Scott Sigler's Audiobooks
Scott Sigler's Audiobooks
Scott Sigler
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The Original
A great sci-fi creator and narrator. I’ve listened to his work since 2005.
David K64
Scott and A u guys are so awesome! I absolutely love the podcasts and listening/reading your books. Keep up the great work and hopefully next year I can make it to Siglerfest! Update: jus finished Mount Fits Roy! Scott your so awesome man! Keep em coming. God I love this world you’ve created!!!
Happy sniping
I’m only a customer
I found this podcast late in 2019.i have very much enjoyed it. Thank you for putting Nocturnal back in play. I like it so much that I just had to binge on your other podcasts for Infected and The Crypt. These, in turn, convinced me that I would not regret buying your audiobooks. I bought Earthcore and devoured it over a weekend. I was not disappointed. I just purchased Aliens: Phalanx and I am excited to give it a listen. I look forward to the release of Mt Fitzroy and I would really love it if The Hippo had his own novel. And what about the Crypt Sigler? Huh? When are we going to get the whole enchilada on audiobook? Congratulations on your nuptials!
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Favorite Author
Thanks for all you do!
Great listen!
Not only is the educational but it’s entertaining!
The FDO burns my ear channels clean
I’ve been listening to Scott Sigler for a long time now. I know that every single week he is going to give me a new episode of horror to keep me going for the next seven days.
Jimmy's Jubilent Junipers
Love the GFL and Earthcore stories
Looking forward to checking out all of your other work and buying the new GFL audiobook! Thanks for sharing!
Red Hot Chili Popper
Great job
Awesome work. Thank you for making it available
Josh C D
Our Future Dark Overlord
You caught my attention with The Crypt, never looked back since.
Scott is freaking amazing
One of the most disturbed, creative, magnificent minds you will ever get a peek into!
One of the best
Storm 2700
Favorite living author, pedipalps down
The dude is a machine.
Great Storyteller
Great storyteller - well worth a try. Fan for over 10 years.
Love all the podcast and all the stories! I got my mom hooked! I am working on getting 2 good friends hooked... I am a true junky!
Scott When I
Heard Earthcote #1.I Didn’t Evan Get Though 1/3 Of It, BUT When I Started Lisening To EC #2 It Was So Much Better I Had To But It From Audible & Don’t Do This Often As I’m On A SSDI Limeted Monthly Income. U Been In My Ears Since GFL #1 When LiL Quinten Barns Was Discover. Keep Up The Good Work. Sin., Dylan Caamano Imp69
Oh High One, this is a great podcast!!!
Scott Sigler is my favorite author! Not only does he give us an unabridged serial audiobook episode every week. He also intersperces Story Smack episodes where Scott and A. Kovaks dish about all sorts of wonderful media and pop culture. Scott Sigler is an amazing orator, I could listen to his golden pipes all day long! The only bad thing about Scott Sigler Audiobooks is when they end! Bravo!
You are a monster!
What’s wrong with you?
With bater breath...
I’ve been a fan of Scott Sigler’s work for more than a decade when I first discovered Infected on a free audiobook website. If you love thriller fiction mixed with a bit if horror and sci-fi, this is your man! Start with Earthcore, though; that’s where it all started in Sigler’s shared universe.
Hardest working writer in the business
Scott is the man and A is awesome too! I look forward to your podcast every week and love the movie reviews.
Great podcast!
Keep up the good work FDO!
Sigler is the real deal
Great stories, great character development and intelligent scientific plot lines. Plus, when Scott reads the stories they are extra good. One of my top 3 authors, without question.
Sk0t Farkus
Very good excellent
So glad I found this pod cast. This and all of the Scott Sigler Pod cast I’ve listened to so far are excellent. character development, story line, and narration is top notch
All of your podcasts!
Thank you Scott! You have wrote a lot of fantastic stories! I have enjoyed listening to you every week.
I love your podcasts man, and am especially thankful for bringing us Earthcorps, I couldn’t find it anywhere!
Nub ninja
siegler is life!
All hail the FDO!!!! Junkie forever
Roman brown
Big Sig Slaying
Hahahaaaaa Dig the Video, You Rock Sigs... I’m a long time Fan & appreciate all You do Sir. I miss listening to you read your creations, but realize your a Busy Man. Take care Sir.
GFL Stuff
I love the GFL books, but they are gone!!!!! What happened? Are they coming back? I’m dying here. I’m at episode 26 of the starter and I am dying!
I’m am a Junkie and proud to say it. Sigler is a master and should be worshipped worl wide. No I’m not related.
Excellent books and love Story Smack too!
Thanks Scott and A for these great podcasts!!!
There are two types of people.
So either you love the FDO or you don’t know the FDO. It’s that simple. Listen NOW and give yourself the enjoyment you have deprived yourself unknowingly.
Scott is addictive!
I started listening to Scott Sigler about a year ago. I have listened to every story available on audio. He can make you wonder where your time has gone. I was literally looking for reasons to take trips in the car just so I could listen to Siglers books.
One of my favorite authors, his stories just keep getting better and better!
Craving more of "The Rider"
Just finished listening to the finale of "The Rider" and I can't wait for a sequel. It reminds me of feeling I had when I first listened to the GFL series. I couldn't wait to listen to the next episode and then the next book, and like the GFL series I'm sure I'll be re-listening to "The Rider" very soon.
Great author
I have loved Scott’s work for many years. Great writer and great podcast.
TC from N.C
My favorite author
Love all he's books. In the process of getting them all on ebooks and print. His characters are the best in this world 🌎 and outer space 🚀. 👍🏻👍🏻 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bathe great
I've been a Sigler fan 10 years
Ten. Ten years! TEEEEN YEARS! That's how long I've been a junkie. I've been listening to his podcasts while working security, drawing. I've bought his books. Scot Sigler mind is a scary, SCARY place man. His stories are engrossing and engaging. I love his books.
Love his books!!
I can't wait for more!
Scott Sigler is a great author very addictive and great story teller. Not for kids
Mr. CSM 1130
some ditch diggers are better
Scott's a workman of story teller, perfect for folks obsessive about story and not concerned about high brow literary pretext. His work is as huge and cohesive as you want it to be. Every single piece fits together or stands alone.
Papa Toys
High Production Quality, Poor Content
High Production Quality, Poor Content. Brutal violence and gore for its own sake abound. He also is very, very preachy about his philosophies to the point that he calls everyone who would disagree by degrading slurs.
Alight was wonderful, can't wait for the follow up!
Great author
This genre is not in my usual reading rotation but this author got me hooked!
Scott Sigler is one of this generations greatest writers
Not enough good things can be said about this writer. He calls his fans "junkies" and rightly so. You will find yourself on a 2 year mission to find his entire catalogue. I think the worst part of listen to the back catalogue is catching up to his current work and realizing that you now have to wait week by week to get a new part of the story. Scott Sigler consistently puts out good work. He is an author that will not disappoint
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stuff listener
Try it and you'll be hooked
Give one book a try and you will listen to them all.
Looking for something good
Deserves a movie deal!
Sigler should be the most talked about author in the horror scifi game...
Not a sports fan but I love the imagination
I don't care for football but as I sit here writing this I'm wearing a Krakens jersey. The expansive universe is what I love. The description of the new planets, the inhabitants, and the history are what keep me coming back. Scott Sigler's books aren't all football. All his books have a unique writing style that any sci fi fan will love. Jump in and enjoy this brilliant podcast!!
Just an amazing writer.
S L Walker
Get Every thing this man has made.
Not Childish Person safe! If you live in the real world and love your fiction to feel real and dirty and not coated in candy then The F.D.O.'s work is for you. Warning if somthing seams candy coated in one of his books make sure not to eat it it is likely a spider snack or a poison waiting for some gangster.
Like Meth for your ears.
There is not enough steps in the program to get you off the drug that is Scott Sigler AKA The Future Dark Overlord! It is like Meth for your ear. If you listen to even one chapter you are hooked for life. You will be quaking for the next episode. All of his work is great but when you start one of his new books (i.e. The Crypt) and he does not finish it you will forever need that next paragraph. So for the love of god don't start! Or if you do don't say I did not warn you. Welcom to the world of the JUNKIE.
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My favorite podcast(s)
I look forward to Sunday's. I look forward to getting in my car, plugging in my phone and driving to work... TO WORK! Because of the work Scott does. The fact that he doesn't charge me for the level of care and commitment he puts into these books via podcast, is astonishing. I am grateful to have stumbled upon such a treasure.
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