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RCL58: Nutrition Month Pt2: ’The Endurance Diet’ with guest Matt Fitzgerald
1 hour 4 minutes Posted May 20, 2022 at 7:14 am.
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The 'Focus on NUTRITION' month continues, with episodes of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast being also uploaded here to Runchatlive as it's such an important topic or runners and professionals who work with runners. If you want to join the live recordings, head to The Runchatlive Facebook Page or Sports Therapy Association YouTube Channel every Tuesday at 8pm (GMT+1).

'Focus on Nutrition' month Part 2: 'The Endurance Diet' with special guest Matt Fitzgerald. 

Matt Fitzgerald is a hugely respected endurance runner, sports journalist & best selling author. Therapists who work with runners/triathletes or are runners/triathletes themselves will most probably be familiar with Matt Fitzgerald's articles online & in magazines, plus his books including 'Brain Training for Runners', '80/20 Running', the recent 'Run Like a Pro', plus his excellent nutrition based books including the 'Racing Weight Series', 'Diet Cults' and 'The Endurance Diet'.

This episode is an absolute must for anyone interested in diet for endurance athletes!

Topics discussed include:

  • You’ve written quite a few books on nutrition over the years including your 'Racing Weight Series' 2011 -2014, 'Diet Cults' in 2014, 'The Endurance Diet' in 2016. Have your views on diet for athletes changed much across that time?
  • Your Book 'The Endurance Diet' is based on your personal study of how elite athletes around the world eat. Should we recreational athletes be following the same diet as elite athletes?
  • How important a factor is genetics when it comes to elite endurance athletes?
  • A look at the evolution of humans and diet 
  • A look at the 'Five Principal Habits' of a successful endurance diet:
    - eat everything
    - eat quality
    - eat carb-centred
    - eat enough
    - eat individually.
  • Why are most popular diets based on cutting out certain types of food?
  • Do Elite endurance athletes all follow the same diet? 
  • When you say eat everything, do you mean things like alcohol & sweets too?
  • How common are food intolerances and allergies in elite athletes?
  • Training Plans:
  • Latest book: 'Run Like a Pro, Even If You're Slow'.  

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