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Self Love Revolution Podcast
Jonathan Troen
Shared Humanity w/ Magie Cook: From Homeless to Millionaire
56 minutes Posted Feb 14, 2021 at 10:03 pm.
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Show notes

This is the most incredible story. Block off some time because you will want to hear the whole interview. Listen to Magie’s story as she share her journey from the orphanage to homelessness, to winning a salsa contest that she didn’t even enter herself, to selling her salsa company for hundreds of millions of dollars, with learning to meditate in a cave she dug herself and a Nobel Prize in between.


If you ever wondered or doubted if you could make it, please listen to this. Your dreams are possible no matter your beginnings.


And yes, she shares specific business tips you can use, including her Surrender List, which I started implementing right away.


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