Rule The Galaxy Podcast
Rule The Galaxy Podcast
A Star Wars podcast started by a father and son. Now Rule the Galaxy is hosted by Joe Mulinaro and surrounded by co-hosts Joey Mulinaro, Nick Scheske, Brent Dikeman, Alfie Mulinaro, Ryan Massingale, Vinnie Smith and Tony Mulinaro. We cover Star Wars news and do round tables on the movies, live-action series, animated series, books, action figures and video games. We host a show each week that covers all topics in Star Wars and then usually do an extra show each week laser-focused on one topic.
Beskar Babble: Chapter 12 - The Siege
Alfie and Joe discuss how this Chapter was not just good, it was GREAT!The Siege blew the doors open as to where this series can go.We loved how many tie-ins there were to each of the movies in the Star Wars saga.This is an episode to definitely watch with the subtitles on. Favreau and Filoni are scratching the itch of old and new Star Wars fans alike.As Alfie said this was a deep cut to possibly grab Star Wars lore from the 80s and 90s video games and West End Games books.Where do we go from here?@rulethegalaxysw on
Nov 25
1 hr 7 min
Chapter 32: Who does not love Bo-Katan and Koska Reeves?
Joe, Brent and Ryan discuss:Lego Star Wars Holiday SpecialThe Original Star Wars Holiday SpecialThe New Hotel at Galaxy's Edge (I am feeling a RTG road trip!)Beskar Babble: Chapter 11 - The HeiressJoe keeps calling the Quarren, Aqualish! (Idiot)Is Korkie Kryze still alive?Children of the Watch, A Cult?Mr and Mrs Frog reunite!Do the Quarren use a Jimmy Cagney line??Moff Gideon returns! Long Live the Empire!We all cannot wait to see where this story goes and if Bo-Katan can get the Darksaber back!@rulesthegalaxysw on
Nov 20
1 hr 11 min
Lothal Library 3 Darth Bane - Dynasty of Evil by Drew Karpyshyn
Joe and Nick have a discussion about the third book in the Darth Bane Trilogy.This trilogy needs to be made into a Disney+ series or a Trilogy of moviesDrew does a great job of weaving characters across the three books.This is a must read trilogy of stories for all Star Wars
Nov 17
1 hr 8 min
Chapter 31: Being a Part of the Larger Star Wars Universe
Beskar Babble: Mandalorian Chapter 10 - No Egg-scusesJoe, Brent and Alfie discuss:A new Boba Fett seriesStar Wars always brings back characters that fall down pitsDo we care about an old George Lucas Sequel idea?We are all interested in what Leslye Headland is planningWhy is everyone so dang concerned with Frog Lady's Eggs???Why do I have so much trouble saying Peli Motto? And how did I not remember she was in Elf??Follow us @rulethegalaxysw on TwitterEmail us at
Nov 12
59 min
Fulcrum Files 2:  Rebels Season 1, Episodes 5 - 8
Joe and Brent discuss Star Wars Rebels: Rise of Old MastersBreaking RanksOut of DarknessEmpire DayMaster Luminara was Barriss Offee's' Master and did battle on Geonosis and KashyyykHow did Ezra get into the Imperial Academy?The same base in Out of Darkness was used in the Bad Batch arcClone helmet in the Bar? Triangles everywhere...Ceebo, the Rebels version of LobotBrent will be hosting a Star Wars Legions event in Indy on November 21.Follow us at @rulethegalaxyswEmail us at
Nov 10
1 hr 14 min
Chapter 30: McDonald's needs to come out with a McKrayt
Thanks to Alfie, Brent and Nick for helping make this show great while I had some internet issues. Alfie is OCD about Star Wars.Discussion Points:-We are all a bunch of 12 year olds-Solo spin-offs-Rian Johnson tweeting about WAPs-Mandalorian Chapter 9: How do Sarlaac's mate? -Alfie has a theory that Baby Yoda is really Yoda and will use the World between  Worlds to go back in time 900 years to fulfill his on Twitter
Nov 5
1 hr 23 min
Chapter 29: Could Luke Have Saved Ben Solo From The Darkside?
The Rule the Galaxy crew does a deep dive on The Last JediWe share our excitement for Season 2 of the MandalorianWe discuss if we are watching the Star Wars Lego Holiday SpecialIn the past three years we have found things we like and dislike about TLJTweet us your thoughts to @rulethegalaxyswEmail us at
Oct 29
1 hr 35 min
Fulcrum Files 1: Rebels Season 1, Episodes 1-4
Joe, Alfie and Brent discuss this series that started in October 2014.Spark of Rebellion 1/2Droids in DistressFighter FlightWe hope to do these shows every few weeks until we get thru all four seasons!Rule the Galaxy loves Star Wars Rebels
Oct 27
1 hr 9 min
Chapter 28: Duchess Satine hangs with the Rule the Galaxy crew
@Manda_Satine co-hosts RTG with Joe, Ryan and Brent!-We discuss the High Republic, our love for the prequel and the depth of the Clone Wars-Master and Apprentice is a great Star Wars novel-I think we are all okay that George Lucas and Rian Johnson had a plan to kill off Luke Skywalker in Episode 8-Brent is becoming a Legion legend and has made the jump to the Dark Side by reading some Star Wars books-How old was Obi-Wan during the Phantom Menace?follow us at @rulethegalaxySW and email us at
Oct 23
1 hr 8 min
Lothal Library 2 Darth Bane: Rule of Two
Joe and Nick discuss the second book of this trilogy by Drew KarpyshynThese books are so good and need to be made into a Disney+ series or a Movie.Check us out at @rulethegalaxysw on TwitterOr email us at
Oct 21
1 hr 5 min
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