Roll The Credits
Roll The Credits
Roll The Credits
Ryan and Tina have combined their love for movies, television and Hollywood with a unique mix of real, genuine conversation. These two will take a movie each week to discuss, review and see what storylines might be able to be traced back in some way to their lives or the lives of the guests of the show. Get ready for honest, real life stories. The hope is that some comfort can come from hearing two people share their tales of their personal navigation of life. Tie that all together with the lightheartedness of Hollywood and you get Roll The Credits.
Jennifer Aniston
Tina's all-time favorite, Jennifer Aniston, "joins" the Roll The Credits and she is hard pressed to find something she hasn't seen Jen in. Tina has a small case of mush brain which is explained later in the episode. On this episode, Ryan and Tina talk...
Oct 13
59 min
Jason Bateman
Roll The Credits welcomes long time friend Ryan Dieter on the show! Ryan joins Ryan (confusing we know) and Tina as they discuss the great Jason Bateman! Both movie selections have the trio discussing the effects of social media, the technological...
Oct 6
1 hr 7 min
Leonardo DiCaprio
In this week's episode of Roll The Credits Ryan and Tina take a deep dive into one of the best actors on the planet, Leonardo DiCaprio. Not only do they look into two films they haven't seen yet but they both rank Leo in their all-time favorite actors...
Sep 29
52 min
Jason Sudeikis
On this week's episode of Roll The Credits, Ryan is coming in with some STORIES! He shares a scary weekend story that starts with his mom shopping at her local mall. Also, he shares a very entertaining and sweet first date story. They then dive into the...
Sep 22
1 hr 5 min
Ryan Reynolds
This week's episode of Roll The Credits open up with some very different "Would you Rather" questions. Tina and Ryan then talk about who they would "switch" lives with. Can you guess? Also, a serious conversation regarding timelines of life and...
Sep 15
54 min
Chadwick Boseman: A Tribute Episode
On this week's special episode of Roll The Credits, Ryan and Tina take a special look in to the late, great Chadwick Boseman. Two films towards the beginning of his career that show the shine and impact he had on the world. The give their opinions on...
Sep 8
53 min
Morgan Freeman
In this week's episode of Roll The Credits, Ryan and Tina break down a living legend in the cinematic universe, Morgan Freeman. Somehow, someway Tina has never seen the Shawshank Redemption, revered as one of, if not the best movie of all-time. This...
Sep 1
1 hr
Robert Downey Jr.
A very special day of recording for one Roll The Credits dad! Ryan talks about the past year with his dog Sunny and how it has taught him responsibility more than anything else in his life has! This week RTC talks about Robert Downey Jr. and two of his...
Aug 25
58 min
Amy Adams
Roll the Credits is back to Ryan and Tina breaking down movies and life and this is a good one! Flashback to Ryan's previous life the episode starts off ranting and debating about the current and future state of the Sixers before diving into the highest...
Aug 18
58 min
Cullen Moss- For Real!
Roll The Credits opens "season" 2 with a GREAT show and guest. They were thrilled to have Cullen Moss join them to talk about his career, past and present, how he is handling quarantine in South Carolina and if he will be able to return to set soon to...
Aug 9
1 hr 5 min
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