Visit Self Publishing School Online SPS Free Training Course Circle of Profit Author Advantage Live 2020 for Writers Jenna Moreci on YouTube Instagram The Savior’s Champion on Amazon
Sep 23
57 min
SPS 071: Extreme Ownership, The Dichotomy of Book Publishing, And Using Publicity To Help Sell 2.5M+ Copies with Leif Babin
Today, joining me is Leif Babin. Leif is a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer, co-author of #1 New York Times bestseller Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he serves as President, COO, leadership instructor, speaker, and strategic advisor. In this episode, we will chat with Leif about how he launched one of the most successful books ever published. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Leif served thirteen years in the Navy. During his last tour, Leif served as Operations Officer and Executive Officer, was again deployed to Iraq for a second time with Special Operations Task Force. He is the proud recipient of the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and a Purple Heart. Upon his active duty departure, Leif co-founded Echelon Front, a premier leadership consulting company that helps others build their own high-performance winning teams. Leif served with Jocko Williams, another author, in sustained combat regions as Navy SEALS. They talked and realized there was a real need for leadership training in companies. “Everything we learned in combat applied to any team in any organization and any situation.” As they started working with companies, many of their clients and followers were looking for a reference manual. “We wanted to get the message out about leadership from Navy SEALS that can humbly speak about this, reflect well on the SEAL teams, and pass these lessons onto others.” “We launched the Echelon company in 2012, and our book was published in 2015.” He had talked with people and found out he didn’t want to go with a ghostwriter because once they had given over their story, they completely lost control of the end product. Leif notes two examples of fallen servicemen who were written about as “bravados.” However, in reality, they were two humble men who gave their lives for our country. On writing their story, “We didn’t want to write a memoir, we wanted to write something that talked about leadership lessons learned and gave the application of those leadership lessons learned so that people could take and implement them in their professional and personal lives.” Listen in to find out how Leif and Jocko decided to tell their story when they co-authored their book, why you shouldn’t let your ego get in the way, and how Leif and Jocko marketed their book. Show Notes [03:38] How Leif decided to write his book and his process of creating Extreme Ownership. [07:34] His experience shopping for a literary agent and sending out their proposal. [10:30] Why Leif decided to write this book himself instead of hiring a ghostwriter. [13:51] The daunting process of pitching publishing houses. [18:33] Co-author process pros and cons for Jocko and Leif. [21:43] How the two authors were able to keep each other’s voice when editing the other’s manuscript. [23:25] Marketing their book and how many months before their sales started to climb. [27:01] When Leif decided to send an advanced copy of the manuscript to the press. [30:26] Publicity elements authors want to consider when marketing their book.  [31:46] When did their book make an impact for their business? [34:34] Why Leif feels it's more important to be an Amazon Best Seller than be on the New York Times Best Seller list. [35:01] How his book has increased and expanded his business. [43:48] Stories of readers loving the concept of dichotomy. [46:56] Leif’s advice to upcoming authors.  Links and Resources Visit Self Publishing School Online SPS Free Training Course Circle of Profit Author Advantage Live 2020 for Writers Leif Babin - Echelon Front on the Web
Sep 16
52 min
SPS 070: Keywords, Categories, & Using Amazon SEO + Publisher Rocket to Sell More Books with Dave Chesson
Today, joining me is Dave Chesson. He is a full-time entrepreneur, stay at home dad, author of 7 books, and software creator. Dave built his business starting in 2014 and is now making a six-figure income every year. "What we are talking about today is what you need to do when someone types something into the search box, they show your book over somebody else's." Discoverability is key to selling your book on Amazon. "If Amazon does not choose to show your book, no matter what, you won't make sales unless you find the person and point them to your book." Dave has dyslexia and isn't a good writer. "For me to overcome my lack of Hemmingway capabilities, I understood the core principle that if people want something and they can't find it, but you have the answer, then you don't have to be Hemmingway to be the person that solves their problem." BISAC code - Book Industry Subjects Codes list are sent to retailers as part of your book's metadata. They are also used as the subject or genre codes. Intended to guide shelving, categorization, merchandising, and marketing efforts, these codes signal to potential buyers, retailers, distributors, and search engines what your book is about. BISAC will tell the buyer the primary genre, topic, and theme which relate to your book. "Knowing which categories to choose, finding the ones that give you the best chance to be a best-seller, are extremely important." There are three times you want to use Publisher Rocket: before you write your book, while you're writing your book, and last, when you go to publish. Listen in to find out how you can validate your book idea before you start writing, choose the best categories for your book, and write a book using Publisher Rocket. Learn how to find out the best keyword phrases to add to your Amazon search, run Amazon ads, and make sure your keywords fit your book content. Show Notes [02:29] Why SEO is important when you want to sell more books.  [04:26] How Publisher Rocket sells more books.  [06:40] Validating your book idea before you start writing a book with Publisher Rocket. [08:02] Learn how to use BISAC code when marketing your book.  [09:48] Using Publisher Rocket to validate a book idea and set up for success. [13:16] Discovering kindle keywords to get your book found on Amazon.   [17:05] Questions to ask when researching keywords.  [18:06] Why it's important to make sure your keywords fit your book. [20:26] Two ways that categories help with your book.  [23:31] How to set up and run Amazon ads. [27:30] Biggest mistakes people make with Amazon ads. Links and Resources Visit Self Publishing School Online SPS Free Training Course Circle of Profit Author Advantage Live 2020 for Writers Dave Chesson’s free Amazon Ads Course Dave Chesson on the web Publisher Rocket
Sep 9
35 min
SPS 069: How A Former Circus Performer Unlocked The Author Advantage & Grew A 7-Figure Editing Business with Qat Wanders
Today, joining me is Qat Wanders, an author, editor, and speaker, and a successful self-publishing school student. She has published numerous books in both the fiction and non-fiction categories. We are going to dive into her story and how she used books to build her seven-figure business. She found the traditional publishing route very time-consuming and painful. Qat decided she wanted to move to self-publishing. Dealing with severe chronic pain and looking to work from home. “I was doing freelance writing and editing, then I stumbled across a webinar from Self-Publishing School and signed up for it immediately.” She signed up for SPS intending to get her first book self-published. “Days after I joined, my dad called me and told me he had three months to live.” Her dad’s dying wish was to hold her book in his hands, and he wanted to see her become a bestseller. She decided to switch from her memoir to writing a book about yoga. Qat had her book published in 29 days. Her book became a bestseller, and her dad held the book in his hands a week before he passed away. Qat’s daughter was eight when she came up with a fiction storyline, which she helped her daughter, Ora, turn into a published book. Her final book was a 400-page fantasy novel. However, the process was long; her daughter published, and her book became a big success at school, with her teachers and her social media following. Her advice to parents when helping your child write a book, “Be encouraging. There’s a fine line between encouraging and nagging.” “I’d say my writing has improved the more I learn. Because the more you edit, the more you learn.” She is very familiar with the genres of the books she has coming out, which gives her specific areas to focus on while editing. Listen in to find out how Qat set up her business after her book launch, why she moved from traditional publishing to a circus entertainer, and why you should stop double spacing in between your sentences. Show Notes [02:03] How Qat found Self-Publishing School and started her journey.  [04:04] Her process of self-publishing.  [07:14] The most challenging aspect of publishing her first book. [11:06] Her rewarding work helping her daughter to write and publish books. [15:16] Be encouraging and persistent with your encouragement when your child writes a book. [16:24] How she moved from launching a book to retaining clients. [18:05] Business details of Qat’s coaching program.  [23:57] Her advice on how to build a business quickly. [28:40] How she writes her books differently now that she has edited her own books. [30:45] What authors should look for in a good editor and what should they expect to pay? [34:08] How to find a good editor. [37:49] Her biggest takeaway from Author’s Advantage Live Links and Resources Visit Self Publishing School Online SPS Free Training Course Circle of Profit Author Advantage Live 2020 for Writers Qat Wanders of Wandering Words Media Editing and show notes for Self-Publishing School by Pro Podcast Solutions 
Sep 2
46 min
SPS 068: Using Publicity & Speaking To Sell More Books & Grow Your Business with Sloane Ketchum
Joining me today is Sloan Ketchum, one of our coaches at SPS. She is leading our new program, "PR and Speaking for New Authors." Sloan has interviewed over 50 podcasts, spoken on stages, and has generated a healthy income from speaking on stage. Also, Sloan is the author of the book, Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things, and has coached over 150 SPS students to date. "PR and speaking is the easiest way - it's the lowest common denominator in the best sense of the word." Learning the skills and doing the SPS course work will give you the confidence to make speaking a reality. She suggests building your launch list speaking at online conferences. "You'll be able to run into that launch with a lot of confidence knowing that you're going to hit all those goals that you want to hit." "There's a system behind PR and speaking." Make sure to be proactive in your campaign. You'll want to do the following three-bucket items to get PR for your brand: Getting clear on your hook Booking gigs Monetize You can book gigs by using the three-step plan: research, reach-out, and referral. Make sure to sift and develop partnerships that you have the potential to create. Start every call out with a win, and remember, "the fruit is there. We just have to sift and sort." Start with your three to five advocate's list and get into your feedback loop as quickly as possible.  Listen in to find out how to create a great hook, how to book gigs, and why you should get fast "no's" when looking for gigs. Learn how to monetize your book or business, when you can get paid to speak, and other ideas on how to market yourself to build your following. Show Notes [02:38] Sloan’s first opportunity with SPS.  [03:19] Why Sloan sees speaking as a PR opportunity for authors. [07:30] Her favorite student stories. [11:04] Three big buckets to fill for your PR campaign. [11:40] How can you come up with a good hook? [14:39] Basics you need to know about booking gigs. [19:27] Monetization process gives clear focus and measurable numbers.  [21:06] Find out which PR gigs give you the best conversion rate. [23:18] How authors can use speaking gigs to sell books.  [25:15] Students who have had the most success in the program. [28:00] Biggest mistakes people make from the start. [32:33] Author Advantage Live 2020 Virtual Experience [36:04] Advice for those starting on their journey with speaking gigs. Links and Resources Visit Self Publishing School Online SPS Free Training Course Circle of Profit Author Advantage Live 2020 for Writers James Altucher on the Web Editing and show notes for Self-Publishing School by Pro Podcast Solutions 
Aug 26
41 min
SPS 067: The Most Interesting Man In Book Publishing...25 Books Published, Prolific & Polarizing Writing, And What Kanye Taught Me About Book Marketing with James Altucher
Joining me today James Altucher, author of Future Self, and host of the James Altucher Show podcast. A prolific and unique writer that blends analytical and creative talent into his book creation. A former hedge fund manager and computer science major, James has the ability to write humorous content with an analytical angle. He has published two-thirds of his books by self-publishing, with his first two or three books experiments in self-publishing. He currently has three or four books that he is considering publishing. “I always think of what I call ‘professional self-publishing,’ which is that I want to do the same things that Harper-Collins will do, except I’ll do it and with the idea that I’ll hire a professional.” He distinguishes this process against “casual self-publishing” when an author writes a book without a professional team and publishes on Amazon. “On one hand, a book is an event, and events affect every part of your life.” He has enjoyed writing since 1990 and published his first book in 2004. “I’ve enjoyed writing articles, but books are often a way to really take a consistent message and write it into a book.” He believes that you should ask yourself, “What do you love doing? What do you need to do? and how can you combine the two elements?” James says a key to this process is that your heart and your mind should be talking. “Success comes on the other side of all these people who tell you that you can’t do it.” His next book Skip the Line, is an extension of Choose Yourself. In all of his books, he is transparent and upfront with his feelings. “When you’re vulnerable, people do care about you because they can see that you’ve been through it also. Like when we fail, we’ve all failed at something, that is just real.” Listen in to find out how James decides whether to self-publish or traditionally publish his next book, why controlling the marketing is critical, and what sparked James's shift to move from financial to self-help books. Learn the top three aspects of book marketing James uses to sell his books! Show Notes [02:08] James talks about the roots of his analytical background.  [05:12] When you should publish, and when you shouldn’t publish. [07:27] How James publishes a large amount of books.  [14:05] Books and how they fit into James’ business goals.  [16:41] What sparked the shift on writing financial to self-help books. [20:14] James talks about developing his writing skill and how it became a format to write his stories. [23:05] Why Choose Yourself resonated with so many readers and is selling so well. [27:55] The process for enhancing your writing to the next level. [31:45] Better writing equates to better headlines. [34:15] Why vulnerability is very important. [36:25] James talks about how good writing comes from self-awareness. [39:29] Top book marketing practices. [47:23] Chandler’s recommendation for book marketing. [52:31] What different for James in the writing process of his last book. [54:12] To create a good book, you have to be a good writer. [56:03] Have a unique opinion when you author a book. Links and Resources Visit Self Publishing School Online SPS Free Training Course Circle of Profit Author Advantage Live 2020 for Writers James on LinkedIn James Altucher on the Web
Aug 19
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