Salad With a Side of Fries
Salad With a Side of Fries
Jenn Trepeck
Adulting is A Lot
1 hour 7 minutes Posted Sep 29, 2021 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

To say you have a lot going on might be the understatement of the century. We know! Because it's the same for us. With days packed from morning to night and feeling like we have responsibilities pulling us in all directions, it can be extra challenging to find time for our wellness. So how do we actually fit in the workouts, the grocery trips and all the things? Jenn shares her secrets of how she does it! From the mindset stuff to the very practical day-to-day tips, it's all here. Plus, Jenn answers your burning question of what an "off day" looks like! Honestly friends, adulting is a lot, but it's better for us now thanks to this episode.


  • Welcome back & welcome back, Lauren
  • Intro today’s topic
  • Adulting in the face of the pandemic & creating a new normal
  • Even when we don't feel stressed, there's a biological/chemical stress response
  • What suffers when we're overwhelmed
  • Overwhelm creates the need for an "off day"
    • What Jenn's "off day" looks like
    • What does your "off day" look like?
    • Different definitions of "off"
    • "Off day" food
  • Stretch Armstrong...a toy? or you?
  • The Venn diagram of life
  • How do we juggle all the balls?
    • Saying no & setting boundaries
    • paying attention to the signs
    • How we think about it all - one circle instead of the Venn diagram
    • Acknowledging our limitations, managing expectations
    • Enrolling the support of others to make it all happen
    • Logistics
      • Back-up foods (frozen, canned, delivery/restaurants)
      • Outsourcing & picking your battles
  • Choosing your downtime
  • The value of meditation
  • Pulling it all together
    • The hiker analogy
    • The bullseye of change

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"We all have different thresholds and over the last year and a half, our thresholds have changed." – Jenn Trepeck
"Are you busy? Or is your life full." – Jenn Trepeck
"What if it's a single circle, instead of a Venn diagram?"  – Jenn Trepeck
"Think about your back-up foods and outsourcing."  – Jenn Trepeck
"Sometimes done is better than perfect."  – Jenn Trepeck
"The slowest hiker determines the speed of the group. If there's an area of our lives we're neglecting, it's holding back the areas of our life we're focusing SO much on."  – Jenn Trepeck
"Everything is supporting everything else, rather than thinking each thing is taking away from something else."  – Jenn Trepeck
"Frozen broccoli is still broccoli."  – Jenn Trepeck