Rachael King, Becca Freeman
Hilarious and heartfelt. New characters and stories each season! What if your job depended on the guy who ghosted you? Lucy is an intern for the Governor of Texas… who has a VERY cute son. They had the perfect first date... until Lincoln disappeared! Now, eight years later, her boss is running for President... and they need Lincoln's help to turn the campaign around! RomComPods is Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman. More at
Vote for Love: Election Night (Ep 7 - Finale)
Election night is here, and everyone’s on edge waiting for the results! In the Season 2 finale, Lucy has a big decision to make, Naomi and Anika meet again, and it’s finally time for Lucy and Lincoln to have The Talk… how will it all end?
Nov 15
21 min
Vote for Love: Boos & Ballots (Ep 6)
In the final week before the election, Lucy has a risky idea that just might save the campaign and win the big day. Will her gamble pay off? Meanwhile, the Governor’s annual Halloween party is both spooky AND sexy this year...
Nov 8
25 min
Vote for Love: Did We Just.. (Ep 5)
The campaign is reeling from Lincoln’s big radio show misstep, and Richard is NOT happy. Lucy’s in the doghouse and Lincoln is desperately trying to make it up to her. Can they figure out how to recover from his blunder and win the Presidential election?
Nov 1
22 min
Vote for Love: Rising Oceans, Rising Voices (Ep 4)
Lincoln and Lucy head to Miami for the “Rising Oceans, Rising Voices” benefit concert, hoping to win Gen Z votes with his star power and sex appeal. Along the way Lucy gets to see a lot more of Lincoln, in more ways than one...
Oct 25
31 min
Vote for Love: The Other Woman (Ep 3)
Reeling from Lincoln's indecent proposal, Lucy and Lincoln are schmoozing donors at a fancy Hamptons fundraiser, when Lincoln goes a little too far — and we finally get to meet the infamous Anika.
Oct 18
22 min
Vote for Love: Do It For America (Ep 2)
Lucy needs to convince international rock star Lincoln Davis to join his father on the campaign trail… despite the fact they’ve barely spoken in eight years. Will she be able to win him over?
Oct 11
30 min
Vote for Love: Sing or Swim (Ep 1)
In 2012, Lucy is working for the Governor of Texas… who has a VERY cute son. They had the perfect first date — until Lincoln disappeared! Now, eight years later, her boss is running for President... and her job depends on the guy who ghosted her.
Oct 11
26 min
Season 2: Vote for Love Trailer
In 2012, Lucy's a college intern on Wesley Davis' campaign to become the Democratic Governor of Texas, and is harboring a MEGA crush on the candidate's son, Lincoln. They have the perfect first date... until everything goes wrong. Fast forward 8 years later to the 2020 Presidential Campaign, and Lucy's job depends on the guy who ghosted her... ew. Season 2 drops on Monday, Oct. 12! Make sure to subscribe wherever you listen, so you’ll be the first to know.
Sep 27
2 min
Honeymoon for One: Epilogue (Ep 7)
We jump five years into the future to see where Claire and Matteo ended up! Are they still together? Where do they live? Does Greg still eat carbs? Listen to find out. And... we're hard at work on Season 2, coming October 12th!
Aug 23
6 min
Honeymoon for One: The Chad of It All (Ep 6)
SEASON FINALE — Back in Chicago, Claire is trying to forget about Matteo and get her life together. Maya tries to help by setting her up on the dating apps… which leads her to the MOST Chad-y Chad that ever did Chad. After a few missteps, Claire starts to make some serious life upgrades — and some homemade cacio e pepe, which reminds her of someone she’s missing...
Jul 12
26 min
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