Rumble with Michael Moore
Rumble with Michael Moore
Michael Moore
Academy Award-winning filmmaker and political provocateur Michael Moore offers his subversive and humorous take on the issues of the day and talks to a wide range of people from comedians and politicians to the people who’ve tried to kill him. Plus various mischief with Mike’s friends, family and the neighbors who don’t work for the NSA.
Ep. 142: An Appeal From Michael Moore To MAGA Nation -- "I Don't Want You To Die"
Michael Moore extends a hand to the 73 million Americans who voted for four more years of Donald Trump with a simple, heartfelt message - "I don't want you to die." As the COVID-19 pandemic rages and reaches its most deadly period, and with a vaccine on the horizon, Mike begs those who disagree with him politically to literally live to fight another day. Please don't become another COVID statistic. Don't give up. Don't give in. Let's unite behind ending this pandemic so we can go back to fighting each other (non-violently) in the battle of ideas. Email Mike at: Music in the Episode: "Whiskey Lullaby" - Alison Krauss & Brad Paisley Special offer for Rumble Listeners! Get 20% off of Raycon Wireless Earbuds! --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 30
51 min
Ep. 141: Make America California Again! (w/ Rep. Ro Khanna)
If Democrats are able to win the two Senate races in Georgia on January 5th, they will have control over the Presidency, the House and the Senate after Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20th. What can America accomplish with unified Democratic control of the Executive and Legislative branches in Washington? To get a picture of what that can look like, America can look to California for inspiration. California congressman Ro Khanna joins Michael to first explain what progressive, positive change has become reality in California due to Democrats controlling all levers of power in the state for the past several years. Then, they discuss what Democrats can get done in Washington if Democrats are able to take control of the Senate after the special elections in Georgia. GEORGIA Special Election Is On January 5th! Register to Vote By December 7th: You Can Vote By Mail By Requesting An Absentee Ballot: Stacey Abrams' Fair Fight Action: New Georgia Project: Music in the Episode: "California Love" - 2Pac & Dr. Dre "California Dreaming" - DJ Sammy Rumble with Michael Moore listeners - protect your online privacy with ExpressVPN! Get 3 extra months free with a 12-month plan. Click here: --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 20
1 hr 25 min
Ep. 140: Action Is the Antidote To Despair (feat. "Planet of the Humans" Filmmakers Jeff Gibbs & Ozzie Zehner)
In the aftermath of Max Blumenthal's explosive investigative piece about the green billionaires and their allies who tried to suppress "Planet of the Humans," Michael Moore welcomes back director Jeff Gibbs and producer Ozzie Zehner for their first reactions to this bombshell report. They also discuss why we have been unable to cut our reliance on fossil fuels, how economic growth is killing us, and why climate change is a negative symptom of a larger environmental crisis that we've been failing to address with a holistic approach due to our society's addiction to the profit motive. Additionally, they discuss how a Biden administration should address our planetary emergency, how to improve and expand upon the current Green New Deals that have been proposed and why growth, consumption and capitalism are at the heart of the “climate” problem. Go to the Planet of the Humans official website: You can still watch "Planet of the Humans" for free on our RUMBLE YouTube channel until Wednesday, November 18th at 11:59pm ET! Own a "Planet of the Humans" DVD! The big Max Blumenthal investigation in The Grayzone: ‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary The Michael Moore-produced ‘Planet of the Humans’ faced a coordinated suppression campaign led by professional climate activists backed by the same ‘green’ billionaires, Wall Street investors, industry insiders and family foundations skewered in the film. Music in the episode: "(Nothing But) Flowers" - Talking Heads --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 17
1 hr 28 min
Ep. 139: P.S. I Love You
Michael Moore shares your voicemails in the wake of Joe Biden's election victory, Michael's open letter to the President-Elect, and Donald Trump's refusal to concede. You'll get to hear a sampling of the thousands of messages fellow Rumblers have left for Mike, mixing joy, relief, anxiety, gratitude, fear, and a host of other emotions, questions and ideas during this unique moment in our history that we're all living through together. ICYMI: Michael Moore's Open Letter to Joe Biden If you prefer to listen, here's the podcast version of Michael Moore's open letter to Joe Biden Georgia Voters! Request your mail ballot for the January 5th runoff election now! Michael Moore on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Part 1 Michael Moore on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Part 2 Music in the episode: "P.S. I Love You" - The Beatles Try Gabi to check if you've been overpaying for home and auto insurance. It's free! --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 14
45 min
Ep. 138: An Open Letter From Michael Moore To President-Elect Joe Biden
As President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris plan their transition to the White House (and as President Trump and his allies plan a coup) Michael Moore pens an open letter to our next President thanking him for successfully defeating Trump and making suggestions on what his first steps in office should be. Read the full letter here: --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 10
23 min
Ep. 137: RUMBLE LIVE - 'Twas The Night Before Trump Removal
On the verge of the End of Trump, just as Biden went ahead of Trump in Georgia at 4:30 in the morning, Michael Moore couldn’t sleep. So he turned on the cable news to watch the results and decided to go on Facebook Live to see if anyone else couldn’t sleep. Lo and behold - it was like Christmas morning! Mike decided to just hit play and share it with his podcast audience by publishing this moment raw right here on RUMBLE. No candidate has reached 270 electoral votes yet. Any time now... --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 6
42 min
Ep. 136: EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM — This Is The End, My Friend
It’s either the end of Trump, or the end of that which gave us Trump. Or both. Michael Moore offers a plan to have today’s Rumble listeners get 1 million voters to the polls. And what we need to do to prepare for Trump’s attempt to stop the counting of ballots and seize the election. This is the moment we’ve dreaded and the moment we make history. PHOTO: Donald and Melania Trump Grinning With An Orphan in El Paso ORGANIZING TO PROTECT THE RESULTS OF THE 2020 ELECTION: Michael Moore’s Election Day Mixtape 2020: Any last minute voting questions? Music in the episode: "Democracy" - Leonard Cohen --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 2
54 min
Ep. 135: A Final Prayer For America (with Dr. Cornel West)
Dr. Cornel West joins Michael Moore in the final hours before election day to have one last, fierce conversation over how we should use what may be our last moments as a free people to fight and remove the Neofascist Gangster from the White House. Is this it? If we succeed, what then with our new neoliberal president? We must make the most of these three intense days ahead. Who will help us? Who will intercede? Can someone somewhere offer something resembling a prayer for this misguided, misbegotten but otherwise well-meaning nation? Have we earned our rescue? It’s in our hands. And somebody just gave us an extra hour on the clock tonight to get it together man! Michael Moore’s Election Day Mixtape 2020 - Play It At the Polls! From the album “So You Wanna Dance the Trump Away! - Vol. 54” All of your questions about how and where to register and vote can be found here: Music in the episode: "Superstition" - Stevie Wonder --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 31
1 hr 8 min
Ep. 134: How To Legally Double Or Triple Your Vote
Michael Moore shares some good news and some bad news. First, the bad: you CANNOT mail your ballot in anymore. It's too late. The Trump administration's sabotage of the postal service, and the potential for the courts to not allow counting ballots that arrive after November 3rd makes it too risky. If you have a mail-in or absentee ballot, you MUST drop it off in-person or vote on election day. But there's some good news: following yesterday's episode, more Rumble listeners are finding out how easy it is to double (or triple!) their votes. It's simple! Michael also shares some of your emails and voicemails responding to his question of what we will do if the Republicans steal the election. You can send more ideas to Michael here: All of your voting resources are available here: NYT: How Long Will Vote Counting Take? Estimates and Deadlines in All 50 States --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 28
43 min
Ep. 133: A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall
With less than a week from Judgement Day, Michael Moore shares his raw, anxiety-filled thoughts about where the country stands now. Record numbers of absentee ballots have been requested, record numbers of Americans have voted early, while Trump and McConnell have just rammed through another arch-conservative to the most powerful weapon in the Republican party arsenal -- the Supreme Court. Trump, his Justice Department, Republican operatives throughout the country, and his partisan backers on the Supreme Court are all openly flexing their anti-democratic muscles and preparing to steal the election by any means necessary. From blowing up the U.S. Postal Service to slowing the mail down, to shutting down polling locations, to this week's Supreme Court ruling that mailed-in ballots in Wisconsin that arrive after November 3rd due to the slow mail will not be counted, their quest for power has no limits. The prospect of the Democrats overwhelmingly winning the popular vote, but Republicans claiming an Electoral College victory after months of voter suppression, threats of violence and legal challenges, is all too real. So while we have rightfully been wondering for years what would happen if Trump refused to accept the election results, the most important question might actually be -- will WE accept the election results after THEY steal it???? Music in the episode: "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" - Bob Dylan “A Hard Rain's A-Gonna" - Jason Mraz “A Hard Rain's A-Gonna" - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians “A Hard Rain's A-Gonna" - Eliza Gilkyson --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 27
43 min
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