Sea Control - CIMSEC
Sea Control - CIMSEC
Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC)
The best in maritime security, technology, history, and international affairs from CIMSEC - your moment of power point rehab.
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Balance the audio!
Big fan and regular listener of the podcast, but please raise the levels on the host’s audio.
Great addition
A fantastic addition to an already great podcast. With a lighthearted, slightly askew, view of serious matters, with resultant insights. Thanks
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Pump more Bilge!
If there’s a patreon or other means of support, I’d like to throw in my farthing. Love the back and forth. Please consider discussing the Reagan/Nimitz implications. If there’s anything I can do from SoCal, please let me know.
loss follower
Weak microphone
Topic is great! But the hosts microphone was so quiet I would turn up the volume to make it an aggressive whisper, then be blown away when the guest would answer because his microphone was a normal volume. Very frustrating. But otherwise GREAT!
Went to the top of my list
Broad ranging, intelligent interviews on topical issues.
Desert Fox 1989
Great insight into Maritime Affairs!
I only recently discovered Sea Control and now listen to it religiously. It has a wide variety of analysis on a plethora of security and legal issues. Definitely a MUST SUBSCRIBE for maritime professionals.
Smart podcast on all things pertaining to the maritime domain
Sea Control is an excellent podcast. It is informative and engaging. I'm a Humanities Professor interested in history, naval strategy and foreign affairs and this show delivers on all counts. The varied content is interesting and the Falklands series was especially good. I greatly enjoy the perspective that your frequent guest speakers from the UK and the Southwest Pacific area bring to the issues. If I have one small complaint it is the occasional audio issues that are encountered in the background of some episodes.
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Outstanding Podcast
Varied content, unfiltered discussion, lots of high profile guests. Episodes like the ones on the Melian Dialogue and the Thucydides Trap are standouts; the Falklands content is amazing.
Interesting perspectives on naval topics
This excellent series of podcasts offers a broad variety of interesting and well-informed perspectives, mostly on current and emerging naval and maritime issues, by American and international naval officers, civilian experts, academics and others. They are well worth listening to. Also, be sure to check out their equally worthwhile articles online at
Jeff M 99
Excellent Podcast
Sea Control is an excellent podcast run by the Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC). A wide array of topics that exhibit high quality intellectual discussion on relevant defense topics. My particular favorites are the podcasts in the Falklands War series.
Nice mix of guests
Great resource for observers of maritime and defense policy. A good variety of guests from the field as well as academia, command and think tanks.
Great podcast
A great collection of discussions and interviews with knowledgeable naval thinkers.
Excellent Podcast
Excellent podcast on naval and international security affairs regardless of preexisting knowledge. Provides a wide array of panelists who address pressing issues with a combination of hard-hitting analysis and humor. Highly recommend!
Matt Merighi
Highly Recommended
Sea Control is an excellent podcast, chock-full of useful information and helpful insights.
Great discussion of maritime matters
Thanks Matt + company for some great insights on issues impacting the maritime domain. It's very useful to get the perspective of junior officers during this time of evolving dynamics and opportunities for the sea services. Keep up the good work.
Yeah, I'm biased... so what?
Obviously I like my own podcast.
The Real Navy - Unfiltered and Thought Provoking
Matt and his folks do a great job keeping a fresh menu of Navy, military, and diplomatic/strategic/political topics on the air. Refreshing to hear it from the Junior Officer perspective with insight from timely guests from around the services, leadership, academia, and industry. It is entertaining, it is real, it is fun, and it is informative. Well worth the time!
Great insight on Naval issues!
Lots of good discussion on Navy issues, generally from the perspective of some junior officers. Sea Control gives us the opportunity to stay abreast of Navy issues while stuck in traffic on the way to work. Don't miss it.