RunRunLive 4.0 - Running Podcast
RunRunLive 4.0 - Running Podcast
Chris Russell
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I love this podcast
I listen to a lot of running podcasts, and I frequently cull my subscriptions. This is the one of the few that I have kept. I love Chris. He is genuinely a wise, interesting and gifted podcaster. I think he's also just a nice guy, someone it would be fun to go have a beer with. I'm not a BQ'er, not even close, but his podcast is for the speedy folks and us mid-packers alike. I have learned so much from him, and his book (How to qualify for Boston, which I'll never do) also. It's a crowded field out there for running podcasts, but week after week his is the one I don't delete. He's gotten me through many a long run.
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The best!
I've been an enthusiastic listening for a couple years now. Chris shares great content on tips for endurance athletes, and motivates us all to go for the adventure- love the show and love his humor and passion for life!
What an inspiring podcast!
Very motivational and multidimensional.
Runrunlive 3.0
Chris Russell does a fantastic job of entertaining, making me think and supplying me with a fresh stream of endurance sports "fodder". I have listened to his podcasts for over a year and he always manages to come up with things to keep my interest. The segments in each podcast are informative and short enough to listen to on my way to work. Thanks Chris for re-inventing RunRunLive and not putting it aside. Amy R, Cleveland, OH
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Best running podcast
This is the best running podcast by far. No commercials, just high-quality interviews and insights into the human condition. Chris does a great job of inspiring and teaching at the same time. I've also acquired his "Midpacker" books for my Kindle and am finding them a pleasure to read.
Alan Sguigna
Perfect companion on the run
I love this podcast. The format moves smoothly through running and life advice. Chris has great interviews that keep me entertained on every run.
3.0 Gets a 5
Whatever the iteration, time spent with RunRunLive is time well spent!