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Brian Rundle
Run's House is a place where there is no holding back. Host Brian Rundle is determined and passionate about his beliefs and says what's on his mind, including his massive displeasure of Donald Trump. Join him every Monday to see what political or current event topic he is discussing then every Friday Run and some friends discuss anything from sports to entertainment in his Bar Talk segment.
Trump Can't Last 60 Minutes, Crazy Rudy and ONE WEEK LEFT!!
On today's episode of Run's House, Run discusses the much talked about 60 Minutes interview in which Donald Trump walked out because he thought the questions were too hard, Rudy Giuliani's fall from grace and we have one week left until the...
Oct 26
22 min
A Crazy Few Days and The Final Debate
On today's episode of Run's House, Run discusses the crazy series of events that took place over the last few days including Trump's secret Chinese bank account, the FBI saying Russia and Iran are interfering in our election, Trump walking out of an...
Oct 22
24 min
Ramping Up The Crazy and The Final Home Stretch
On today's episode of Run's House, Run discusses how Trump and his team will do anything to win and they have stooped to yet another low.  Also, he touches on the town halls last week and what to expect come Election Day...all of this and more on...
Oct 18
25 min
Trump Is Rona Free??  The 2016 Polls vs. 2020 Polls and Trump Gets An Interesting Endorsement
On today's episode of Run's House, Run discusses the "remarkable" recovery of Donald Trump and his bout with the coronavirus, how are the polls different form now and 4 years ago and is it good or bad news for Biden and finnally Donald Trump gets an...
Oct 11
21 min
Switching My Vote??  The VP Debate and More Losers Arrested in Michigan
On today's episode of Runs House, has Donald Trump done the impossible and changed Run's mind into voting for him??  Also, Run discusses the Vice Presidential debate and what impact it will have on the presidential race and a group of losers plotted to...
Oct 8
28 min
The Wacky Adventures of Captain Covid and Voter Suppression
You'll never guess what the topic on Run's House is today.  That's right.  Captain Covid himself Donald Trump contracts the Coronavirus despite his claims of it being a hoax and/or it will just "disappear".  Run discusses the irony and the timeline in...
Oct 4
27 min
Debate Porn: America Gets Screwed
It's Run's 50th episode and today he reviews the absolute circus the first 2020 Presidential Debate was.  How did Biden do?  Did Trump win any voters?  How should Biden proceed and is it that difficult to denounce white supremacy??  All of this and more...
Sep 30
24 min
Trumps Tax Returns, The Great Debate, Breonna Taylor and The Transfer of Power
On today's episode of Run's House, Run discusses the New York Times breaking story regarding Donald Trumps tax returns, the debates start this week, Breonna Taylor sees no justice and Donald Trumps response when asked if there will be a peaceful...
Sep 27
21 min
R.I.P Notorious RBG and the Oh The Hypocricy
On today's episode of Run's House, Run discusses the unfortunate passing of American icon and hero to many, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and what she meant to America and the incredible hypocricy of the Republican trying to rush through...
Sep 22
20 min
Trumps Clown Hall, USA Disarray, and Yet Another Defector
On today's episode of Run's House, Run discusses the recent town hall meeting Trump had on Tuesday and the contrast of Biden's town hall on Thursday.  Also, this country is a mess and it will be difficult to get it back on track and finally Trump has...
Sep 17
23 min
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