Running Great Stores
Running Great Stores
Rachel Williamson
The Running Great Stores podcasts are created for Retail Leaders. Our goal is to talk to powerhouse guests who are experts in their field and provide inspiration for Brick and Mortar store leaders that help them create remarkable customer experiences and operationally excellent stores.
Winning At Retail this Holiday: District Manager's Guide to Success
Brick and Mortar retail at holiday? Well there is nothing better.  It's exhilarating and at the same time, can be stressful.  Today's guest, Jim O'Toole, has mastered the art of winning at holiday as a multi-unit leader and he shares his secrets with us!   James is a successful multi-unit leader who has spent time working for some of the most iconic brands like The Gap, Pottery Barn, Banana Republic, Lenscrafters and others.  He even spent time working  with me at Running Great Stores!   You are going to love his perspective on how to create a successful holiday season for both your team and your customers.  His positivity is contagious and his tips are easy to implement. I know you will love hearing Jim's ideas and be excited to take them back to create a winning holiday season!  Enjoy the listen! p.s. To get a recap of the podcast, visit and click on the Knowledge Center and then Podcasts! xoxo, Rachel
Nov 10, 2022
35 min
Formula for Success (from a Store Manager’s POV) with Brandon Simpauco
I am so excited to launch this episode! Brandon has spent much of his life coaching, developing and training competitive athletes and now leads store teams for one of the most iconic brands in specialty retail.  He is a hands-on leader and passionate Store Manager with a consistent track record of driving top line sales, recruiting talent and building high performance selling teams.  Everyone is going to take something away from this podcast! Brandon is amazing.  Enjoy the listen!  Rachel
Feb 17, 2022
58 min
S04E28: Winning at Retail in a Post-Pandemic World with Scott Kerby
Scott Kerby is today's guest.  He is currently the Head of Retail for Sephora Canada.  Scott has spent his career building leadership teams focused on winning at the retail fundamentals knowing retail is a game of inches and not miles.  He lives by the principle that if you run a fleet like you run a one store business, you will always win. Enjoy the listen and don't forget to share the Running Great Stores podcast with friends, family and colleagues who love retail as much as we do! xoxo, Rachel
Dec 11, 2021
37 min
S04E26: Inspiring & Leading your Retail Team with Cassie Kane
Welcome to our 4th Season of the Running Great Stores Podcast where we talk all retail all the time.  We are kicking off our 4th season with Cassie Kane, owner and principal consultant for Kane Learning, a boutique consulting firm that partners with companies to create and implement talent development and learning solutions.  She has a passion for helping companies create practical, meaningful and fun learning that teams can easily apply on the job, positively impacting their results.   In today's episode, Cassie will be talking about the power of investing in today's retail leaders.  The way District and Store Managers show up and. how they lead their team has an impact on team members and customers!  She will share some of the key skills required that leaders need now...empathy, effective communication and resilience.   Enjoy the listen! Rachel Williamson
Nov 13, 2021
51 min
S4 E27: STOP STANDING STILL with Kendra Vuticevski
If you love retail, you will love today's episode!  Kendra shares her story and how she is building multi-million dollar businesses from her cell phone.  As a former corporate executive of over 15 years and someone who recently served on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit, Kendra knows great strategy, teamwork, and solid operations. With five years of Network Marketing experience under her belt, Kendra spent the last two focused on building a business in the profession. “It was after a rare medical diagnosis of my mom, that I realized I wanted to be more present at home with my family” she adds. Taking her goal seriously in 2020, Kendra developed a team of leaders to $2.5 Million in sales in just 12-months. Not only is she proud of that achievement, but seeing her leaders recognized, winning incentive trips, bonuses, and awards, many for the first time in their career – is a hugely rewarding accomplishment. Kendra loves being a professional encourager and global business builder, from the freedom of her cell phone. Kendra Vuticevski and her husband love to travel with their two boys. They love watching their boys play sports and they’re an active family in their community. I know you will LOVE this conversation~Enjoy the listen. xoxo, Rachel
Nov 7, 2021
53 min
IT'S NOT THE STORES, IT'S THE STAFF...Why Retail Store Teams will Become the Social Sellers with Tristan Rogers
In this podcast, Tristan Rogers, CEO of Concrete Platform, shares his perspective on the future of stores and store operations...but not through the lens of everyone else.  Listen to his unique perspective (& fantastic British accent) on how Gen Z is shaping the future of retail.  Tristan brings his knowledge and authentic point of view on what retailers and landlords alike must do to make it in the post-covid world. Enjoy the listen and share it with your friends and colleagues!
Mar 7, 2021
53 min
Reaching your Leadership Potential with Scott Galloway
In today's episode, Scott Galloway of Galloway Resource Partners talks to us about how to reach our leadership potential.  He shares 5 important steps we all need to take.  While it isn't easy, the steps are simple.  It is really about becoming intentional about our own leadership.  It's a 'can't miss' episode! Scott and his team connect People to the Talent and Resources they need.  As a trusted advisor, they come alongside businesses and business leaders wtih coaching, consulting and talent acquisition to play offense and grow your business!
Feb 20, 2021
48 min
Power of Connections with Melissa Latham
Melissa Latham has spent her entire career working in retail, from key holder to head of stores for multi-billion dollar companies.  When she experienced her second position elimination, she decided to pivot to a different career while still doing what she loves most...supporting people who work in retail.  She started her executive search firm, Global Recruiters Lowcountry to do just that.   In today's podcast, Melissa shares the three things that have contributed to her career success.  If you work in retail or are a people leader, this podcast has something for you.  Enjoy the listen, Rachel
Nov 17, 2020
55 min
Navigating Career, Business and Life with Meghan Houle
2020 has been an overwhelming year for many, especially if you work in the retail industry.  With 2021 just around the corner, Meghan motivates us to think about our careers, business and life goals.  Meghan has launched the Meghan Houle Method providing private and group coaching to help provide inspiration and motivation to get our lives back on track.  You will LOVE Meghan's energy!   Meghan is offering a free consultation for anyone who wants to learn more!  Visit for more information! Enjoy the listen, Rachel
Nov 9, 2020
52 min
Keeping the Retail Pride Going with Ron Thurston
Ron Thurston loves retail. And he's proud of it. Ron has led the retail teams for some of America's most prominent brands, inspired thousands of store employees, and traveled relentlessly across the country to sit and listen to what they have to say. From a part-time sales associate to a vice president of stores, Ron has put in the hard work that a retail career requires and wrote a wonderful book called Retail Pride to share what he has learned along the way. In today's episode, Ron shares his foundational principles for Leadership.  If you work in retail, whether "leader" is part of your title or not, this episode is for you. You are going to love his passion for retail and all of us who work in this remarkable industry.  Enjoy the listen! xoxo, Rachel
Nov 2, 2020
56 min
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