Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine
Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine
Justin McElroy, Dr. Sydnee McElroy
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Intriguing, funny and educational
I CANNOT get enough of Sawbones! I started listening about 6 months ago. Started from the beginning and I’ve jumped ahead to a few current episodes. Sydnee and Justin are hilarious pairing for these discussions! I love learning about medical history and Justin’s humor just adds a wonder level to the podcast.
I fell in love with Sydnee’s shenanigans with Justin on TikTok and thought to give Sawbones a try. I’ve binged a dozen episodes and have yet to find one that isn’t captivating. If you miss Drunk Science or like wacky medical history, you should definitely give Sawbones a try.
Legit Annabeth Chase
Love the vaccine episode!
And now I’m officially hooked. It’s crazy that someone can admittedly be a huge fan of your show, but give you a one star review anyway because your episode debunks the Facebook conspiracy theories they’re clinging to for dear life. Next time they get on VAERS to “research” all of the COVID vaccine deaths (🙄), I hope they read the disclaimer they clearly ignored the first time around. This podcast is pro-science and fact-based. Not sure what would make someone think it would be anti-vaccine ( or anti-common sense). You cannot have an opinion that contradicts the truth. Your “viewpoints” are irrelevant unless they’re based in reality. Facts don’t care about your feelings, remember? If you aren't capable of hearing an opposing political opinion without throwing a temper tantrum over it, seems like you have a personal problem and I recommend lots of therapy. You can be a fan of a podcast and not agree with every single opinion presented. You’ll be ok. This is a MEDICAL podcast and you’re listening to it in the middle of a pandemic. Of course they’re going to discuss COVID. If you’re truly so tired of hearing about it, listen to a podcast on carpentry or bee keeping or mushroom foraging. But you won’t because then you’d have nothing to complain about and you’d lose one more vehicle to spread misinformation. You know who is especially tired of COVID? The healthcare workers cleaning up the messes you and your little QAnon friends are making, the people who have lost their loved ones to a virus whose transmission is so easily interrupted, but isn’t because of people like you who simply choose not to do the bare minimum. America first, amirite?! You’re tired of hearing about COVID? Know what would end this nightmare for you and the rest of us? GETTING VACCINATED, YOU ABSOLUTE WALNUTS! As a scientist, I LOVE that this podcast exists and I hope you never stop doing what you’re doing. Recommending to all my friends who are OVER the constant regurgitation of misinformation.
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I love spinach!
I checked out the Sawbones book at the library not knowing it was a podcast. I joined up and was not disappointed. Their podcast is very informative and I like the topics, the more obscure and Victorian, the better! I also love spinach!
Up to date medical information in a funny podcast
History of medicine and healthcare told in an entertaining format. Information on Covid 19 is up to date and based on medical science not politics. For the review below....Vaccines are the way out of this. That is a true statement. No other viewpoints are needed.
Funny and informative
I love this show!
Love you guys
I do.
cbag 1
Getting Vaccinated
Love the show you guys, writing a review to let you know that I’m getting my first COVID vaccine dose this Thursday, I believe it is the Moderna.
Good historical information, yet too one-sided
I like to follow Sawbones to see how I can relate to viewpoints that I either already support or have yet to learn about. Today’s episode on April 20th, 2021–“Vaccine Verification”—borders on brainwashing. “The vaccines are our way out of this...I want to hug people when I see them and shake their hands.” You’re naively optimistic to think that everyone would agree with you that the vaccine is an inevitability for every person’s future, not to mention how much lying and censorship has been occurring about COVID-19 deaths, COVID-19 vaccine deaths, and the “emergency use” of this vaccine, putting all who receive it in the trial group. Post more episodes that consider other viewpoints.
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this podcast is part of my personality now
i am equally proud and embarrassed over how dedicated i’ve been to this podcast for the past 3 years.
love this podcast, thank you!
My son told me about your podcast and I really have enjoyed listening. Your subjects and insights are great! Have you done a pod about Kratom? If you have, I’ll look for it if not, I’d love to listen to what you think about it.
I am a fan and you don’t owe me anything.
I love your show. It is a great color commentary on medical history. Talk about what ever you like, it is your show after all. I am a firm believer that creators don’t owe their fans anything. I enjoy what you make and that should be enough.
time killler
I’m here for the HISTORY......
I LOVE it! But pleeeease drop the politics and endless COVID episodes. I really appreciate this show and you make it funny.
random name ~
Humerus take on medical history
As a training physician, I’m always looking for series to entertain while fulfilling a desire to remain intellectually engaged. Sawbones strikes a unique nerve in that regard and I find myself laughing hysterically at the give and take of the McElroys. It’s great for my commute and makes the cut to continue listening in a lengthy list of science podcasts.
Love the show
Learned so much about medicine listening to you two. Thanks from Turkey!
Funny, fun, informative!
Fair crits on weird audio mixing sometimes, but as for the rest of the one star reviews... not doctors’ fault “scientific facts are true” is suddenly FAR LEFT MADNESS. Jeez.
GAMER DANGER and other delights
I’m always so excited to see a new episode come out and the latest one didn’t disappoint! Justin talking about the silly AND neat things where gaming overlaps w medicine and Sydnee bringing in a ton of giggling laugh moments was just the best. Always look forward to a fresh episode and always end up loving it. They’re great and will (probably!) leave you with new tidbits of knowledge, a lot of new context and appreciation for how far we’ve come (and sometimes how far we have to go), and a smile on your face.
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Mikhel H
Oh no, gamer danger
I love the McElroys and I love Sawbones. It’s one of my very favorite podcasts. I learn so much and I love how Sydnee makes things relevant to today’s modern life. But please don’t let Justin do another episode 😂 I’m kidding! Happy birthday Sydnee!
I love this, I’m binging it right now, and am on the Patent Medicines episode at the moment. I love this so so much! I have been having trouble finding a podcast with lots of episodes to listen to, and I’m so so so so so (SO!) glad I found this! It’s hilarious and informative and it’s super interesting and entertaining. It has so many episodes and I’m so glad it’s still going today!!! Everyone should 100% listen to this and I love it so much. I’m just gonna keep saying the same things over and over so I’m gonna stop writing now, and you start listening to it now, ok?
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Mooie the Artist
Love It
As someone who trusts science and evidence based approaches to medicine, I love listening to Justin and Sydnee rip in to charlatans and snake oil salesman. The show is also genuinely funny. When Sydnee laughs at Justin, you can hear her love for him in her laugh. I think that is my favorite part of the show.
Skewed view point!
Listening to everything said about the COVID-19 epidemic leads me to believe that anybody but who believes different than them are just jerks! No longer interested in this podcast!
So happy you’re still podcasting
I was a regular listener in the beginning of your podcast. Then with life changes I went several years without podcasts. Today I started listening again and remembered how much I loved you. So happy my to have you in my ear holes again.
Funny and entertaining
Easy to listen to. Great back and forth. Very funny and entertaining.
Ridiculously funny
I’ve been to this podcast like several times and this is hilarious I’m talking about this podcast but this podcast is hilarious
da real savannah
Life Changing!
I started listening in high school. I almost have my Bachelors in Public Health now! Thank you Sydney (and Hoops) for always inspiring me to care and stay curious even when I’m tired and angry. This show has also given me countless historical tidbits to bring up in convo with public health ppl but also anyone.
My first!
Sawbones was my first introduction into anything McElroy, and I cannot express my gratitude for finding this family and all the joy they bring to so many!
Harm Reduction
Thanks for talking about Harm Reduction!
Interesting info
Enjoy the topics and Sydnee’s medical knowledge
Great podcast
Highly recommend!
larry e smith
He brings the funny, she brings the knowledge
I love this podcast; it’s a fun mix between knowledge and humor, and presented in an accessible way to us laypeople who aren’t up in medical knowledge.
My go-to, feel-good (or bad) learn-one-thing-a-day awesome podcast!
I’ve been a listener since 2016, I actually feel guilty I haven’t written a review yet. Sawbones is one of my favorite comfort shows and I’ve gotten so many of my friends and family into listening. It’s so cool to know there are so many other weird medical history buffs out there. I can’t thank Justin & Sydnee enough for all the fun and HOURS of knowledge/content they’ve brought over the years. I’m going back to school to study medicine this year and so much of it is attributed to people like Dr. Sydnee McElroy. Strongly recommend this show to all life-long learners, medical historians, #entomologists, geeks, weirdos, anyone who likes to know cool stuff and laugh while you learn it - Start from episode 1, I promise it is worth it!
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New Listener
Someone recommended this podcast to me and I really like it!
It’s fun and informative!!!
Love them! It’s a fun twist on learning! Don’t care for the political stuff but it’s not a reason to stop listening. They’re awesome 🤗
Used to be my favorite...
This podcast used to be my go-to favorite podcast, I listened to every episode, and I recommended it to friends. I love history and medicine, hate politics, and have fairly similar personal views as Justin and Sydnee; so this podcast checked a bunch of the major boxes. I’m not sure where it started, but I think sometime between episodes 250 and 300 they started to get political, and it has only gotten worse since then (especially once covid hit). I obviously can’t speak for they, but they now seem to view it as their moral duty to bring their personal views into every episode (again, most of which I agree with). If I wanted politics (and current events) though, I would just turn on the news. Unfortunately it is now not uncommon for political quips to be sprinkled throughout, and for the last ten minutes of an episode to be political (ranging anywhere from strong criticism, to scathing rant). It makes me frustrated that such a good podcast with a sole focus on history and medicine is now becoming yet another podcast focused on the views and opinions of the hosts (which are already so common), not the content it purports to focus on. I have friends that I recommended this podcast to in the past, and now all I want to do is apologize for recommending a podcast that has gone downhill so much. I really do hate having to find new podcasts to fill my time, but I’m really just writing this review because I miss the old Justin and Sydney. If you guys read this, I miss the lightheartedness of your podcast (it always ends on a downer now) and I miss getting pulled into a story with no political strings attached. I also hate the fact that I am giving you one star, it feels like a betrayal because of all the joy and knowledge I received from your earlier episodes, but given the current episodes being produced, I can’t justify anything higher...
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the original DrQuicksilver
Great Podcast!
I just discovered this podcast and am listening from the beginning! I’m only on episode 80. In a way I’m glad I’ve only just discovered it cause now I can binge listen!!!
pls more old episodes
this show used to be excellent until they changed to talking about current events. not trying to get my news from podcasts I’m here to learn about things that don’t matter
Thanks for the COVID & vaccine info!
Glad that you are educating all of us about COVID & the vaccines! I have enjoyed your podcast and the usual light hearted touch that you give to your many subjects. However, I am so grateful that you are taking the time to address the current COVID concerns. It is hard to find such a sensible and science based approach in the wider media. And you make it all so easy for the layman to understand. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
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Lily 364
Interesting and fun
I’m new to the show and am starting from the beginning. I’m still in their 2014 episodes but there is so many interesting stories and funny observations. I just listened to the story of how they had Charlie, which was very powerful and made me on edge, even though I know it turns out okay. Loving it so far.
Absolutely Fantastic
Long time listener and fan! Dr. Sydnee and Justin got me through the stress of two pregnancies and a phd. Their honesty, humor, and wisdom are a delight. I appreciate the way they’ve showed up to the present moment over and over again while also making me laugh on a regular basis. Keep it up!
I think they have gotten good again
They have gotten past all that political jargon, I'm a 13yo and I like to just have a laugh and make fun of the old timey medicine. I believe that talking about COVID is tiring but I think it’s important. I’m glad that they are doing their old thing and I love this podcast either way. I listen to this with my mom who’s a midwife and we have some interesting conversations. Also can you guys do a special on the hbo max movie an American Pickle or some other medicine related movies, I really enjoys the home alone and osmosis Jones. I love you guys!
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Used to be great. Now it’s like watching the news.
Used to be Hilarious and informative. I bought their book! I listened with my family! Now it’s their opinions on political parties. I can’t listen to that any more! Now that your candidate is in office maybe you can get back to the good stuff? We are all tired of freaking covid topics. I know y’all aren’t dry, boring people. Or you didn’t used to be.
Jenny Pattilo-Ham
Too much Covid talk
You make me sad, not happy now.
My Psychology Teacher Recommends
I recently started my psychology class and our professor mentioned that we would be talking about old medical practices. She asked if anyone knew about the 4 humors. I immediately responded and we went off on a conversation about old medicine. Then she recommended sawbones. And I got SO EXCITED bc I had been listening to sawbones for like a year when she said that. I LOVE this podcast. Keep at it you funky lil nerds! Thanks for getting me ahead in my psychology class!
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no brain only podcasts
Big fan
I very frequently ask my friends and family “hey, do you wanna hear something gross and cool?” because of this podcast. they’re not HUGE fans of that, but I think it’s neat :) I got the book and the pin! I love that you recently started doing more lighthearted episodes AND that you helped me understand a lot of things that are being talked about right now. Not wanting millions of people to die preventable deaths isn’t politics, it’s humanity. Keep it up.
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Hilarious, Informative, Sweet
This is a wonderful show with two wonderful hosts.
I have an autoimmune disease called Wegener’s Granulomatosis. It would be cool to hear someone with knowledge on the condition talk about it.
I’ve given this podcast a try for the last four months. The hosts are more keen to present their far left agenda than disseminating practical medical information. It’s a shame, because on the rare occasion the pair discusses medical issues, it is informative and entertaining.
Nebraska Joe
Goood listen
It’s too bad that some people don’t believe politics do not influence medicine. It’s unfortunate during a pandemic people do not want to learn what they need to know to survive calling it “politics” Walter up and learn
eddie nieves
Sawbones: a martial arts podcast
I just always think it’s gonna say that but it don’t. Anyway I think it’s neat.
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