Salad With a Side of Fries
Salad With a Side of Fries
Jenn Trepeck
Our Most Important Ally (feat. Aly French & Erica Stein)
1 hour 28 minutes Posted Sep 22, 2021 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

When we focus on our health and our wellbeing, people around us often notice. And along the way we make new friends! Sometimes they start as the person at the gym you always say hi to and sometimes chat with but may not know their name. These can be some of our most important allies! This week Jenn chats with Aly French and Erica Stein of Courageous Wellness Collective and the Courageous Wellness Podcast. Talking about their stories, how their paths crossed and how that magic moment amplified their mission and impact. As a continuation of our "How to be a Wellness Ally" episode, you'll LOVE these stories and insights! 


  • Welcome back & intro today's topic
  • Meet Aly French & Erica Stein of Courageous Wellness Collective & Courage Wellness Podcast
  • Aly's story - from performing artist to cancer diagnosis and later health coach
  • Erica's story - from childhood food insecurity to weight gain, a career in TV production and later health coach
  • The magic of Aly & Erica's paths crossing, sharing their stories with each other
  • Talking & not talking about our journeys
    • The space created  by people who didn't know us "before"
  • The responses of those around Aly & Erica as they made shifts 
  • Staying true to ourselves & watching who shows up, who supports it
  • The friends who push us & support us
  • Aly's top tips on hormone health
    • Blood sugar
    • Infradian Rhythm
  • Erica's fundamentals of gut health
    • The microbes in your gut & your cravings, mood, anxiety
    • Just 3 days
    • Fiber
    • Breathing
  • Food insecurity & food access - what we all need to know & what we can do

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"I had never had my body talk to me so loudly and clearly about what it wanted." – Aly French
"Something shifted in me, acknowledging the intelligence of my body." – Aly French
"Food insecurity for a few years in childhood established cravings and patterns that continued far past those formative years." – Erica Stein
"I start to love and value and treasure myself, as I was, and then act from that place." – Erica Stein
"I didn't have any friends in my life that were interested in this." – Erica Stein
"There's value in sharing your gives others permission to destigmatize their own judgements of their own stories." – Aly French
"Illness or health challenges come in all different shapes and sizes, some are invisible, some are not...they all deserve compassion." – Aly French
"You can't dim your light for other people." – Erica Stein
“Just invite that person to a spin class or that gym acquaintance for a drink.” – Jenn Trepeck