San Jose Sharks Official Podcast
San Jose Sharks Official Podcast
San Jose Sharks
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I’ve been a Sharks fan since the ups and downs. Win or lose always will believe in teal. Let’s bring the cup to SJ this year!
Minus Aj
Guys I can finally start listening to you folks. When AJ is part of the show all one hears is his talking aver everyone. I noticed his name was not on the show description so I took a listen !! A good well Balanced show. Please ask AJ AND HIS OVER BLOWN EGO TO STAY IN EUROPE. John Donovan
food broker
Great app
Thank you for the work you put in the podcast. This is my first downloaded podcast and I am pleased.
SJS Fan in San Diego
Pretty much the only thing missing here is video, but radio does fine. Updates all the time, very good podcast.
Go Sharks!
These podcasts are great...behind the scenes recaps...and, done by all the great sharks announcers...I listen to this all the time...Thanks...and, keep up the great work!
sharks rule
the sharks team is alsom there is nothing in these games that is not totley alsom
Andrew Torchia