Salad With a Side of Fries  Nutrition, Wellness & Weight Loss
Salad With a Side of Fries Nutrition, Wellness & Weight Loss
Jenn Trepeck
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Very Informative!
I learned a lot from listening to her podcast she goes into depth the topics such as will power and she is well informed. I also like the recipes she gives they turn out to be a delicious treat!
Jenn is such an amazing podcast host and has such great energy! She finds ways to talk about health in a fun and educational way without making the healthy lifestyle seem boring the way it may normally seem. I learned so much about health from Jenn’s podcast, which really helped change my lifestyle. I learned about benefits i never thought existed in foods, I learned eating healthy can also be delicious with the amazing recipes Jenn had to offer, I learned how to upgrade my morning routine, and so much more. The benefits I got are limitless. I will always continue to listen to Jenn’s podcast, learn from her amazing experiences, and take in her fantastic tips because she really does make a change!
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Tati someone
Jenn has such great energy and is so knowledgable!!!
Jenn is such an amazing podcast host! She is always sharing accurate information about such a wide variety of health and wellness topics. I also love how she’s so dedicated to sharing research-backed info to help debunk all of the misinformation that exists out there. She is also so upbeat and energetic!
Please listen to medical professionals
I was looking forward to listening, but it is really concerning to hear someone who is not a medical professional talk about GLP-1 drugs with massive amounts of misinformation and misjudgment. No, they are not for everyone, but they are a life-saving option for many people who qualify for these medications. I really hope any podcast listeners who actually need these GLP-1 medications know to listen to the medical experts regarding if they need them or not, and that they are able to avoid the unscientific fear-mongering on podcasts like this one.
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This woman is so uninformed. Painful to listen to
Jen is Awesome
Jen is amazing. Love her educational and inspirational podcast!
Clean Eating Clarifying
Loved this episode and the clarity put around it!
Melissa - The F.E.E.L Podcast
Love this show!
I'm so glad I learned about this show! Jenn covers interesting topics that will help listeners learn about their health and wellness so they can live their healthiest lives. Definitely Subscribe-worthy show!
Karen Schwab
A must listen podcast!!
Jenn is a host that packs in as much value as possible. She knows her audience and asks the questions everyone wants to better understand. I recommend taking a listen. You’ll be glad you did.
Tracy Pleschourt
Getting better and better!
I have been listening for years and Jenn continues to top herself. Love the broad range of health information she offers.
Jenn is the best!
I recommend, everything Jenn recommends 💥🚀📈
The Best Health and Wellness Podcast Out There!!
Jenn delivers tons of super helpful information and makes it digestible and easy to understand. I love her Nutrition Nugget series because you learn so much in just a couple of minutes. 10/10 recommend listening to and eating some Salad With a Side of Fries
Love it!
Best find ever!!! Share with people you care for!
Relatable, Realistic, Resourceful
Jenn is amazing at delivering a ton of information in an interesting and digestible way! Each episode has actionable tips, advice, and great easy-to-do takeaways that help me put my health first. Relatable, and perfect for anyone that wants to be realistically healthy!
Everything I’ve been looking for!
Jenn is amazing at sharing what’s factual and what is a myth. I love how she can speak intellectually while making things easy to understand too. Great show, great guests, worthy of a listen!
Inspiring and fun!
I love Jennifer’s down to earth, accessible approach to nutrition. She makes nutrition and eating healthfully easy to understand and fun to listen to! Nothing too high brow with perfect balance of information and humor. I highly recommend listening in!
Rebecca Terkelsen
What my stomach told me my ears should be listening to!
SWASOF is a GREAT podcast, differentiated from all the boring entrees Jenn Trepeck's upbeat personality and welcoming dimeanor! I LOVE how, as a fellow New Yorker, she gets RIGHT to the point and doesn't dance and dance and dance around a topic - wasting the listener's time. Definitely recommend!
Love love love
I always learn a ton from Jenn’s awesome nutrition tips. Her knowledge is amazing and I love how she breaks it all down so I really understand it all! Great podcast
Salad With a Side of Fries is the best podcast! Jenn uses her health coaching background and scientific knowledge to bring her audience the nutrition information we are supposed to know, but no one ever taught us . As a college student becoming more independent, I can’t tell you how many times I have thought to myself “Let me check Salad With a Side of Fries” before I try a new recipe or have a question on something! Every episode is filled with so much energy, realness, and beneficial information and I highly encourage everyone to give it a listen!!
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Good stuff
Is [insert food/exercise/habit here] healthy? Check out Salad with a side of Fries podcast. Jenn shares a knowledgeable, approachable, and entertaining guide to living a balanced and healthy life. Good stuff. Joanne, MSHN Executive Chef & Culinary Nutritionist
I Can Relate!
Not only a great name for a podcast, Jenn’s interviews really resonate with me. Growing up a chubby kid and now a fit(ish) adult that still has the kid’s inner voice running constantly, I appreciate the investigation of healthy vs. what we think is healthy. Keep it up!
Salad with a side of fries ....YUM
Knowledge is power. Straight forward. Excellent mix of real data and real experiences. Will plan to keep this one on my weekly deck. Thank you Jenn and team at Salad/fries for keeping it do-able, understandable and attainable. #real #livingit #saladwithasideoffries
Jenn brings a super healthy approach to tackling the many food dilemmas and issues we all deal with on a daily basis. Her energy and knowledge on the subject matter is infectious and will help you not only make smarter choices, but also give you a laugh along the way. ‘Salad with a Side of Fries’ is a refreshing spin on debunking all those food myths and wacky health tricks, while teaching us to not be so hard on ourselves!
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