RZIM: Let My People Think Broadcasts
RZIM: Let My People Think Broadcasts
Ravi Zacharias
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The Truth is Still True
Many people really hating on Ravi. What ever happened to hate the sin but love the sinner......to many people were following the man rather than following God using a man. No matter what this man’s shortcomings were, when he spoke Truth he was speaking God’s truth, HIS truth has not changed.
Mr. Joshua
RZIM just admitted that RZ abused women
RZ was a chronic womanizer and sexual abuser, and pressured people to not let it be public until his death. RZIM just admitted this past week that the evidence is clear. Don’t contribute to the legacy of abusers. There’s plenty of Godly apologists out there, and lots more pods to listen to
A Place To Find Yourself
Ravi’s messages are deep and thought-provoking. RZIM provides a place where you can find meaningful answers to life’s questions.
3rd LAR
A Definite Necessity for a Christian
This radio broadcast is a necessity for a Christian who wants to understand how to reach the heart of those around them with the Good News of Hope through Jesus Christ. It is also extremely educational for those who want to have a greater understanding of the coherence and corespondents of the Christian faith. I highly encourage any Christian of the burning heart to latch on, seeking the truth and ready to learn, as a giant of the faith steps us through how to think, so that we can process the culture in which we live, as well as know not just what answer to give, but how to reach the heart of the questioner for Christ.
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Vilean Musican
Love this podcast, has been of tremendous help!
Seek and thee shall find Him
Jesus is seeking you and there is no hiding from God. Man hasn’t the power to correct EVERYTHING wrong. Haven’t you wanted to change your life for the better? Are you wise enough, strong enough and patient enough? If you know you’re missing something and want peace and serenity, please pick up a Bible and begin by studying the word of God. He knows you and unconditionally loves you. Ask Him anything, tell Him anything. Jesus died for our sins and rose up from being DEAD!!! He is alive today and in the lives of anyone who asks Him to save them.
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Excellent , and a must have podcast.
Missing Dr. Ravi, and thankful for his legacy and for his team
Ravi the great
Endlessly inspiring
God Bless
Great place to grow as a Christian, Jesus loves you. God bless
God’s Word of Truth the only solution
Ravi’s messages continue to be relevant in these ideological times where the choices are so stark and where everything is political. Without the foundation of God and His truth no proposed solutions will work for the long term in our country no matter whose ideas are adopted.
Amazing Inspiration!
Am amazing witnessing resource! Ravi Zacharias was a man after God’s own heart! Dedicated his life to tell the world about His God, about his Savior and about Christianity! He was an inspiration to me!
Great podcast! P.S. If your looking for another Christian podcast that has great content and is funny, Checkout Hookline and Smiley, hosted by Bob Smiley Comedian and Sarah Smiley.
The Lord spoke through this man
The Lord really blessed us all when he drew Ravi to him.
Great preaching and apologetics 👌
One of my favorite podcasts Has helped me so much Try to listen everyday Love how many different podcasts are available for different questions and ages
Milkman1 Jesus saves
Let my people think
Ravi is such a gift for us all. I wish more people would listen to all his lectures. Thank you!
Eye opener
The soil of media images cultivates these new generations. To better understand them I listen to Ravi's talks “Mind Games in a World of Images”. As a disappointed, bewildered college professor and also as mentor/ friend to these younger people I offer this prayer: God draw them to you. Let them know you with eyes open and a thirst to “take up and read” your Holy Word.
Thank you
I wish we could have kept you a while longer but I’m happy that you are resting peacefully with God. I’m so grateful for your work.
Let my people think
Mr. Zacharias I am but a simple man but the words God gave you to speak has touched so many lives. Myself included. You inspired not only my curiosity but also in my taking action to spread the word of God. Although I have failed miserably in that endeavor I will carry on to finish the race that God has set before me. I write this for the living, and though they do not carry the much weight, it is my hope that God raises up another like you, A good and faithful servant
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The Best
The best apologist the Lord has placed on this earth to teach us biblical truth and challenge us to think correctly. Now Ravi is in the presence of the Lord, but his teachings will always lasts till end of time. Thank you Ravi.
Decades of listening
Ravi Zaharias’s eloquence when speaking truth and his ability to bring such clarity on the Gospels was inspiring for me. I first heard his voice on K-Love years before seeing him speak at Grand Canyon University in 2011. I have purchase several of his books. God brought Ravi into my life because I needed a question answered and Ravi answered it “Let My People Think and let Thinkers believe”.
Praise God for truth spoken
Wow! One of the best speakers and apologetic authors of our time. You want to find a man you loved Jesus and loves everyone, these podcasts are for you!
I inevitably find myself scrambling to find paper and pen to write down that nugget of truth that Ravi had just shared, so that I can then share it with others.
One of my very favorite podcasts!
Discipleship keeps a ministry going. RZIM is doing Great job in building on a solid foundation of Jesus Christ. We had a Paul in our midst. Ravi, has taught others well. RZIM is in God’s hands. He will lead RZIM in moving forward. God is Good to All, and his mercy is over all that he has made. Psalm 145:9 Fred Proch
Thank You
Mr. Zacharias, thank you for everything. You are a great spokesperson for the truth and love of God. Your work will continue to bring people to Jesus Christ for centuries to come.
Up And To The Right!
Baton has passed
Thankful for RZIM. Carry on!
Ravi, The Great Apologist
Ravi is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best apologist of our day. He will be greatly missed. A true thinker and unwavering believer. A person of great humility and one who truly cared about people. His understanding of the cultural issues of our time propelled him to connect those issue biblically so as to show how relevant the gospel is in our our day. His Q&A’s were second to none in how Ravi cared deeply for the questioner. Ravi will be greatly missed.
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Thank You Ravi
I thank God everyday for reaching me through Ravi Zacharias and his amazing gift. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this way Ravi. You will be sorely missed in this world. You blessed the lives of millions, including mine, and I know God has amazing plans for you in the next life. We love you Ravi! Well done good and faithful servant!
God bless Ravi
Thank you so much for all of your teachings and messages. I will always be grateful for you and your words. I’m praying for your family during this most difficult time. God bless you Ravi.
El Kabong9000
A true inspiration
Your amazing Ravi. May you rest in peace with the lord whom you love so much to devote half of your life to him. You are a true inspiration to us all and will always be honored and remembered.
Emmi Kolosov
A warrior for the people who loved well
He help guide me through so many tough times He will be greatly missed i always had to wait for him to break it down in simpler terms but always loved his intelligence May God be with the family in this tough time Gary l Geese
Defending God convincingly and gently.
Ravi encapsulates the balance of defending a good God in a broken world with logic, reason, compassion, stories, evidence, love, gentleness, and diverse examples. This series is a gift. Soak it up and be better for it. 1 Pet 3:15.
Thank you Ravi! For your humbleness & Teachings
You will be missed! Your legacy will live on!!!
He taught me how to think💕
Thank you Ravi. Bask in the Glory of Your God! Well done good and faithful servant💕 Family you’re in my prayers 🥰
A Thinking Person's Podcast About Theology
The stereotype of people parking their brain at the door when it comes to religion is debunked by Ravi time and time again.
Philip Heard
Thank you, Ravi
Thank you, Ravi and Margie for your faithful preaching and teaching ministry...sharing God’s word and Jesus Christ to the nations. You will be missed. Praying for Margie and family as you deal with the loss of faithful husband, and father.
Pat's Tunes2
Thank you Ravi and all at RZIM
Thank you Ravi for being a light of Christ in this world! Your words and life will forever be remembered as they continue to touch the lives of countless people around the world! Thank you to all who continue to carry out the ministry of RZIM and dedicate their time and lives to helping the believers think and the thinkers believe!
Thank you Ravi.
One and only you. The world will miss you. I will borrow your words. You are a friend of mankind. Although I never met you, I will miss you friend.
Thank You Ravi for your life long dedication
When I came to Christ 10yrs ago, I learned so much from listening and reading Ravi Zacharias books of Christian Apologetics. I was equipped to defend our faith in Christ when asked why I believe what I believe. I was honored to see him live at my church which was on my bucket list of things to do in life at a university so I was pleasantly surprised he was the guess speaker that Sunday. I will never forget you, thank you for blessing us with your life long dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ and helping transforming a generation of believers. Until we see you again in heaven😢🙏🏽. May 19th, 2020 Enter Into Glory Ravi Zacharias
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Mighty Lane
Ravi left an indelible mark in this world.
I just learned moments ago, that Ravi just passed away. I was so saddened to learn of this, but on a different note, I am completely confident that Ravi is loving his new zip code! Ravi knew the Word of God so very well, but most importantly, he knew the Author & Finisher of our Faith. Ironically, Injust listened to one of his messages (Feb 15th message). It so touched my spirit. Ravi’s speech was not only genuine, but filled with wisdom and conviction. I look so very forward to meeting him one day when our precious Savior calls me HOME.
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Be blessed
Faith, reason, wit, and loving kindness. It’s all here.
Top quality
Brilliant thinker
miller, S
Great Reminder
Ravi Zacharias does a magnificent job at reminding us of our own humanity and how to truly be humans in a world where we have forgotten how.
Insightful, in-depth,
Ravi challenges my perceptions and expands my thinking through his common-sense, in-depth thoughts. I have found his words to be scripturally accurate, and always respectful. His love and concern for all people is evident.
Great content but...
This is great, but you waste a lot of the time. The opening is like 2 minutes. The closing is 2 minutes. The sermon is divided up into multiple parts. I cant listen to it unless i have a hand free to constantly skip around to ACTUALLY hear Ravi speak. No intro or exit please.
I’m glad
So happy to be able to hear him.
blind now i see
Filling your mind with wisdom!
Ravi enraptures the listener as he weaves a carefully orchestrated argument for the Christian faith. Each podcast is a delight, bringing new insight and encouragement to us as we figuratively sit at his feet to listen as he speaks with gentle yet poignant words.
Bible loving mama!
Great! (Pls trim intro)
It’s just such a fantastic podcast for so many reasons! If I could kindly recommend you please trim the first 2 seconds of the into - that ‘CRASH’ is just soooo harsh on the ears when you accidentally have your car stereo up too loud.
Brian from Akron
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