Scientific Hadra
Scientific Hadra
Belakhdar Medslimane
Scientific Hadra is an Algerian Darija podcast that explains the science behind daily phenomena. Together, we will try to understand how it works! Especially the physics behind stuff!
Does your soul weight 21 grammes ? | كيف نبرهن وجود الروح ؟
In this EP we dive into a page of dark sciences. In 1907 a doctor tried to prove the existence of the human soul. How did he think of that, and what kind of experience did he put into action to reveal the soul ! Listen, Enjoy and SHARE ! 
Nov 27, 2022
17 min
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2022
In this episode we will discover the motivations behind the work awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics. We will talk about the quantum world in simple words and particulary focus on Quantum Entaglement ! 
Oct 8, 2022
9 min
Gosra #05 - The Algerian University | الجامعة الجزائرية w/Idris
In this amazig episode w/Idris we disscuss many subjects arround the Algerian university, and how future students shape their academic and professional plans. We take an overview about the Classical system vs LMD system and we share our ideas and experiences with you ! Listen Enjoy & SHARE ! 
Jul 24, 2022
1 hr 16 min
Gosra #04 A Trip into the Quantum Realm w/Bellou
In this Episode Bellou walks us through the realm of quantum physics and how we perceive reality, we discuss the main ideas of this amazing theory and we try to understand how things work in this world of tiny things ! Listen, Enjoy and Share ! 
Jul 15, 2022
1 hr 29 min
Sci-Tales #03: The Time Keepers
In this EP we dive into Meso-America to discover The Time Keepers ! We talk about The Maya, The Aztek and the Inka civilazations and their time calendars, their lives and how they had some genius thoughts about time keeping, astronomy and heavenly bodies ! Listen, Enjoy and most importantly SHARE with your friends ! 
May 21, 2022
17 min
The Mixed Signals Of The Eternal Silence | الصمت الأبدي
In this Episode we disscuss the probability of the existence of outer-space life ! Do Aliens really exist ? How can we prove that ? Through the recieved radio and light signals, we try to understand how to detect this alien life, we dive into the world of exo-planets and far stars, but most importantly we LISTEN to the sound of space ! ENJOY & SHARE! 
May 7, 2022
19 min
What is consciousness ? | ما هو الوعي ؟
Consciousness is a hard thing to describe. Nevertheless, in this EP we try to dive into it and understand the psychological level of the thing. We put under the light the brain functions and the processes that allow us to feel the world arround us, and what can be misleading to our awarness! 
Apr 18, 2022
15 min
The Panopticon: Are we in a big prison ? معضلة السجن
In this Ep I talk about Jeremy's Bentham Panopticon prison. Throughtout the tale, I try to project the idea on social and political constructs that try to control people. I used George's Orwell "1984" book as a link between freedom, decipline and punishement. How does the utilitarianism philosophy fail to build Bentham's ideas ? How can we be good humans without being watched and controled at all times ? Let's jump into it ! Listen, Enjoy and SHARE !
Mar 15, 2022
17 min
Sci-Tales #02: The Rockstars of Athens
Who are the Rockstars of Athens ? In this Ep I talk about the fondations of The Socratic methods, and the two briliant students of Socrates: Plato and Aristotle ! We will travel into their ideas and works to understant the origins of the scientific method that we use now days. We will see the world from their parspective and discover many shcools of thought. Enjoy & Share ! 
Oct 17, 2021
18 min
Gosra #03 Computer Science w/ Abdelkrim & Taki
Abdelkrim Bournane and Taki Eddine Yamani are both software engineers. In this interview they will take us into a journey through computer science. Our guests will also share their personal experience in Game Dev, Freelancing and further stories from their academic days. If you want to be a better computer science student/futur engineer, then tune in and share with your friends ! 
Oct 10, 2021
2 hr 2 min
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