Russian Rulers History Podcast
Russian Rulers History Podcast
Mark Schauss
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100% recommend!
I've spent the past year or so listening back through your episodes and I'm so grateful for your effort. The way you've divided up each episode has been very helpful in learning more about Russian history. Highly recommended!
Love it
It’s hard to believe that you’ve been able to do this for so long, so well. Thanks for all the content. You’re awesome.
This has been a good show that has delved into many varied aspects of historical Russia/USSR. I have used these episodes as a jumping off point for several books, very informative. The host obviously has a passion for Russian history yet maintains an objective outlook for time and place. I recommend this program.
No hipster
Solveig Valkonen
Thank you for a great podcast!
solveig valkonen
Wonderful Podcast for Russian Spectators
So sorry for your loss. Your knowledge, topics, and narrative is wonderful. I actually love your slight mispronunciations, so endearing. I do the same for French names.
Sad news.
My sympathies for your loss.
sugar ludes
Fantastic history podcast.
The wey he divides the history of Russia by its rulers is fantastic for me because it makes it easier tu understand and to follow.
Authentic storytelling
Love the history tales....Authentic and vivid. So sorry to hear about your daughter. Prayers and God's peace to you and your family.
Five stars!
Totally amazing. History is mind boggling. Well done podcast.
Great listen
Well done and very interesting! I listen every morning on my way to work!
huge thy htii hi io
Informative & Valuable
Mark does a very good job with this podcast. I have been thoroughly enjoying it...currently around 210. Everyone has biases. To assert otherwise is foolish. He very much tries to show many sides and provides his reasoning. The issue is Mark is honest with (displays) his bias and does not hide them, i.e. is not a hypocrite.
Taylor the Hunter
You lost me
I thought that this was Russian history and then he mentioned Trump.
comunists are murderers
Catherine The Great
If Russian History is your Guilty Pleasure, listen to this podcast!!🇺🇸
Great podcast!
Love the podcast. Listen to every episode. May you recommend though to finish them with the words “Spasibo za vnimanie” rather than “Spasibo Bol’shoe”. It means “Thank you for listening” and is normally used at the end of speeches in Russian. Спасибо за внимание.
Exceptional podcast
I have had the pleasure of listening to Mark’s podcasts from the very beginning. I particularly love the fact he comes out with more episodes in a month than he did years ago. He is passionate about the subject and the research he does is simply outstanding; so much so that on several occasions I’ve gone and found books he’s used in his podcasts to learn more. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning about Russian history.
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Outstanding, comprehensive history of Russia
This is a wonderful, far-reaching history of Russia from the very beginning of the Kievan Russ to the present era.
Interesting and Informative
Russian history's complex and multifaceted whole is broken down into bite-sized pieces so informative and entertaining, they keep my middle schooler's attention. Well done!
Fan of History
I enjoy the work Mark put into this podcast. I look forward to new podcasts.
CSKA Hockey Fan
Scott C
I’ve followed Mark’s Russian rulers podcast from the beginning and learned so much. Super enjoyable and informative. Ignore the bots on here downvoting. They know not what they do. :-)
Scott c62
Calm and reflective history teller
I don't always agree with Mark in his unnecessary commentary about US internal issues - that's not why he diligently studies and reports on Russian history topics. But those moments are rare and his storytelling is great - he quotes sources and tells you when he is uncertain of what happened centuries ago. I've listened to Mark for over five years and have a much better understanding of Russia than I did when I started listening to his podcasts.
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Marty in the Sierra Foothills
Making the complex and enigmatic understandable
Russia is a challenging topic especially for us in the West. The high peaks of successesand the horribly brutal lows are represented openly, constructively and thoughtfully.
Excellent podcast
He is knowledgeable, interesting and presents his wealth of knowledge in a clear and organized manner. Reherb88
Knows his subject and presents it well!
I've been listening to Mr. Schauss's podcast on and off for 6 years, since I was preparing for a trip to Russia in 2016. I've learned a lot and I've always appreciated Mr. Schauss's great knowledge, candor, nuanced opinions, and reliable sources! Excellent!
Wonderful Podcast
I never learned anything about Russian History in school but I have always been interested. I have learned so much of the history but also the back story of events. Anyone who likes to learn should follow Russian Rulers History Podcast
Russian Rulers
Mr. Schauss has put together a fine podcast for those of us fascinated with Russian history. For what he lacks in general production value (smoothness of delivery), he truly makes up for in sheer earnestness. The fact that he has close familial ties to some of the subject and is willing to bring those personal details into the narrative makes the podcast all the more interesting.
Rex Arcarius
Love this podcast!
I’ve been listening for years. I was going to move to Russia to teach English a few years ago so I found this podcast. I didn’t move to Russia but this podcast led me to take a Russian Studies class, and now a Russian literature class. Thank you so much for making this podcast and keeping us informed!
A Beloved Passion Project
I’m quite a big fan of Mr. Schauss’ podcast as it got me not only into Russian history but led me to other wonderful history podcasts. While, it doesn’t quite have the editing of some others, I still heard the passion in the way he talked about Russia’s past. I hope he is able to continue this project well into the future and help give a deep historical/cultural perspective on a country that it is easy to see as baffling on the surface. 2022 Update: ignore the one star reviews that refer to the creator as a propagandist. This man strives to be as objective as possible without completely denying his and his family’s experience.
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Been listening since 2014; I encourage listeners to listen for themselves
Thoughtful, comprehensive and very approachable. Until recently the reviews were generally 4/5 stars but as a long term listener I’ve seen an uptick in 1 star reviews recently. In my mind this short term trend in its ratings says a lot about the balance and thoughtfulness of the podcast in that it can suddenly generate such inconsistent and aberrant ratings at such a troubled time. Listeners should start at the beginning and enjoy the show for themselves and draw their own conclusions. I can only encourage listeners to give it a listen.
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Great Podcast
Very good podcast. Easy to listen to and understand.
Well researched, honest, thorough, pleasant, calmly and clearly read, good for bedtime too. Good sound quality, no ads, no fluff. Thank you!
Excellent podcast
It’s good!
Catch the Beat
Good, well researched information
Good, well researched information. Thank you for your podcast.
For someone with a vast knowledge of Russia, the host constantly takes an anti-Russian stance. Often reiterating propaganda as historical facts. Intermixing family tales for what can be considered non-informative segments and a personal bias against a nation. Take these episodes with a grain of salt for the truth lies somewhere between what he says and what he doesn’t say.
What a great history podcast! Thank you for dedicating so many years to this. There wasn’t much audio history to get through on really great Russian history and how I found your podcast. Balanced, thought out, researched. I hope for many more years to come.
Good solid history
A true scholarly look at WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!
Knowledgeable and relaxing
I enjoy listening to this podcast to relax. You can tell he loves Russia.
Spot on history, enjoyable content.
Although some find the exploration of monarchs and leaders to be tiresome, this podcast makes exploring the Great, rich, and sometimes troublesome history of Russia both enjoyable and educational for historians and causal listeners alike. A must listen.
Unfortunately Biased
Unfortunately, the speaker cannot differentiate history from their own biases and assumes he himself is immune to any sort of propaganda. Ironic, given that his earlier podcasts mentioned revisionist history. I don’t want to hear what a leader/country “should have done”, I want to hear what they did and what the outcome of that all was and the consequences.
This is not history
This podcast should not even be considered a historical podcast. The host is clueless about basic facts or is simply lying.
Atrocious Audio
The recordings have distracting electronic sounds runing all the way through, making listening unbearable. Add the cheap, tin sounding mic, to the grating electronics and you’ll be irritated instantly. Is this what contracting Havana Syndrome feels like? Awful.
gold standard of history podcasts
this is the best history podcast, among many, many good ones out there. Perfect blend of simplicity, length, lucidity, passion, knowledge.
The best!
Love this podcast and its hours of fascinating topics.
If If you want to learn about Russia, don’t pass on this!
Outstanding! This podcast is one of the best history podcasts that I have listened to. The narrator not only prepares well, but he is passionate about Russian culture and history!!
The narrator goes out of his way to condemn the United States for having a “problem” with minorities, yet two minutes later he describes how Michael Romanov condemned his entire country to serfdom without so much as a comment.
Russian Rulers
Great podcast , having hard time stopping after each episodes . Very interesting you are in the medical field , I am too , but Russian history has captivated me for very long time . 5 stars Lenny and Bubzy Stalin Great épisode on Stalin and ur totally right about saying he is the number one murdere in history . , I think American should study Russian history especially Stalin period and understand what it means to have a monstrous dictator who has no emotion or remorse beyond keeping his own power in any way he can including bullying , putting fear in the heart of his surrounding people , lying and taking down anybody who doesn’t bow to him ..... Thank you for your episodes I am still finishing the rest of your episodes 4 stars Episode 101 Great episode , moving and opening my eyes to the possibility of some form of denouncing a président without another blood bath which had defined so far the restless empire of Russia . I guess changing decades of a system that is built on dictatorship, blood shed, killing and murdering whoever the head of the state wants and the power of the stars and what followed , take more decades to undo if ever ... Can’t wait to listen to your next episodes 5 stars
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Cool Podcast
Great in depth history of Russia
I love this podcast very good !
One of the best history podcast out there.
An intimate, no frills, and absolutely addictive series
I am addicted to this series! The host and producer, Mark, delivers his thoroughly-researched episodes in a way that feels intimate/personal, occasionally humorous, always compelling, and easy-to-follow. The content is fascinating and well-structured, going in chronological order, with a quick recap of the last episode up front and an “up-next” at the end. Episodes are short enough (10-15 mins avg) to get at least one or two in while on the subway. Thank you for undertaking this great effort, Mark! I learned a lot!
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If you love history, this is for you!
Great show, I love the information and brief format of the episodes. I am still in the earlier episodes but can’t wait to listen to more!
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