SCP Tales
SCP Tales
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Stories from the world of SCP Foundation,
SCP Tale #36: Revenants
SCP Tale #36: Revenants -There is a gun in his hands. AR-15 automatic rifle (his mind supplies automatically), standard issue for new Agents or emergency armament, fairly new, pretty battered. He’s familiar with this one,… Original story: – published …
Feb 8
7 min
SCP Tale #35: One Bad Mother
SCP Tale #35: One Bad Mother -The Conception Dr. Kald and Dr. Mann waited in the main chamber of 542’s new accommodations, sitting in the lush chairs they had arranged for their charge. It had taken them months to get …
Jan 30
7 min
SCP Tale #34: Empty Spaces
SCP Tale #34: Empty Spaces -The Captain focused his binoculars and scrutinized the valley below. The highway bent around the hills, littered with refuse and empty cars. Beyond the road was an inlet. The muddy waters flowed… Original story:…
Jan 30
7 min
SCP Tale #33: Exit strategy
SCP Tale #33: …There are still no damage reports from the missiles the United States has launched… The dead are walking the streets! Be sure to lock your doors… No hospital is safe! …on a nearby island, there’s… Original story: …
Jan 25
7 min
SCP Tale #32: Wasteland
SCP Tale #32: Wasteland – Gareth poked his head over the rocks, peering across the blasted landscape. It was a particularly hot day, the sun’s rays bouncing off the endless gray of the wasteland, nothing but the occasional… Original story: …
Jan 11
7 min
SCP Tale #31: World Tour
SCP Tale #31: There were a lot of ghosts. It was a given, and she’d known it the whole time, but it still startled her a little as the UAV moved over the desert. They were usually invisible to the …
Jan 5
7 min
SCP Tale #30: Winding Down
SCP Tale #30: Winding down – Oh, the cold here was biting. He wouldn’t have noticed it if it weren’t for his left lung, his left lung and the stupid bits of exposed bone about the sternum. The last unconverted …
Dec 29, 2020
7 min
SCP Tale #29: The List of Wonders
SCP Tale #29: The List of Wonders – The Beller walked through the Waste, leaving no tracks. He was a tall, lanky man with black hair and beady eyes. He wore a blue jacket over a red skirt of patches …
Dec 25, 2020
7 min
SCP Tale #28: Stratagem
SCP Tale #28: Stratagem – “Tater tots? That’s what they give us for lunch? Tater tots?” Dr. Harold Breaker looked down at the brownish nuggets on his plate, alongside the chicken patty sandwich with its flimsy pickles and… Original story: …
Dec 21, 2020
7 min
SCP Tale #27: Fortunate Son
SCP Tale #27: Fortunate Son – Marcus straightened his tie and brushed his hair to the right side with his hand. One of his roommates was playing Tupac and wildly throwing gang symbols at his desk. He could see him …
Dec 17, 2020
8 min
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