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The First Tax Season Ends but an Even Bigger One Begins
In this episode we talk about how 1st Quarter exceeded our expectations and became the largest R&D quarter in our history. We will discuss why 2nd Quarter’s expectation is even… read more →
Apr 14, 2014
20 min
Stop Cross Selling and Start Bundling – GMG SalesCast
In this episode we talk about the best way to “Cross Sell”.  Presenting yourself as one service rather then many helps many Advisors bridge the gaps and avoid the delays… read more →
Mar 20, 2014
27 min
4 Steps to Goal Setting and Accountability – GMG SalesCast
As we enter the end of the 1st Quarter it is an excellent time for self evaluation in a topic we hope many Advisors will find helpful. Are we on… read more →
Mar 10, 2014
30 min
The 4 Reasons for Our Best R&D Year Ever – GMG SalesCast
This year has kicked off as our best R&D season ever. Much of this is because of what I call “The Perfect Storm” for Manufacturers. Episode Topics Include: 4 Significant… read more →
Feb 24, 2014
13 min
Has the R&D Tax Credit Expired – GMG SalesCast
For Immediate Release: Has the R&D Tax Credit expired? Kendra Pelch interviews Ryan Maddock with important Advisor questions from the field. Ask a Question or Share a Story for an… read more →
Jan 27, 2014
9 min
10K Commission for Small Auto Dealership – GMG SalesCast
This episode focuses on Auto Dealerships, and how one Advisor made over $10K in commission off of one Auto Dealership. Listener Questions Including: What services are available for Canadian Companies… read more →
Nov 8, 2013
33 min
Preparing for Next Weeks Announcement – GMG SalesCast
This week we hear from Advisors in the field, as well as our own Ted Williams about Regional and National Partnerships. Jeremy and Ryan discuss the upcoming weeks including some… read more →
Sep 20, 2013
20 min
Special CPA Training Event – GMG SalesCast
Last week we had the opportunity to hold a national web conference for CPAs and CFOs on the value of Cost Segregation and R&D for their clients. This week we… read more →
Sep 16, 2013
1 hr 25 min
August Listener Q & A – GMG SalesCast
This weeks episode is dedicated to listener questions and answers! Ask a Question or Share a Story for an upcoming episode.  Open the GMG Savings App on your cell phone,… read more →
Aug 26, 2013
29 min
Special National Training Event – GMG SalesCast
This is an almost 1.5 hour long Special Training Event SalesCast covering: Important Upcoming Tax Deadlines GMG Mobile App – Newest Updates Special Event for Your Clients Coming in September… read more →
Aug 19, 2013
1 hr 21 min