Row by Row Garden Show
Row by Row Garden Show
Greg and Sheila
Join Greg and Sheila from Hoss Tools for the Row by Row Garden Show. Their weekly vegetable gardening show focuses on content for people who like to grow their own food. Greg and Sheila discuss current gardening trends, best varieties to plant, tips and tricks for improving your harvest, and much more!!
Hey Neighbor! If you're like us, you're starting your seeds for your spring garden and you're probably VERY excited about it. Whether you're a novice gardener or a seasoned gardening pro, mastering the art of seed starting is a key to a successful growing season. Having the knowledge and strategies you need to avoid any mistakes is extremely important. Tonight, we're reviewing our top 10 mistakes that anyone should try to avoid when starting seeds. Let's Grow Together!
Feb 22
37 min
Small Space Gardening - Can It Be Done?
Hey Neighbor! Not everyone has a large enough space for in-ground planting, tonight we are focusing on small space gardening, mainly growing in containers! With the right containers, soil, watering schedule, and sun exposure, it's possible to yield your favorite tasty vegetables in a small footprint. You can avoid problems with soil-borne diseases, nematodes of poor soil conditions with container gardening! Join us and let's grow together!
Feb 15
31 min
What is the best Pest Control Program?
Hey Neighbor! Join us today with Monterey representative, Wendell, to discuss everything you need to know about creating the best pest control program for your garden! What is a pest control program? How do you decide on the best pest controls for your crops? We will be answering these questions and more with expert advice from Wendell. From Tomatoes to Fruit Trees, we will be going over our preferred spray programs for each! Get Dirty and Let's Grow Together! Check out our spray program resources! Tomatoes and Peppers: Trees: and Beans:
Feb 8
46 min
What is Seed Tape? Easy Gardening Hack!
Hey Neighbor! Today we are talking about our newest product, Seed Tape! What is Seed Tape? It is a pre-sown product that has your seeds spaced out for you in between a tissue-like material! Seed tape takes all the guesswork out of seed spacing and makes gardening quick and easy. Get Dirty and Let's Grow Together!WEBSITE - NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP - OUR ROW BY ROW COMMUNITY: Apothecary Course: Tape: US:Facebook -​Instagram -​
Jan 25
28 min
How to Grow Potatoes? Tips and Tricks!
Hey Neighbor! It's almost time to plant potatoes, so make sure you're prepared! How to grow potatoes? How many potatoes should I plant? When to plant potatoes? We'll be answering all of these questions and more in today's episode of the Row by Row show. Potatoes are a great crop for your family or farm, so don't miss out!WEBSITE - NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP - OUR ROW BY ROW COMMUNITY: Book: Apothecary Course: US:Facebook -​Instagram -​
Jan 18
31 min
Hey Neighbor! Today, we would like to introduce you to the latest seeds that we have added to our online store. From bright purple broccoli to sweet candy stevia, we have a wide range of options available. What vegetables should you plant in spring? We highly recommend our top 10 vegetables that you must have in your garden. Let's explore these options together! Let's Grow Together and Get Dirty! WEBSITE - NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP - OUR ROW BY ROW COMMUNITY: US:Facebook -​Instagram -​
Jan 11
31 min
New Year, New Products!
Hey Neighbor! Join us today as we discuss the new products we are adding to our store, as well as a sneak peek at what's to come! From mesh bags to our Dramm 170 Water Breaker, our new products are designed to enhance your gardening experience. What vegetables are growing in your winter garden? Ours is providing an abundance of fresh produce to get us throughout the winter. Get Dirty and Let's Grow Together.WEBSITE - NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP - OUR ROW BY ROW COMMUNITY: out this channel: @TrueGritAppalachianWays  FOLLOW US:Facebook -​Instagram -​
Jan 4
20 min
What's Growing In Our Winter Garden!
Hey Neighbor! We are excited to share with you what's been growing in our winter garden today! We have grown an abundance of varieties in our gardens from carrots to collards. Are you wondering what you should be doing in your garden this January? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We will go over what you should be fertilizing and what you can be planting. Get Dirty and Let's Grow Together!
Dec 28, 2023
27 min
What are the top New Year's resolutions? | Our 2024 New Years Resolutions
Hey Neighbor! Today, we'll be discussing New Year's resolutions. Have we kept up with our 2023 resolutions? We'll be sharing what we accomplished and what we didn't. In addition, we will be highlighting the top three most popular resolutions and also sharing some of our employees' goals for the new year. Let's grow together and Get Dirty.
Dec 21, 2023
19 min
What To Do Now! | December 2023
Hey Neighbor! Join us on today's episode of the Row by Row Gardening Show to learn what you should be doing to prepare your garden for spring. When to get a soil test? Now! It is the perfect time to start cleaning and amending your garden and raised beds for your spring garden! Get Dirty and Let's Grow Together! Potato Pre-Sales Now Open: - NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP - OUR ROW BY ROW COMMUNITY: US:Facebook -​Instagram -​
Dec 14, 2023
30 min
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