Sales Secrets
Sales Secrets
Brandon Bornancin
So the question is this, how do entrepreneurial sales people like us, who have traditionally sold alone and used gut and intuition to hit their number, take their innate talents and begin selling using science, technology, and the secrets of thousands who have done it before---to crush their quota and change the world. That is the question and this podcast provides the answers.
Maximizing the Value of a Customer: A Casino’s Most Important Assets with Cory Morowitz at Morowitz Gaming Advisors
Customers are king and nowhere is that more apparent than in the casino and gaming industry. The retention and treatment of a customer can make or break a company. In this episode, managing partner Cory Morowitz talks about his experience consulting companies on the importance of the customer in the gaming industry.
Oct 17, 2019
22 min
How Successful Leaders, Lead with Transparency with David Karp at Numerator
Transparency is a buzzword but it’s still important. Great companies have figured out a way to be transparent but also be private. Transparency doesn’t mean telling everything but it does mean open and honestly. In this episode, David Karp talks about transparency and how great companies use this tool to be successful.
Oct 14, 2019
13 min
Secrets to Successful Account Management with Suneal Rao at
Account management has been around a long time but it’s changing every day. There are emerging trends that are forcing leaders of account management to change the way they do their job and it’s a good thing. In this episode, Suneal Rao talks about trends in account management and the secrets great companies are following to win with this important sales function.
Oct 10, 2019
20 min
How to Scale an Inside Sales Team with Jeff Knowlton at Softchoice
Inside sales is growing at incredible rates and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Many companies struggle to figure out how to change their typical outside sales motion to an inside sales motion. In this episode, Jeff Knowlton from Softchoice talks to us about how to effectively scale an inside sales team.
Oct 7, 2019
27 min
Engaging Employees in Times of Change with Sharlene Dozois at Cision
Change is hard. Nobody likes it but it is something that we all have to deal with every day in sales. In this episode, Sharlene Dozois from Cision talks about her experiences with change and how she’s managed teams through that change to be successful.
Oct 3, 2019
19 min
Moving from Question Selling to Insight Selling with Lori Langholz at BDO
Why do sales reps always want to talk about themselves? It’s because they are comfortable with that. It’s hard to learn about the customer, their problems, and their industry but that’s exactly what great salespeople do. They spend more time on the customer then they do themselves. In this episode, Chief Business Development Officer Lori Langholz talks to us about her discoveries of moving from a question-based sales to an insight based sale.
Sep 30, 2019
22 min
Three Enduring Sales Principles with Joe Haynie at JCI
We've all sold for a long time but many of us have not taken the time to step back and think about what are the principles that make us successful in our day-to-day selling. In this episode, Joe Haynie from JCI talks to us about three enduring sales principles that have shaped his career and help to make him a successful sales leader
Sep 23, 2019
2 min
How to Master Pre-Call Planning with Jeff Boyle at Cision
Pre-call planning is one of most important tasks we overlook in sales. Many sales reps want to simply get on the phone and do their thing, but more and more reps are finding that shoot from the hip approach is not working. In this episode, we dive into how Jeff Boyle from Cision coaches his team to think about pre-call planning: - Research the contact & their company - Check your CRM system - Explore on LinkedIn (Contact & Company Page) - Competitor overview - Plan for the call
Sep 23, 2019
21 min
Are You a Real Salesperson or Not with Bill Parry at AspenTech
There are a lot of salespeople in the world but not every salesperson really wants it. To win at sales, you have to dive deep into yourself and really decided if you want to really get better at what you do or not. Don’t talk the talk if you’re not ready to walk the walk. In this episode, we talk about how some of the greatest salespeople in the world are successful.
Sep 16, 2019
25 min
How to Support Frontline Sales Managers w/Natalie Bering @ServiceNow
Front-line managers are oft-forgotten and they shouldn't be. In this episode, Natalie Bering from Service now talks about how to support managers by coaching them, maximizing your 1:1 time with them, and focusing on their professional development.
Sep 12, 2019
26 min
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