Samantha Salomon Horsemanship
Samantha Salomon Horsemanship
Samantha Salomon
Discussions on horsemanship, riding, training, body awareness and intention.
Fostering Connection with Your Equine Partner
How to foster connection with an equine partner.
May 26
5 min
Separation Anxiety for those Left Behind
How to help a horse with separation anxiety who is left behind.
May 10
3 min
Conditioning the Older Trail Horse
How to get a horse who has been out of work for sometime onto the trail and in shape.
May 7
4 min
Hard to Catch Horses
How to catch the hard to catch horse.
May 5
6 min
Horse That Pushes Ahead When Leading
Question of the Day: How do you work with a horse that pushes ahead of you when you are leading him?In this episode, we talk about the difference between the horse following the feel of the rope and the horse following the person. We talk about how to...
May 1
6 min
Desensitization and Acceptance of New Stimuli
Question of the Day: What is the best way to go about desensitizing my horse to new stimuli? In this episode, we discuss different methods for desensitization. You will learn how to keep the horse’s curiosity alive and how to present new objects in a...
Apr 26
5 min
Question of the Day: My horse pulls back and is unsafe to tie. How do we get to where I can tie him confidently?In this episode, we discuss confinement panic and come to understand that a horse that pulls back is one that does not know how to relieve...
Apr 25
5 min
Spooky Horse
Question of the Day: My horses spooks at the trash can and other objects that are not dangerous. How can I get him over this? In this episode, we talk about helping a spooky horse gain confidence and not falling into the traps that can make his worry...
Apr 23
5 min
Leading the Anxious Horse Safely
Q&A with Samantha Salomon HorsemanshipSubscriber questions how to deal with her herd-bound horse that is out of control and dangerous. Discussion includes putting limits on anxiety and building both a stop and relaxation to make this horse more...
Apr 21
6 min
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