Say It Like It Is
Say It Like It Is
With Seb & Soph
A lifestyle and pop culture podcast bringing you all things sugar, spice and everything nice. Brought to you by Seb & Soph. Instagram handles: @sayitlikeitispodcast @sebcampitelli @sophietheodosi
The Mysterious Case of The F***-boy
In this episode of Say It Like It Is, we both sat down to discuss the very important and mysterious case of the classic f*** boy! Whether we’ve had an experience with one, or been one, we’ve all experienced a similar situation one way or another, so sit down and listen to Seb & Soph discuss this juicy topic and reflect on personal experiences while also providing some holy advice as always! Xx
Feb 25, 2021
35 min
Get Ready With Me
On this weeks episode of Say It Like It Is, we sat down (rather tipsy i will add, In typical Say It Like It Is fashion) to discuss the almighty topic of...... ‘getting ready to go out’. Us young folk all know the anxiety and the many steps it takes to placing your foot out the door, feeling confident and having fun with your friends, so we both shed some light on our tips and tricks, our steps in chronological order for getting ready, and how to have the a fun night you won’t forget. As always your support and kind words are so appreciated. Keep tuning in for some juicy content, and don’t forget to Say It Like It Is b***h. Love Seb & Soph
Dec 5, 2020
31 min
A Big Week
On this episode of Say It Like It Is, We sat down and discussed the almighty week everyone has just experienced including the US Election, the easing of Covid - 19 restrictions and daily cases of zero in Victoria, and how to grapple with social anxiety as we enter this new stage. We finished off the episode with a light hearted segment discussing Thirst Trapping through social media posts and what this looks like in today’s age! As usual you will hear a number of hilarious stories and gain some insights from your two best friends, Seb & Soph! Remember to have a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy! Xx
Nov 6, 2020
37 min
Year 10 Gone Wild
Welcome to our first podcast episode - we’re so happy to have you! Today we wanted to introduce ourselves, and take a journey down memory lane to reminisce on old times. Year 10 was a strange but hilarious period of teenhood that deserves some recognition. Enjoy the episode! Love Seb & Soph xx
Oct 23, 2020
36 min