Screw It, We're Just Gonna Talk About the Beatles Podcast
Screw It, We're Just Gonna Talk About the Beatles
Will Hines
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Literal junk
Random people talking about the Beatles with no credibility. No respect for George Martin.
Love you and also…
Are you really not going to talk about Now and Then? I miss my friends who get me!
It’s just so good
So fun
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Who is this?
This is funniest Beatles podcast out there.
Eee Em Bee
“I want my beatles”
Definitely recommend this podcast
Mr Bittersweet
The hosts channel the joy of The Beatles
I was a child of eight living in Brooklyn when The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan and the music world (and culture) changed forever. It is always a joy to listen to younger people who didn’t live through that very moment love The Beatles as much as we did in the early Sixties. I also love the comedy injected into this podcast. This group of hosts imbue the podcast with the joy and fun that parallels The Beatles. I read some reviews here that are a bummer. If you want a quieter less joyful Beatles podcast, I’m sure you can find one. All is I can say, The Beatles would probably have liked this one!
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I love The Beatles and it's so enjoyable to me knowing there's people out there that are just as passionate about them as I am. You guys are super funny and entertaining too!
Uninformed and annoying!
There are much better Beatles podcast than this.
Pure Joy
I was looking for an escape from the news and politics podcasts and decided to reconnect with my childhood love, the Beatles. This podcast has made me laugh out loud and shed a tear or two. After several months, I’ve nearly made it through the entire catalog. Thanks for keeping it going!
My God! Zip it, already!
Listening to White Album 2018 remix episode and... I would love to hear the part where the piano supposedly drops out in the chorus of Sexy Sadie, but someone can't seem to shut up about how the piano supposedly drops out in the chorus of Sexy Sadie. I understood it the very first time you said it. By the third time, I was irritated. When the guy who was trying to play the tracks kept hesitating, because you wouldn't stop repeating yourself, I found myself yelling "shut up" at you. But then, when he played the tracks, so we could hear what you were talking about, and you ran your mouth through the whole thing, well, I don't know if I'll ever recover from that. You know, Katie, a picture is worth a thousand words. Extrapolate.
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Dave cherry
Unexpectedly delightful
I love this podcast & am thrilled to have found it. There are lots of Beatles podcasts that dive deep, deep into the weeds (generally with the same group of guests from the circuit) — and they have their place — but for smart, nuanced and pure Beatles joy this is the pod. While I'll still have to listen to insufferable dudes with blind loyalties and strange airs of self-importance break down every bootleg released & talk for hours about Mona Best's cousin's brother's dog, this will be my escape. And despite the disclaimers of impending ignorance, they actually tend to know their facts, and more importantly they enjoy The Beatles. There's a feeling of detachment in a lot of Beatles discussions. Too much dissection and not enough heart. This podcast marries heart, mind, and ears. (I know that sounds corny but I'm standing by it. It's the good kind of corny.)
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What happens when you put a bunch of comedians who are also Beatles fans in a room together… there’s a laugh-till-your-sides-hurt moment in every single episode. Podcast-specific inside jokes make you feel like a close friend who’s in on the conversation.
twas a good listen
i was listening to junk on a train and then put on the solo mccartney review and felt very cliche
Ashton Hanson
These people don’t know what they are talking about.
Nuff said
Dear Wack
Was Abbey Road recorded after Let it Be but released after? If so, I’m surprised this isn’t mentioned much in the press re: Get Back movie. I think it’s interesting in terms of The Beatles’ ability to collaborate on genius album, post Let it Be chapter.
You should really change your channel to the McCartney channel You seem to focus only on him, where is the podcast on George Harrison’s reissue ofAll things must Pass or Lennon’sPlastic on a band album.
Great show
I love the episodes where we listen to a whole album straight through with a Beatles newbie.
Like hanging out with friends
It's fun listening to these younger experts discuss The Beatles with as much knowledge as first generation fans. They have no particular band favorites, don't hate on any one of them, so it's a stress free experience.
Great Podcast
I’m really enjoying this podcast. Everyone is very likable and each episode is full of fun and information.
Yesterday It was One
5 stars for Will, for liking the movie Yesterday! Screw the rest of you people😉😂
jonesin inc
Does it get better?
I listened to episodes 1 & 2, and I think I’m out. All these guys do is loudly interrupt each other, and say, “in my opinion” every few minutes. First, I know it’s your opinion, you’re saying it. Second... I don’t think I really want to listen to a bunch of opinions and bickering over which song is best on the first few albums. Study, research, and tell me some history, some behind the scenes facts. And shut up and let the others talk! There are so many episodes it’s tempting to stick with it and see if it improves, but honestly I don’t think I will. Moving on to the next Beatles podcast on the list.
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Keep referring to the Beatles as bloomers. The baby boom generation started in 1945 all of the Beatles were born between 1940 and 1943. Not Boomers
On hiatus but still listen!
They may be fine for now but the back catalog is great! It’s a bunch of Beatles fans talking about the Beatles and it’s probably the least pretentious podcast of it’s kind out there.
Braijin the Gaijin
Perfect podcast
I don’t have Beatles loving friends so this is the perfect alternative to talking with them about music. Even when they get info wrong it doesn’t annoy me because it is a fun podcast and they aren’t presenting their opinions as facts.
Great podcast for people who’s friends only listen to hip-hop.
Love this podcast!!
I am loving this podcast!! Found it in December 2020 and have gone through each one! Don’t end this podcast, please. It’s too good !
My fav!
Love-Love-Love! Very entertaining, and it is hard to wait for the next episode! 🎼🎸🎹🎺🎻❤️ So happy to see new episodes! Continue to wait and be surprised! Love you guys!
Bone taker
One of my favorite podcasts
What I love about this podcast is that they talk about the Beatles the way I wish I could with friends. It’s friends that trade knowledge and admiration for the band and share a ton of jokes. It’s like they just put some microphones in their hands in the middle of a conversation they’d already have. It’s refreshing because they don’t talk like they’re historians, they’re knowledgeable sure, but they present the facts in a way that doesn’t come off pretentious. I miss the podcast and I’m hoping one day it will return but I understand after years of this podcast they might have touched on just about everything you could have.
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Hard to Pete, This postcast is the Best
It's very modern and casual, precicely why the title is: "Screw it we're just gonna talk about the Beatles". This is a podcast of great hosts that know 80% of facts about the Beatles and broadcast it in a funny/engaging manner. This podcast makes my drives better, and all of the hosts clearly know a large amount about this legendary group. I hate some of the reviews below that bash them for not knowing EVERYTHING... I'm sure all of you don't, and even the surviving Beatles admit they don't remember or care to remember half of their history. Listen to this podcast if you're a fan, plus their intro/outro music is sweet and completely steriotypical of the Beatles sound. 5/5. 4/5 Update: Ariana
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Love this podcast - please don’t end!
Such a fun listen, I’ve even gone back and re-listened to old episodes. I love seeing random episodes pop up in my feed. Please keep them coming!
!! Low marks, let me explain
I love when you take a situation and spend 5 minutes speculating weird reasons for it, when the answer is easily-found common knowledge. And after the podcast listener suffers through that, then the next co-host gives their wackaloon theory about the same thing. All of these questions you speculate on for way too long... they have well-documented answers. Also, things like... “Hmm, what WAS Paul’s next album after Wildlife?! Was it Venus and Mars?!” So they look it up on Wikipedia and seem mildly surprised. So very painful.
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More episodes please!
I love this show, and I miss it during lockdown. I was so thrilled they brought it back briefly. It’s the best distraction. They all just seem nice. More episodes, please! (Maybe with Ariana Lenarsky?!)
Great Pod
These guys are great to listen to. I love their recent quarantine content. I’d say, they’re the “Ram” album of Podcasting- really stripped back, sometimes finding themselves on overindulgent tangents (good for nerds like me) but a really good podcast in general.
good job at doing you homework
love this podcast !!! so much fun and absolutely hilarious !!!
beatles beatles beatles
this podcast an amazing podcast and that's all i need to say.
So much fun!
Great stuff - even if they don’t do their homework. During the Corona lockdown, I am playing the bass along with every Beatles song in chronological order and enjoyed hearing the album again. 😃👍
Perfect for taking your mind off the pandemic
And a great way to learn more about the Beatles
Fantastic! Round 2!
Thanks guys. Never too much.
Brn Wlkr
Fab Listen!!!!
Ear to ear from beginning to end. The Fabs are all about joy, and so is this podcast! Please consider taking a look at some of the American releases. In particular ‘The Beatles Second Album’ and ‘Yesterday and Today’ which are, if nothing else, great collections of songs. Also, it might be fun as an exercise to compare and contrast the American and British ‘Rubber Soul’ releases. But my favorite Beatles is the stuff they recorded for the BBC. There are two wonderful volumes that take some of the best from those recordings. You you really get to hear what a great live band they were, and it really showcases their remarkable range and versatility. To me it’s the most joyous and irresistible music ever created. Maybe do a show or two on those? Thanks you guys. This is a wonderful podcast!
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Needed this
King Bub
Sure going to miss this podcast
Come Together! I Want You! Other relevant titles!
Don’t stop doing this show quite yet. I would listen to a whole other round of discussion of these albums. What? Did you think you covered everything? Everyone stuck at home needs your Help!
Tommy E Cash
I actually learn a couple things listening to this. 4 stars for the Ringo erasure
fi loser
Dig it
I absolutely love this podcast! The interplay between the hosts is wonderful; warm, funny, even when they have the details wrong, it makes no difference-their love of the Beatles shows through-and you know that can’t be bad! Like the band itself, these guys make me happy just to listen to! So sad it’s over-but I’ll play these episodes more than once! Thanks, guys!
Love your show!
I love y’all! Though you haven’t a clue who I am, I feel like I’m hanging out with good friends when I listen to your show. Except for the fact that none of my friends love and appreciate the magic of the Beatles like I do. So you are the friends I’ve never had but always wanted lol. Please keep it up!
Emotional & nostalgic
I love listening to this podcast so much, makes me wish I had a group of friends to sit around and talk to about the Beatles! Also cool that Will is originally from Connecticut (me too!), love hearing little snippets about back home. The whole thing makes me feel so nostalgic, I’ve been listening to the boys since I was a kid and they mean the world to me. Cheers!
It is an amazing podcast talking about my favorite band and just so much fun I have learned so much but also I found it so funny I have been snapping all day because of this
Hufflepuff at Hogwarts
Love this Show
Love everything about this show, topics, albums, ideas, reviews, panels, everything! Keep it going!! Do you show good!
Shradical Payne
Dig it
Like this podcast a lot. Just found it recently and listened to almost all of it from the first episode on. I hope that you get a chance to listen to more albums with Eugene, and I hope you get a chance to review the album “let it be” again with more of the original panel.
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