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SBRReports Episode 152 - I said "You shouldn't have…"
This week we cover: Indie Game: God of Rock Discord Link: An article of news that we cared about : Nintendo Direct 2/18/2023 (Nintendo Direct 2.8.2023 - Nintendo Switch) Multiversus Player Count - Live Service Bubble Bursting? -
Feb 18, 2023
32 min
SBRReports Episode 151 - A Pokedex of Podcasts!
This week we cover... Indie Game: Eastward (Xbox Game Pass) Game Awards 2022 Stupid kid who snuck on stage of the Game Awards: We have a discord! Discord Link:
Dec 10, 2022
54 min
SBRReports Episode 150 - ACTIVISION BLIZZARD was not very effective…
This week we cover The next "Switch Killer" ACTIVISION BLIZZARD sexual harassment strike and scandal
Jul 30, 2021
52 min
SBRReports Episode 149 - Nintendons up some things…
Nintendo Direct Pokemon Direct News Diamond and Pearl coming to the Switch Open World Stealth RPG coming 2022
Feb 26, 2021
28 min
SBRReports Episode 148 - #clevertitle
This week we cover... Scientists taught pigs how to play video game Kingdom hearts comes to PC Epic Store Exclusive Controversial game from 2000s making a comeback Jack Black to play Claptrap in Borderlands movie Hackers reportedly sold CP77 source code
Feb 12, 2021
30 min
SBRReports Episode 147 - Welcome to 2020 pt. 2!
This week we cover Introductions Microsoft's Minecraft World shutting down June 30th Shanghai starts construction on $898 million e-sports arena, as it pushes to be world gaming capital Epic acquires Rad gaming tools Twitch suspends Trump's account Katy Perry and Pokemon
Jan 15, 2021
22 min
SBRReports Episode 146 - 2020 Year in Review
PODCAST : Mr. Gamer's thoughts CyberPunk 2077 Mr. Gamer and Kitty Duval's games that got us through 2020. Among hits Games Among Us Switch cross-play with PC Sony Removes Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation Store Epic games store now offers Spotify Mr. Gamer's 2020 Games that got me through 2020 - Fallout, Minecraft, DnD Year of Introspection and Growth 2020's karma Ms. Duval's 2020 Games for 2020 ACNH Watching Fandom drama
Dec 19, 2020
50 min
SBRReports Episode 145 - Serving Cyperpunk's Citations
Shameless Plugs Tiktok Email Serna Williams shares her love of video games KFC lifetime Mr. Gamer's feelings after 8+ hours of Cyperpunk 2077 Shroud wishes  CP77 can cause serizurs
Dec 11, 2020
52 min
SBRReports Episode 144 - They're just blowing smoke...
This week we cover Mr.G thoughts on the XsX Thoughts on the launch of XsX and PS5 A ps5 review unit has already died Ubisoft removes VA Ubisoft under fire for ablism Please don't vape the box Monster hunter movie only has SIX monsters
Nov 13, 2020
41 min
SBRReports Episode 143 - Google’s goals get greedy...
This week we cover Google launches free Stadia games Alex H. says streamers should pay video game publishers Amazon cloud gaming Luna now in early access
Oct 23, 2020
30 min
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