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The Nick Symmonds Show
Nick Symmonds
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Please bring this show back!
Great show and great advice my favorite podcast please bring this back Nick!
EA needs to step it up
Just testing the waters.
Great content!
As a track and field fan, I started listening to Nick because of his track career. When he interviewed non-runners, I almost skipped those episodes. I am glad that I gave them a try because I have learned so much from the entrepreneurs. Inspiration comes in many different forms. I appreciate the duo of Nick and Camala as they keep a nice pace in the podcast!
Learning to Live
Such a great podcast! I first met Nick when I was a senior in HS running XC. I have loved watching his journey including following his passion and success over the years. Such a diverse set of guest speakers on this podcast that have excellent insight on living life to the fullest.
Finding inspiration
I began following Nick after his first Olympic Trials from the stands and have always cheered him on. I’m 58 and started my own side hustle two years ago as a career coach a bit by chance. I love the inspiration combined with practical tips anyone can put to work to move forward in life. I’ve used some of the goal setting tips and tools as well as finding inspiration in my coaching practice through these podcasts. Oh and also a fan of the Run Gum product!
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My favorite podcast!!
I'm a runner, but I love how they get people from several different sports to come on the show. I love how the conversations consist of, but are not limited to, sports; they often talk about sports but also their life experiences and how those experiences better prepared them for their sport. Oh, and Nick Symmonds + Devon Allen = best episode ever!
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My First Pod Cast
I have never listened to any pod casts before htis one, but being a RunGum user, and an admireer of Nick Symmonds', I thought I've give this a listen. I enjoyed it very much and will plan to download a few more to listen to when bored as my husband watches old Westerns on TV or as I go for a 30-minute run and decide music just isn't good enough. By the way, I find RunGum very tasty and especially useful for my long runs and my quality sessions (speed workouts) since I am not a coffee drinker!
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RunGum for the win!
Awesome podcast like always! Enjoy listening to the podcasts on the road going to work. Nick and company do a great job getting the right people to interview and hear their story. Keep it up guys! 👍🏽
I came across Rungum a little over a year ago and was hooked immediately! I am a lifelong runner and am careful with what I put into my body. Rungum has helped give me those boosts I need at every stage of my run without the gut wrenching effects that some products can have. I also really love the content on these podcasts. Every topic is inspring and motivates me.
Great podcast to listen to while running!
I’m always looking for good podcasts to keep my company on my runs and this one is a new fav for me! Anything that helps the miles pass quickly is great, but listening to Nick chat with Jessica had me wishing it was a longer run and a longer conversation between them! I will definitely be listening to more of the Run The Day podcast on my runs!
RunGum is a serious GAME CHANGER!
Ever since I came across RunGum 2 years ago it has definitely transformed my long distance runs. When I am hitting the wall in 13+ mile runs RunGum is the only thing that gets me over that hump! I go through at least 2-3 packs during each marathon so you can say I love this stuff!!
Promotional Tool Over Content
While there are some interesting guests, this podcast seems to be more concerned with being a promotional tool for RunGum than it is with quality content. Nick is a pretty good host, and they mind find themselves as time goes on, but aren't there yet.
It has potential
I definitely have other running podcasts that I prefer. Nick has enough connections and experience to warrant the potential for a great podcast. I’ll keep giving it a try and hope that the interviews get better, a little deeper and authentic
Awesome Podcast!!
Nick, host of the Run The Day podcast, highlights all aspects of fitness, nutrition and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Inspiring guests
Loving this podcast - every guest has an interesting story to tell in and out of sports. Quick, pithy episodes that keep you engaged and make you want to get out and improve.
Take Advantage of Every Opportunity
Really enjoyed the latest podcast. Each episode always gives me a sense of hope in my training even if times are tough or I’m hitting a roadblock. Recommend to any athlete out there!
Inspiring Listen!
Such an awesome podcast - Nick is seriously an inspiration for runners, athlethes and business-minded people alike. Loved listening to this podcast on my commute and highly recommend to all!
Good stuff!
I rate podcasts based on whether I can actually find something in it that I can use. This has that! Great interview.
that lucie
good information
I enjoyed hearing the sports pschology podcast. In particular, the point about living in the moment in athletics resonated with me, and taking a long term view of what goes on in training, competing and dealing with adversity.
Develop a Taste for Winning!
Big Big BIG fan of Nick Symmonds, have been for years! Really excited about the Run Gum product, even more psyched when I went to the website and found out that there was a podcast! WHAT?? and this was extremely entertaining, cannot wait for me! Listening to you talk to your coach, how important it was for your to develop a taste for winning! Which you carried from 18 into your pro career! The thinks you had to sacrifice or eliminate, to get to that next level?? very very inspiring stuff! Thanks again for sharing!
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Really Shows that Anything is Possible
This was a great showing of an Olympian's backstory. You learn about how Symmonds started from a lower divison school and how he took that knowledge and made great things happen on and off the track. It's worth the listen.
Good Stuff
Fun to hear about the man behind Nick that shaped him in many ways. Excited for more.
Great Listen!
Really awesome to hear Nick and Sam’s stories together. Great platform to listen to and learn from Nick and whoever else he’ll bring on the podcast!
An Inspiring Listen
Even in the first episode, Nick Symmonds gets deep into his background. Talking with one of his greatest mentors, Nick and Coach Sam explore how having a solid support crew helps everyone involved. Nick and Coach Sam have a chemistry easily heard in the episode. I'm excited for more!
Sounds great so far!
I’ve only heard the first episode but it was great! Nick and Coach were both engaging and entertaining. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!
Enjoyable Listening, fun to hear Coach Sam speak
Interview with Coach Sam was fun and interesting to hear about Nick's experience dealing with adversity. Channeling nerves and challenges into success was really helpful as a runner dealing with injury and my own running goals (not quite aiming for the Olympics but definitely a BQ and the like).
Can’t wait for more
It’s one thing to think of Elite athletes as immortals, but listening to Nick’s podcast shows a more human, down to earth side. Shows that he’s a true athlete that’s going from running to business owner to climbing Mt. Everest. Makes me feel like I too can accomplish more.
If you want to WIN, this is worth a listen!
Very entertaining and easy to listen to. A lot of valuable input, positivity, and encouragement both from Nick and Coach Sam. I particularly love Nicks’ closing remarks, “... if you surround yourself with the right people, all things are possible! “
Fun new podcast!
Nick does an excellent job on this podcast and keeps it moving with a very natural flow. Nothing really feels forced and it makes it feel like a very genuine and informative podcast. Can't wait for more!
Inspiring, positive and educational
This podcast was inspiring and uplifting. I have always been intrigued by how professional athletes become the superstars we all admire; I especially enjoyed hearing how Nick grew through the various stages in athletic growth from high school athlete to Olympian. I’m looking forward to future episodes.
Excellent conversation!
Nick is a class act. He should be a public speaker. After he climbs his mountains, of course! 😉. Bravo!!!!!
Nick knows what he's talking about! He's curious, insightful, & inspiring! This podcast makes me want to go out & be even more adventurous!
Just learning about Nick and everything he has done and is doing currently. Great to have another channel where I can follow.
Loved listening to the Nick and Coach Sam's story! As a runner myself, I can especially relate to going through those hard moments in one's running career. It's amazing just how much of a difference the people you surround yourself with make especially when they believe in you when you might not believe in yourself. I'm really excited to hear more and be a part of Nick, Coach Sam and RunGum's journey!
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10/10 Would Recommend
Really interesting podcast, engaging for the listener and answers tons of questions Can't wait to listen to more!
Can't wait for the next episode!
The first episode was great! I learned a lot about Nick's beginnings and how Coach Sam kept his head in the game to turn him into the runner we all know. It was both interesting and entertaining. I'm now subscribed!
Ready to run!
There is so much knowledge between these two! Nick has really done and seen most everything thing there is in running and is willing to share the wisdom and tips he has learned. Inspired and ready to go for a run!
Spice up the work day
Listened to this podcast while at the office. It gave me that little afternoon pick up. Nick is super motivating and just listening to this made me really think about my goals. The rungum success on top of his athletic success is impressive. Cant wait to see where the climbing endeavor takes him next !
Great Story
Great message to surround yourself with positive people, a message that cannot be stressed enough for athletes and people in all all areas of life. Really enjpyed hearing some of Sam's story!
Excellent First Pod Cast
It was really awesome first pod cast. I enjoyed all the questions and answers.. it was nice to learn about the coach..
Can’t wait for the next one! Great listen from a man who has inspired me through the years not only as an olympian athlete, but as a strong leader and entrepreneur.
Loved it!
Fantastic podcast with phenomenal guests! If you want to learn and grow as an athlete or in your everyday life I highly recommend giving this cast a listen! Can’t wait to see what more lies ahead!
Insightful Podcast
I'm an avid running podcast listener, I listen while I do my runs. I really enjoyed listening to Nick talk with his coach and the background of their relationship. Even though the episode was more focused on his career I was able to grab some tips and meaningful insights out of the episode. One tip- I think a little longer of an episode would be great! Especially for people out doing runs, they don't want to play with their phones once the episode is finished. But the quality was great and you would never know it's a first episode podcast! Can't wait for more!
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Nick and Coach Sam
This was an interesting story about a coach-athlete relationship that became much more over the years. Had not heard the story about Nick almost stopping his track career in college. I remember the 2008 Olympic Trials, one of my favorite races ever. Good luck on the next challenges and looking forward to hearing about Coach Sam training to hike to base camp on Everest.
What a great listen!!
Great podcast!! Very engaging and great back and forth. Love to hear the stories of how Nick got to where he is.
Awesome and inspiring podcast!
I really love listening to audiobooks and podcasts when I run and I was so excited to hear that Nick was producing this podcast! Nick has got an awesome and engaging tone and atmosphere and I loved listening to this podcast on my run! Looking forawrd to more episodes of Run the Day in the future! P.S. Nick, you CAN be anything you want to be ;)
Listen to this!
This is awesome! Very informative & good points to remember as an athlete. Valuable info! Worth a listen. I'm excited to hear more!
For those interested in track, Run Gum, and/or Nick Symmonds, this podcast was a great primer to learn about Nick's beginnings as a talented 800 meter runner from a smaller school and how Nick prospered even more under the guidance of Olympic coach Sam Lapray. We find out that hard work on the track translates into success off the track as well.
Great Motivator with Inspiring Dialogue
I listened to the first episode on my drive to work and immediately got inspired to take control and run my day. I knocked out a seemingly insurmountable to do list before heading home. The dialogue is great and natural. Nothing feels forced. I can’t wait to hear more from Nick and his guests.
Great listen Out of the Blocks!
I’ve been following Nick Symmonds career for a few years now on social media and it was great to hear him discuss the impact Coach Sam has had on his life. All of us have a watershed moment where we make a choice that defines our life for years to come and the story of how Sam does that for Nick solidifies for everyone the importance of surrounding yourself with people who don’t just encourage you but also challenge you because they believe in you more than you do. So do yourself a favor on your next run take along Nick and Coach Sam. It’s a great way to Run the Day!
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