Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers
Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers
Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers
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Same, miss you guys!
I haven’t logged on in awhile and I’m sad to see the last post was October 2020, I’m listening, miss this! Hope you boys come back soon, love the new book Blake just put out, so at least I have that. Thanks boys!
Hope all is well
Here we are in December and I’m missing those Saturday Night Sleepovers. You guys have been a ray of light during these dark times. More than missing the podcast, I simply hope all is well and you enjoy the holidays. Thank you for all your wonderful, enlightening, and engaging work. And thanks for always putting a smile on my face. Much love and gratitude to both of you, Tom Loewy Davenport, Iowa (a former proud New Yorker)
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Tom Loewy
1hr 12 m into Poltergeist
Let’s talk about the movie itself for a little bit. Yep, sums up this podcast perfectly. 😃
Too much banter
These guys are way too chatty. They laugh at their own dumb jokes. They have no clue what they are talking about.
Great for deep dives into movies including information about tie-in novels that nobody else talks about. Dion and J. Blake know their stuff and are fun to listen to. Yeah, they get off on tangents sometimes leading to long episodes, but even those tangents lead to interesting and entertaining information. I’ve listened to a lot of movie podcasts, and this one of the most engaging and entertaining. Also, read their books. Cheers!
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Great movie pod
Love this pod. Great selection of movies from growing up. You can tell the guys really care and put a lot of time and attention into each episode. The only thing that can be a little challenging for me is when J. Blake is trying to set the record straight and Dion continues to talk over him. It’s ok to just chill sometimes, Dion.
New jam
J. Blake is an auteur! Highly enjoyable and informative. I signed on for the 3 hour Changling extravaganza because, weirdly enough, I just watched the film for the first time two days ago. Better late than never! BTW. Get the book Scored to Death! Guaranteed to be dog eared in six months.
Only one bad thing about this amazing podcast
They still have yet to do the greatest sleep over movie of all time “Aliens” !!! These two dudes get me through many runs while I’m deployed in Iraq away from my family! Love y’all
A really, really, really great podcast!!!!!!
Really love this podcast! I spend an hour and a half on the bus, to and from work, so listening to this podcast makes the time go by smoothly. You guys are funny and very informative on the the films you guys talk about from behind the scenes to the stories itself. Keep on, keeping on!
Like hanging out with old friends!
If you like genre movies but get bored with the lifeless presentation that a lot of other movie shows offer, check out this show out. I started listening a couple years ago because they covered some movies that I love, but now I listen to every single episode because of the hosts, whether I've seen the movie or not. They're just regular guys who love movies. There are tangents and digressions aplenty, but because the guys are so fun and very clearly real life friends, it makes the show more enjoyable. That's not to say that they don't take it seriously. They obviously put a lot of effort into gathering as much info as possible about the movies they cover. And they don't just cover the 80s gems that everyone else covers - They talk about 60s and 70s movies and even old Hollywood in general. And when one of them isn't a fan of the movie they're covering, they're always respectful and honest about why they don't love it. If you want a boring information dump, look elsewhere. But if you want to hear a fun conversation about awesome movies, definitely check out the Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers podcast!
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Hit and miss
I love the premise, love the subject matter, I love what they do, and generally enjoy listening. But the amount of misinformation that gets thrown around stresses me out sometimes, particularly the recent Oz episode. Wrong names, wrong dates, etc. and no fact checking. Also, I like a good long podcast but some editing would be beneficial.
Hip Young Gunslinger
Biggest fan!
Dion and J. Blake I can’t say enough about these guys! 5 STARS! One of the best movie podcasts out there. Good mix of genres, great discussions, awesome social media interaction, great fan service, great research and knowledge on the topics. If you like movies then this is a must listen!
One of the best movie podcasts out there
Everyone says that, but in this case it’s true. There’s a reason why these podcasts are +2 hours long; they are packed with great info. From casting to production history to deleted scenes; these guys talk about EVERYTHING. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
Best Podcast
Hands down, my favorite nostalgic movie podcast, my favorite movie podcast, my favorite podcast period. I've listened to them all and always look forward to this one the most. It reminds me of hanging with my buds and talking movies. Only wish they put out more.
A second (and well-deserved) shout out for this fantastic podcast
I wrote a five-star review for this terrific podcast back in August of 2016, and I'm happy to report that nearly three years later, I still find it highly entertaining and enjoyable. As always, hosts Jay and Dion have real chemistry and an obvious affection for each other and, of course, for the films they review. They have a gift for keeping the show loose but not sloppy, informative but not esoteric, and thoughtful but not academic. They also bring a personal touch to the format by sharing their childhood memories of watching the films being discussed. I can't say I listen to every single episode, but I can say I really enjoy every episode I do listen to. HIGHLY recommended.
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Q. Dunne
Great Film Podcast
Dion and J.Blake are so much fun to listen to. Every episode is informative, and entertaining. Highly recommended to any cinephile.
Click and Clack meet Siskel and Ebert... but better!
These guys are fantastic! Join them as they relish in their complex and informed appreciation on the cinema, articulated through the lens of film school nerds, and with the enthusiasm of fan boys. Such a great series!
A great way to reminisce
It is fun to relive movies from my formative years with these guys. And once in a while I learn of a movie that fell between the cracks. I enjoy the chill vibe and film knowledge imparted by this podcast.
Greg Stones
Movie from my era and more.
If you are an 80's kid. This movie podcast is for you.
Lewis Longshadow
Lotsa fun--lotsa facts
These guys LOVE films. They do their homework, and they find angles on movies that I hadn't realized before. And they connect them to other films, too, from other eras. Great stuff.
I love this podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I listen to it every week. They way Dion and J. Blake wax nostalgic about movies of their youth takes me back to when I was young and watching these movies for the first time. Any listener who grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s will enjoy it.
Fun Movie Podcast
Entertaining and informative podcast mostly focusing on movies from the 80s. The hosts are knowledgable and are obviously huge movie buffs. Highly recommend!
Hunter, FL
Great commentary but hosts are racist right wingers
And that’s a shame that they have to bring it into their otherwise decent recaps. They defend racists “because they’re old” or “have phobias about people other than themselves” - are you kidding me? They also proudly state some tenuous connection with Megyn Kelly, former Fox News host and propagandist - who would even ADMIT that??? In the review for Falling Down, they repeatedly state that being horrified about a mass shooter is “PC.” This podcast won’t ever go anywhere due to the messed up views of the hosts, and that’s a shame because they have interesting facts about the movies they review. Unfortunately, these people are sad and gross (see: defense of racists). They chastise “everybody has an opinion because anyone can write a blog post” - what, exactly, do they think they are doing shoving their political crap on listeners, with their “access to podcast?” This is a movie review podcast, not a way to show off your ignorant beliefs about ‘Murcia. I can’t even.
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Total recall
This the best movie podcast out there. Please do total recall.
A big bucket of fun!
I’ve been listening to this podcast from almost the beginning and it never disappoints. Dion and Blake are not only two great hosts ,but great guys who are happy to touch base with their fans. They discuss an array of genres and do their homework on the making of the movies and give their own knowledge of movie making. I enjoy listening to the back stories on how these films were made and their recollection of when they first saw them. It brings back great memories of when I was young and would have sleepovers with my buddies. I highly recommend kicking back with a few beers on the weekend or if you can listen to with headphones at work and enjoy the ride.
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Jay from Maryland
I love this show.
Feels like talking about movies of all genres, eras, and languages with your really knowledgeable friends. Then a bunch of your friends leave and it’s 3 am and you’re still up and that one friend who doesn’t want to go home is still there so you can get down to talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Excellent resource for revisiting the classics
I have a long commute to and from work every day but this podcast makes me look forward to the drive. Nothing like waxing nostalgic about a time when mainstream movies were actually watchable. My first job was as a clerk working in a video store, fixing VHS tapes and cleaning DVDs, so this stuff is very important to me and thousands of other listeners out there. Keep cranking out the episodes, guys!
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Masters of Nostalgia
In Kubo and the Two Strings, Monkey tells Kubo that memories are powerful things. Dion and Blake wield that power like the Merlins of sleepover cinema. Each episode awakens memories of when kids could go on adventures, phones that were also minicomputers were only in Sci-Fi movies, and we believed Superman could fly without the use of CGI. Each episode is packed with not only movie facts and trivia, but also the insight into how and why these films were an influence to the guys. Truly fun and informative, I enjoy each trip back into my childhood and the cherished memories that go along with the featured film. You owe it to yourself to listen.
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Thanks J Blake and Dion
Somehow it took me this long to write a review, though I've been listening to this podcast for at least a year and a half. This podcast features great lighthearted banter between two 30-something movie buffs. Discovered the podcast through their shoutouts and "commercial" on F This Movie podcast. Every now and then there will be a period of time when obscure Italian horror films dominate the episode releases, but I appreciate their unique perspective, and deep appreciation for film and friendship.
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Great Show!
This is really a great show! The passion of the hosts comes through on every episode. Some folks argue against longer shows, but I love it. It's one of the things unique about the podcast medium. I've been educated and hipped to a number of great movies through this show which is exactly what I hoped for. The emphasis on John Carpenter is appreciated! Love the knowledge and nostalgia of the hosts. -Justin from Sushi Jackknife
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Fantastic. Thoughtful. Fun.
What a great podcast! I'm so glad I discovered these folks via the WRONG REEL podcast. These guys really know their stuff and the stream of consciousness style really adds levels of interest as they go along. A must for film lovers.
Great discussion
These guys are very off the cuff and casual but they know their stuff.
This could be me-love it.
Holy, this podcast brings me back. And I mean that in the most positive sense. The guys are real people with a real love for the films they review and most importantly have a love for the era, the 80's or maybe early 90's. The assides and stories, related and unrelated to the films are great and entirely relatable to those of us raised in the 80's and 90's. Thanks for all you do.
Charles Martel III
Fun and Positive Movie Podcast
A lot of times movie reviewers feel the need to just lay on the negatives, especially with genre or b-movies. I like that they're genuine in their enthusiasm for the movies. It doesn't mean that they fail to look at certain negatives from the movies, but they focus on the good qualities, so that you can enjoy the nostalgia even with movies you didn't grow up with. You also get a lot of background info without it sounding tedious and pedantic.
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Christopher from VA
Great podcast! Great memories!
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. From The hosts to the films its highly entertaining and a great listen.
This podcast is required listening for all hardcore cinephiles and movie freaks.
Movies are my great love. When I first got into podcasts, I went through probably a dozen movie podcasts before finding this one. I believe it is the best of the bunch. The hosts, J. Blake and Dion share often touching personal experiences with the movies they highlight and also appear to have done exhaustive research on them. The guys are refreshingly down to Earth. While they are providing you with tons of information and interesting critiques, they never talk down to their audience: this was a nice change after trying out a podcast before that couldn't help but bloviate obnoxiously about "anti-intellectual people in the middle of the country." In the last episode I listened to J. mentioned that he worried the podcasts went on too long. I say I love the long episodes! Better to talk too much than come to an abrupt end!!! My favorite podcast. Thank you for making my exercise time bearable, Alice
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A Movie Podcast Fueled by Love and Passion
Relaxed intsead of rambling, knowledgable instead of stuffy, personable instead of pedantic, Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers evokes the feeling that the title suggests, while still digging deep into its subjects. The two hosts are obviously longtime friends and that familarity and connection helps welcome the listener into the show. Their love and passion for movies shows itself in how much the duo can cross-reference directors and actors and even cultural events that fit the time frame being discussed. And, what is really refreshing, is that the show has a positive energy. Even when J. and Dion are critical of something, they don't stoop to pettiness or snarkiness. This is about loving movies, not lording over them, and I hope that any fledgling movie lover stumbles across this podcast to experience sincere love for film.
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Two Engaging guys bringing nostalgia abound!
I am a child of the 80's being born in '78. The discussions Dion & Jay have are what I had with my friends growing up and would today. It's great to listen to the conversations they have about topics I'm invested in. Listening makes me feel like I know these two growing up together with a love of the same movies & toys and all. Just fun nostalgia.
My favorite movie podcast
Jay and Dion bring the fun and supply the flicks other movie podcasts seem to pass over. Being from the same generation, it's great taking a walk down memory lane with these fellas. They've also been an inspiration of sorts to start a podcast of my own with my buddy, PsychotroniCast. Keep up the good work dudes!
These podcasts are lots of fun, and do a good job of contextualizing these films within their eras (especially since the hosts grew up in the 80s & 90s; they were often introduced to the movies in their youth, and it's interesting to hear their experiences both then and now). My only quibble is technical: one host has a habit of speaking at a regular volume, and then suddenly quieting his voice, which makes him hard to follow (ironic, given that he is--I think--a sound editor). Otherwise, very enjoyable.
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Alumni Drive
awesome podcast!!
All the episodes are great!!!(Id imagine even the Grease episode but im assuming because I hate that movie and won't listen to it)So many great movies reviewed.So much Carpenter(MORE PLEASE)Such a great listen!!!
Love this podcast!
This podcast is hilarious and very informative!
Love this show!
Great show. If you love movies, especially ones that hit you with that sweet nostalgia feeling then this is the show for you. J Blake and Dion are dedicated to detail, exploring everything from behind the scenes of each movie to its history and impact on cinema. So dedicated to their craft they will even eat two decade old cereal(sealed of course) pertaining to the movie being discussed. Of course by their own admission they thought this idea to be unwise. Love this podcast and you will too.
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Amazing Podcast!
I just started listening to Blake and Dion's podcast "Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers" and it really feels like I'm with my friends late at night talking about the movies we loved growing up. Every episode you get some history, a synopsis, some opinions and some jokes that'll have you dying. My favorite episode so far is The Neverending Story episode. It's my favorite movie but I learned a lot of facts I had no clue existed before listening to this. Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers is so much fun to listen to. You'll find yourself marathoning each episode and you won't regret it.
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Great Casting...
Love the idea, I remember the Late Saturday night, watching Movies, sleeping in front o the TV. VHS rentals, Video store Specials. These guys have fun talking about movies, and Eating 26 year old Batman Cereal. @Tombstone4Everr
Glory Days of VHS
This is not a VHS specific podcast. But if you grew up in the glory days of VHS then you have an idea of what you're getting here. I listen to pretty much only movie podcasts and movie review/discussion shows and SNMS is one of the most fun and least pretentious shows you're likely to find. Granted, I can't speak for all of the podcasts out there. J. and Dion are obviously true fans and it shows in their passion, excitement and trivial knowledge of a library of both cult and popular films. It's a joy to visit the show every week because it brings me back to childhood. I highly recommend giving them a listen!
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Makes no apologies for nostalgia!
I listen to several movie podcasts, but Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers is the one that most closely captures the feeling of discovering life-long treasures during childhood. During college I tended to focus on watching more "serious" films, but prior to that I grew up in a household that contaned over 1000 VHS tapes and no irony. Between the podcasts and FB posts, no one has ever really celebrated so many forgotten movies. If you have a special place in your heart for Harry and the Hendersons or Ernest Saves Christmas, but also appreciate master like Carpenter, this is your podcast.
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Saturday night movie sleepovers is one of the very few podcast I look forward too. A podcast by movie buffs for movie buffs
Ernest & Impassioned
It’s a joy to hear true movie devotees who can speak with such humor and eloquence. It feels like you’re hanging out with these guys watching movies over pizza & beer. Well done.
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